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A Closer Look at Princess Yachts 40M Solaris


The 40M Solaris embodies Princess Yacht's finest achievements with elegance and style. It features perfection in design and build. Among the most coveted crafts for fine charter yachting, the Solaris brings luxury to the fore with unrivaled style and class. At a glance, the Solaris appears graceful and inviting. Frequently called the Solaris super yacht, a closer look at the details reveal the outstanding components that combine to make the Solaris 40M the perfect charter for family excursions.

Design and crafting

David King began the Princess line in Plymouth, Devonshire England in 1965 under the name of Marine Projects Ltd. The name changed in 2001 to Princess Yachts International. King is still on board and to this day remains active in the design and production of Princess yachts. The interior of the Solaris 40M is customized for ultra swank comfort and appeal by designer Mark Berryman with exterior design by Bernard Olesinski Ltd. Perhaps one of the most amazing features of the Solaris is the contemporary decor that makes it stand out with an ultra modern style that graces the sea with beauty and class.


How it's made

The company is known as a global leader for innovative yacht design. As expected, the 40M Solaris features hand crafted interior completion with attention to the smallest details. Vstyle hull construction promotes seaworthy cutting maneuverability while maximizing the size of the interior for spacious rooms. The most skilled technical advisors and craftsmen combine their years of experience to bring the Princess 40M Solaris from concept to life.

The naval architectural crew along with the engineers and designers utilized every inch of space for practicality as well as luxury in function. Craftsmen with outstanding experience and skill hand craft many facets of the yacht for an exquisite ambiance for guests and crew. Quality is closely monitored through every phase of the building and finishing process. The shipyard welcomes guests to tour the facility and watch the team in action.

Superior materials

The hulls are shaped and sculpted from composite materials which are resin infused yet lightweight. The design is advantageous for acquiring faster speeds yet with greater fuel economy. Engineers certify this craft as being seaworthy in stormy seas and highly efficient when cruising calmer waters.

The Princess 40M Solaris built and officially launched in 2014, features double master cabins with a full sized gym, an on board cinema and space to comfortably accommodate a maximum of 12 guests. The decks are also roomy for evening walks and sight seeing adventures.



The principal dimensions are 131 feet 9 inches in length (40 meters); Draft of 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 meters); Displacement of 235 tons; Gross tonnage is 395 tons;Water capacity of 1,321 gallons (5,001 liters) and a fuel capacity of 7,751 gallons (29,345 liters). The generous size of the craft is possible because of precision in planning, design and construction that refuses to waste an inch of space.

Solaris engine and performance

The speed range is between 20 to 22 knots for the Twin MTU 12 V 4000 M73L with 2x2938 mhp. The speed range is 21-23 knots with the Twin MTU 12v 4000 M93L with 2x3509 mhp. The engine runs on diesel fuel. The average cruising speed is between 14 to 16 knots. Thanks to the generous fuel tanks the Solaris has a cruising range of 650 nautical miles, combining luxury cruising with economical fuel consumption.


Luxury accommodations

The interior is designed to comfortably sleep 12 guests. It features six rooms including a VIP stateroom, a master suite, two twin cabins and two triple cabins. This is in addition to accommodations for seven crew members and one for the skipper of the craft. This makes the Princess 40M Solaris an excellent choice for families, friends, business executives and special event booking including weddings and anniversaries. The features and amenities that make the Solaris so very special are tailored to meet the tastes and preferences of the guests who frequently schedule luxury yacht excursions.

The interior features luxury stylishness with elegant furnishings and immaculate interior design. Seating is ample throughout the craft to ensure the comfort of those on board. Entertainment is also premiere including an on board cinema and a list of amenities that create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and socializing.


Solaris amenities

The interior of the yacht is designed for maximum comfort in all types of weather and temperatures. Air conditioning is available for cooling on warmer days or nights. Other amenities include an on deck jacuzzi, a full sized gym complete with exercise equipment, on board WiFi and Anchor stabilization for less disruption.


The cost for owning a 40M Solaris really depends on who you talk to. We canvassed dealers throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to find a price range between $7,800,000.00 and $13,200,000. Most dealers who are privileged to offer the Princess 40M Solaris offer pricing quotes which are available upon request. This magnificent craft is popular with chartering companies that specialize in luxury yachting excursions. At an average rate of between $140,000 to $150,000 per trip the Solaris will pay for itself in a short period of time. This yacht is highly prized as a true jewel of the sea at any price.



The Princess 40M Solaris continues with the tradition of excellence begun by Mr. King and his innovative associates. Their technical expertise and the use of state of the art technology combine to produce the highest quality in luxury yacht building. Experts in naval shipbuilding have joined the team throughout the years since it all began. The team at the Princess shipyard now totals well over two thousand workers.

Time and effort go into the construction of each Princess vessel and the 40M Solaris is no exception. From the inner workings that propel it gracefully across the waves to the built in luxury features that offer guests an unforgettable experience, this craft is a masterpiece from the top down. Additional features may be added at the discretion of the owners. This yacht is already in a class of its own, but there is room for the addition of a few more amenities for special charter groups.

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