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A Closer Look at David Geffen's Yacht Rising Sun

Rising Sun Yacht Rear View

"I wanna be rich" is the title of Calloway's song and it is a confession that most people make hoping one day it will come true. If it does, then spending money on all types of things will not be an issue and maybe a yacht like that of David Geffen's could be one way to spice up your life. Let's take a closer look at David Geffen yacht, so you can have an idea of what amenities to install on yours when the time comes.


Have you ever wanted to do more than sit around in a boat soaking up the sun? Well, Rising Sun offers guests the ideal opportunity to practice their dunking and dribbling skills. It has a basketball court which also serves as a helicopter pad because let's face it, only those with deep pockets ever get a chance to go onboard which means helicopters are the preferred means of transport.

If you choose to be on Rising Sun, it is more than likely that you are celebrating or looking to have a good time. As such, the yacht comes with a wine cellar which has an extensive selection of drinks to suit everyone's taste. It is, therefore, no wonder that Oprah Winfrey picked Rising Sun as the place to celebrate her 65th birthday in St Barts, as reported on Yacht Harbour. Most celebrities have preferred it, and top of the list is Julia Roberts and the former president of USA, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.

With such A-listers, it is not just the wine cellar that lured them in. The spa and sauna are more than enough to get you interested in boarding Rising Sun. For those who want to tone their muscles, the swimming pool caters to that need. Guests who want to ensure that the six-pack does not fade with all the merrymaking on the boat can thank the well-equipped gym for the service it offers.

It can be annoying when you are trying to get some sleep or sip your glass of wine, but the waves keep making it difficult. Consequently, you spill your wine or barely get your much-needed nap. Fortunately, guests of Rising Sun do not undergo that experience because the boat has at-anchor stabilizers to keep the yacht stable even at zero speed.

Entertainment has not been left behind, and movie lovers especially will appreciate the lengths that the designers went at ensuring the cinematic experience is over-the-top. According to Club Yacht, David's boat has a large plasma screen on which guests can watch whichever films they like, whenever they want.

We know that lifestyle diseases have been on the rise, and one of the things we have been advised to take up is exercise. Experts will tell you to ditch the elevator and take the flight of stairs, but not many of us are willing to give up some comfort. Rising Sun also does not want guests tiring themselves, yet they came onboard to relax. Therefore, it has an elevator to take them up and down the five levels so they can enjoy the more than 8,000 square meters of living area and 3,000 square meters of deck area.

Speaking of space, you must be wondering where the guests spend the night for their overnight stay. Rising Sun has it all covered. According to Yacht Charter Fleet, it can accommodate 18 guests overnight who sleep in 9 cabins, among which is a master suite and eight double cabins. Moreover, in case you are wondering who will take care of the guests, then you will be glad to learn that Rising Sun can accommodate as many as 45 crew members who will be at your beck and call for that royalty experience.

David Geffen was not the original owner

In 2004, Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation, decided he wanted a yacht, so he commissioned Germany Lurssen to build him one. Most Lurssen boats are always hitting the headlines, so Larry must have known that Lurssen would do a fantastic job. Rising Sun was built to a length of 138 meters, and it became the 12th largest in the world, but that is not what Larry was looking for in a yacht.

After a cost of $200 million, Larry put it up for sale. David Geffen bought half stake in late 2006 and the other half in 2010 becoming the full owner after having paid $300 million. Having gotten rid of the boat, Larry was now free to get his dream yacht, so in 2011 he commissioned Feadship to build him a smaller boat. Larry now owns Musashi, an 88 meters yacht that is valued at $130 million.

Learn more about the owner, David Geffen

If the only billionaires you know are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, then you should add David Geffen to your list because his net worth is at $8.4 billion. It is not education that has attributed to his success because he graduated high school with a 66% average, and his attempts at further education bore no fruits.

Final Thoughts

David went to The University of Texas and dropped out after a semester before joining Brooklyn College where he dropped out again. He still decided to give school one more try by attending Santa Monica College, but his dyslexia presented him with challenges, as revealed in Wikipedia. Lucky for him, education is not the mandatory key to success because today he is a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Perhaps understanding the challenges that he faced as a student is what has helped him get to where he is. He founded Asylum Records to support those artists who could not get a record company to sign them up. The truth is that even when Warner communications acquired asylum Records, David did not stop helping the struggling artists. He established Geffen Records in 1980 and was the only one confident enough to give John Lennon a chance without even hearing the record first. When John Lennon was murdered, his album "Double Fantasy" was a massive seller, and it became the start of the rise and rise of David Geffen.

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