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A Detailed Look at 360-Foot Superyacht Acuore from A Group Design

Acuore In the Water

The A Group, the naval architecture and design firm responsible for the exterior of the 330 foot I Dynasty yacht, has unveiled their largest vessel yet: a 360 foot superyacht named Acuore. Despite its enormous size, Acuore flaunts clean, sleek lines and has a very modern aesthetic. The yacht is the result of years of development, and its striking exterior is only the beginning of what distinguishes Acuore from other vessels in its class. Inside is a wealth of luxurious furnishings, fixtures, and amenities that make it resemble a world class hotel more than it does a boat.

Impressive Stats

This superyacht is an incredible 360.89 feet long, but it somehow manages to maintain a sleek profile -- for a boat this huge, that's quite an accomplishment. The idea of building a 360 foot yacht stemmed from the I Dynasty project, which was built without having to meet additional restrictions and was still able to gain full Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) certification. The I Dynasty yacht is 330 feet long, and Acuore was meant to push the limits of the superyacht class a bit further and go even bigger.

To give you an idea of how large the vessel's length is, there's an infinity pool on one of Acuore's decks that's 34 feet long itself, which surpasses the total length of some motor yachts. To say that Acuore is spacious would be an understatement, but its silhouette and interior luxuries are only part of what makes this yacht so noteworthy. The process that The A Group has undertaken to design and actually build the yacht is taking several years. The launch of Acuore is set for 2018, and in the meantime a host of team and crew members have the challenge of putting all of its elements together in time for the yacht's debut.

Incredible Details

Acuore Aerial View

The official numbers for Acuore's cruising and maximum speeds won't be known until the construction of the boat is completed and it hits the water, but many other details have been revealed about the yacht. The design was made to accommodate a large number of guests and has not two, three, or even four, but a total of eight decks. Think of what an opulent five-star resort may look like, and then cram its appearance and features into a boat -- that's pretty much what Acuore looks like.

There will be multiple seating areas, pools, storage, cabins and apartment style quarters, and several living areas. The design of the interior will be modern and upscale and include touches such as floor to ceiling windows and a half moon shaped staircase. Getting through all eight of the yacht's decks won't be a problem, as its design incorporates a stylish glass elevator lift to take guests where they'd like to go.

To increase the superyacht's fuel efficiency and performance, Acuore will have a vertical bow. Once the yacht has been completed it's expected to rank among the most expensive yachts in the world, and it will also be one of the largest yachts ever built. Acuore will also likely be the most complex superyacht design to debut.

A Bevy of Entertainment

Acuore Rear View

The highlight of this custom superyacht will be all of the entertainment options that it offers passengers. There will be plenty of storage for water toys of all types, from jet skis to mini submarines, as well as a helipad to host the owner's private copter. A state of the art sound system will make watching movies in the yacht's full theater even more enjoyable, and there will also be a complete spa with a sauna, massage rooms, and a hammam. If any guests on board want a new coif or find themselves in need of a last minute trim, they can simply head to the on-board salon and hairdressing rooms.

While some yachts have lovely exterior seating areas, Acuore will feature an entire private fold down sea terrace that is designed to maximize space while not cutting out on any luxuries. In addition to a stunning 34 foot infinity pool, Acuore's decks will have Jacuzzi spa tubs. To make the most of cruising on the sea, an observation lounge will provide guests incredible views.

Other amenities planned for the yacht include ceiling sliding windows, a fully equipped gym and workout center, a sizeable exterior deck with a large dining area, and an interior dining space. A family oriented salon will be included as well as a large sun deck that will be private and exclusively used by the yacht's owners.

Lavish Accommodation

Acuore Side View

Most luxury yachts have suites and impressive rooms, but as with most of its other features, Acuore will take on-board accommodation to another level. A number of fabulous private apartments are included in the design that will be akin to what you'd find in a top rate extended stay suite. Kitchenettes, living areas, and bathrooms are all expected to make an appearance in the yacht's apartments once it sets sail.

The owner's suite will be the most lavish of all and will connect to a private terrace and lounge area. Acuore's upper deck, where the dining rooms are, will host two VIP suites that will include very spacious bathrooms, plush furniture, and flat screen televisions. On the main deck will be eight cabins that will be able to host a larger number of passengers than most superyachts.

Aesthetically, the suites, cabins, and apartments will feature a sophisticated and modern design. Sleek lines to complement the exterior of Acuore will be prominent, as will neutral color palettes that are relaxing and chic at the same time. Designers of the yacht were also mindful when coming up with the plans for the vessel's crew accommodation. Rather than making it an afterthought, those who sail on the yacht to assist the owner and guests will also travel in style. The crew quarters are expected to exceed the luxury and appearance of the passenger cabins on most yachts and will also feature fine furnishings and modern decor.

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