A Closer Look at Riva Yachts New Bahamas Convertible


Ferretti Group’s various shipyard have debuted many stunning yachts during the company’s history. Itama, Pershing, Mochi Craft, and Allied Marine are all brands under the Ferretti Group’s name, as is Riva. Recently Riva, a leading innovator in the yacht world, introduced a new vessel that has already generated a ton of buzz. The stunning 76 foot Bahamas Convertible is unlike anything that the ship yard has launched, and it’s set the bar even higher for yacht engineering and exteriors. Bahamas Convertible is the type of boat that not only turns heads, but is awe inspiring due to its aesthetics and technical design. Here are the details about Riva’s new beauty.

Award Winning Design


To come up with the concept for the Bahamas Convertible yacht, Ferretti Group’s engineering and product strategy teams came together to create what can rightfully be called a masterpiece in nautical design. The exterior of the Bahamas Convertible yacht is particularly striking, and this one element is a large part of what makes it stand out among other yachts in its class. The hull is decked out in Bright Black and Shark Grey colors, along with chrome-plated glazing that takes its appearance to another level.

The boat is unmistakably modern and sleek, but almost has a menacing appearance — picture what a yacht from a blockbuster spy film might look like, and you’ll get an idea of how much cool style this vessel exudes. Riva decided to unveil the model at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival and it ended up coming home with several awards. For vessels in the 50 to 80 foot range, Bahamas Convertible won in the “Best Exterior Design” and “World Yachts Trophies” categories.

This recognition affirms Ferretti Group’s and Rivas’ trend towards innovation over the last decade. The company patented the convertible top integrated into the vessel and first used it on the 88-foot Florida yacht. The design allows Bahamas Convertible to act as both an open motor yacht and a coupe, and it can make the transition from one to the other in less than 90 seconds.

Exclusive Engineering


In addition to its patented convertible system, Bahamas Convertible includes a host of technologically advanced features in its design. The roof is made of carbon fiber for greater aerodynamics, and carbon fiber struts are also integrated into the folding mechanism of the top. To maximize space, the roll bar of Bahamas Convertible holds the boat’s satellite systems and antennas. A fin profile was given to the mast, which is where the vessel’s aerials and navigation lights are built in.

An efficient, convenient electric locking system and exclusively designed windscreen add to Bahamas Convertible’s functionality and versatility, while also making it even more of a pleasure to cruise in. Passengers can glide along the water in a traditional manner, and in less than two minutes have the wind blowing through their hair by letting the boat’s top down with just one push of a button.

Some of the design elements in the yacht were taken from two other extraordinary models launched by Rivas, the 88-foot Florida and 88-foot Domino Super, but the majority of the interior is unique to the Bahamas Convertible. Because of how it was engineered, the yacht needed its own unique cockpit and helm station layouts, lower deck blueprint, and a one of a kind design for the master suite.

Impressive Technology


Bahamas Convertible can reach a top speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots due to its twin 1550hp MAN engines and adjustable pitch propellers. Owners have the option of having the yacht equipped with 1800hp MAN engines that will ramp up the Bahamas Convertible’s top speed to 37 knots. What’s notable is that these speeds are consistent whether the yacht is operating with the top up or down — having so many aerodynamic components helps the boat maintain its speed whether it’s being used as a coupe or convertible.

To close the boat, two nine foot metal panels come from each side of the yacht’s hull and rest on the top of the windshield, which forms the hard top. To become a convertible, a button is pushed and those same arms pull back into the bull. In this configuration, the bow gains a lounge area. This extraordinary flexibility in terms of space makes the yacht well suited for a variety of climates, locations, and purposes.

Lavish Features


The exterior of Bahamas Convertible is jaw dropping, and its interior is just as luxurious and refined. Custom designed furniture, glass panels, impeccable symmetry, and exotic finishes come together to create a look that’s modern and quite attractive. Every inch of the boat’s interior boasts beauty, and its configuration allows for a large amount of space on each deck.

In the convertible position, the yacht’s lounge area reveals its spacious and plush seating, dining area, and three person sunbed. Each deck is surprisingly roomy, and there’s also a center salon with a bar and galley kitchen.

Even though Bahamas Convertible has an open design, it still manages to fit in multiple guest suites and cabins. The full beam master suite is a highlight of the lower deck. Accommodation onboard Bahamas Convertible also includes a stateroom with a pair of single berths and two double VIP cabins. Counting the yacht’s crew quarters, Bahamas Convertible can host up to 20 guests at once.

Additional features incorporated into the vessel’s interior include specially treated wood panels that have a soft, fabric like feel, the incorporation of leather and stainless steel throughout, lacquered finishes, and LED lights in the ceiling. Of course, such an impressive yacht also contains enough entertainment to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes, such as large flat screen televisions and state of the art audio-visual systems. There’s an abundance of storage on the yacht, all seamlessly integrated into its design, and it can equally be enjoyed by those who like cruising and owners looking for a way to entertain at sea. With its many areas and features built for relaxing and entertainment, Bahamas Convertible is the ultimate sport yacht.

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