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The 10 Finest Gulet Yachts on the Market Today

Gulet Yachts

The gulet yacht originated in Bodrum and quickly spread through the Turkish Riviera. Today, the gulet yacht is extremely popular. These beautiful yachts are the best option to meet your long-term sailing needs. They are magnificently constructed wooden sailboats with a traditional design. Many of the gulet yachts come with diesel engines as well as sails, so they are often referred to as motor sailers. This allow you to propel from place to place, but also to set sail on the vacation of your dreams in the deep seas of the Mediterranean. Ranging from fourteen meters to thirty-five meters, they can hold anywhere from three to eight cabins.

Gulet yachts are separated out into three different types – the standards gulet, the Ketch gulet, and the Tirhandil gulet. The standard gulet yacht offers the ultimate in comfort for both short and long-term sailing trips with large, roomy sunbathing area. Ketch Gulet yachts are the best yacht for long-term trips with a luxurious master/VIP cabin and larger cabins. Tirhandil gulet yachts are 18 meters long and can carry six to ten people at a time. It is easy to moor and has cruising speeds up to 9 kilometers.

Here are what we think are the top 10 gulet yachts on the market today

1. The Galileo Gulet Yacht


This luxurious roomy gulet yacht is perfect for spending a week-long vacation on at sea. With five comfortable yet elegant cabins, there is plenty of room for you and the entire family. Built in in 2007, this magnificent yacht is a massive 50 meters long, can go as fast as 11 knots cruising speed, and contains all the best amenities. A large sun deck area allows for hours of basking in the golden sun, A/C in all indoor areas gives you the chance to escape the heat and retreat in your cabin for a nap, rest or break from the glaring sun. A water ski, jet ski, snorkeling equipment, canoe, wakeboard, and more will keep you and your family entertained throughout your entire trip. After the day’s activities have worn you out, sit back and relax in the Jacuzzi tub,, enjoy a fruity cocktail from the bar or lay back and watch the plasma television on board.

This yacht is available for charter by the week. Prices range from $70,000 to $91,000, depending on the time of year you travel.

2. The Infinity Gulet Yacht


This 46 meter, six cabin yacht offers you the opportunity to set sail on the finest, most luxurious vacation of a lifetime. Sailing on this splendid yacht built in 2011 through the Mediterranean Sea will make you forget all your worries and cares so you can thoroughly enjoy your time away. All cabins are air conditioned, as well as the saloon and indoor areas. The inside is decorated in a high-class style and luxury that you will find on no other. Two powerful Volvo Penta engines propel this magnificent yacht up to twelve knots. Adding to your luxury, dream vacation are the abundant amenities included in your trip. Each cabin includes its own private jacuzzi, allowing for romantic nights for newlyweds and a chance to reconnect for the workaholics. The swim platform, Playstation, card games, ipod connection, canoe, fishing equipment water ski, and more offer hours of family fun both inside and out.
This yacht is available for charter with prices starting at $10,000 per day. Prices vary depending on options chosen, the time of your trip, and the length of your trip.

3. The Regina Gulet Yacht

The Regina Gulet Yacht

This 56 meter, 6 cabin luxury yacht is waiting for you to come aboard, leave your worries behind, and experience your vacation in style. Built in 2011, this elegant yacht has classical features and soft tones to make you feel relaxed and at ease as you let your stress melt away. Inside, you will forget that you are floating on water as you take in the sights of the baby grand piano, stylish circular table, Jacuzzi in every cabin, and large galley full of gourmet foods. This splendid yacht is perfect for a couple’s getaway or family vacation. There is always something new or different to do. Waterskies, wakeboards, a 3-person wave runner, and more allow for hours of outdoor fun. When you done enjoying your fun in the sun, relax inside with the Blu-ray player and Playstation. This is a high-class, roomy, and powerful yacht with a Cummins engine that will get up to speeds as high as 12 knots.

Pricing for chartering this magnificent yacht varies and starts at $10,715 per day. Every dream vacation is different, so pricing is different depending on options chosen, length of vacation, and time of year.

4. Daima Gulet Yacht

Daima Gulet Yacht

Measuring in at 42 meters, this Ketch yacht built in 2009 has a total of 5 luxurious cabins. The elegant yet traditional style of this glorious yacht will wash away your worries and cares at first sight. Come aboard and experience a feeling of relaxation, ease and comfort as you embark on a vacation you will remember and cherish for a lifetime. Outdoor water fun is awaiting you in the form of snorkeling equipment, a canoe, fishing equipment, water skis, and a jet ski. After baking in the sun, step inside and enjoy the high-class elegance the Daima gulet yacht has to offer. Choose from over 1,000 films to watch, either as a family, with a small group of friends, or just the two of you. Before slipping off to a peaceful night’s sleep, take a dip in the Jacuzzi that’s available in each cabin. This powerful, fast yacht has not one, but two Caterpillar engines that can take you up to speeds as high as 13 knots.
Pricing for this yacht varies, but starts at $11,000 per day.

5. Perla Del Mare Gulet Yacht

Perla Del Mare Gulet Yacht

Built in 2010, this elegant, stylish yacht is 42.40 meters long. This magnificent yacht offers a sleek, modern, customized design that you won’t find anywhere else. The large, open deck is the perfect place to get in some sun, before taking a quick dip in the luxurious on deck spa pool. Six cabins were built with comfort in mind, each with their own private bathroom and spa pool. Whether you retreat to your room for some private time or one on one time, or you gather as a group out on the stylish deck or main area, you will be experiencing the ultimate luxury vacation on this unique yacht. This powerful, fast yacht can even get up to speeds as fast as 13 knots.
Pricing for this yacht varies from $54,950 to $64,750.

6. GYS5-1 Gulet Yacht

GYS5-1 Gulet Yacht

Built in 2007, this luxury yacht is 33.8 meters long with five comfortable cabins. The two 440 HP engines can take you cruising speeds of 10 knots and max speed of 13 knots. This elegant yet traditionl yacht was built with fun and comfort in mind. Prepare yourself and your family for the vacation of your dreams. Whether you just love sailing on open water, the excitement of hours of water sports fun, the thrill of catching the biggest fish, or basking in the warm, golden sun, this beautiful yacht has it all.
Pricing for this yacht is $3.3 million.

7. GYS6-4 Gulet Yacht


This 40 meter long traditional style yacht boasts six large cabins to hold you and all your family as you embark on the vacation of a lifetime. The roomy deck was built with two things in mind – comfort and luxury. The two powerful, 500 HP engines can take you to speeds as high as 12 knots. Enjoy the splendor of the open sea, the smell of the fresh air all around you, the beautiful blue waters, and the golden sun as you set sail on this elegant yacht. Step inside the cabins and you will forget you are on the water, thinking you are in a luxury hotel. Let all your cares and worries wash away, replacing them with a sense of ease and comfort.
Pricing for this yacht is $3 million

8. GYS5-9 Gulet Yacht

GYS5-9 Gulet Yacht

Enjoy the splendor of the open sea in this 35 meter, five cabin luxury yacht. Let yourself escape and relax in one of the roomy, comfortable, elegant yet stylish cabins with Jacuzzi. Fast and powerful, two 500 HP engines will take you to speeds as fast as 14 knots. Sail away for a weekend, a week, or even a month in this luxurious and traditional gulet yacht built with comfort, relaxation, and style in mind. Drift away and leave all your worries behind.
Pricing for this yacht is $2.8 million

9. Zelda Gulet Yacht

Zelda Gulet Yacht

Built in 2009 to a mid-size length of 40.4 meters, this luxury yacht with five cabins is awaiting you. Designed with pleasure and luxury in mind, this splendid yacht offers you the perfect vacation escape. Swimming, fishing, hours of water sports fun, and much more can be enjoyed on this glorious yacht. After a long day in the sun, step inside, feel the refreshing A/C, and take a swim in the private Jacuzzi in each cabin. Cruise along at a max speed of 13 knots from the two Scaina engines on board.
Pricing varies and starts at $5,625 per day.

10. The Silver Moon Gulet Yacht

The Silver Moon Gulet Yacht

This four cabin, 36 meter luxury yacht was built in 2010. The natural, earthy tones of this yacht will inspire you to relax and enjoy all the comforts that surround you. The cool marble and air conditioning will offer a beautiful contrast to the golden hot sun on deck. Rest, relax, tan, swim, play, fish, and more on this fin luxury yacht. Set sail, leave your worries behind, and embark on the vacation of a lifetime as you dine in style. Take in the brilliance of the roomy living area sparkling from every inch with the beautiful wood accents and light reflecting glass. Slip away to your private cabin that was built with your comfort in mind.

Pricing for this yacht is not available.

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