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A Closer Look at the Amels 188 Superyacht


Cruises are associated with great luxury, fun, and various options for entertainment and recreation. Cruising on a chartered superyacht, however, is an entirely different level. These ships offer the epitome of style, comfort, and enjoyment. High-end superyachts are defined by their supreme design, which provides great accommodations, expansive lounging areas, and remarkable looks. However, these ships also have downsides. Most notably, they are quite expensive to operate as well as charter. Further, their commitment to luxurious features and spacious designs means they can have a significant carbon footprint. One yacht brand that is attempting to rectify these issues is Amels Yachts.

Amels Yachts is stands out as an industry leader in the construction and retail of superyachts. They specialize in building an refitting high quality yachts for charter and sale. Based in Holland, the esteemed company has constructed over 50 superyachts since its first in 1982. As well, its history in ship building dates back nearly a century. While Amels Yachts has established an history and reputation as an award-winning ship builder, it continuously seeks to innovate and improve its ships. For this reason, it has begun producing superyachts that feature all the comfort and style one would expect from an Amels yacht, but using hybrid technology. Their first hybrid superyacht is a part of the Limited Editions line that the company launched in 2007.

The Amels 188 is the second smallest Limited Editions yacht; however, its outstanding and intelligent design means its interior offers spacious accommodations and lounging areas. It also offers a wide range of features for both entertainment and leisure. This is a ship that combines the benefits of a smaller body and weight with the features and design of a larger unit. As well, it is the first Amels superyacht to feature hybrid technology. This yacht shows Amels’ commitment to not only producing high quality ships, but also to being environmentally responsible.

The Amels 188


At 57.7 meters in length, the Amels 188 may be smaller than some of its peers in the Limited Editions line, but it certainly has the feel of a large yacht. It features four luxurious guest decks that are designed with the smallest details in mind. They offer outstanding accommodations, versatile and exciting entertainment features, and relaxing lounge areas both inside and out. This yacht is an outstanding option for anyone looking for the perfect all-around cruise experience.

To maximize the comfort and style of the yacht, Amels Yachts uses only highly qualified designers. The exterior of the ship was crafted by Tim Heywood. The interior design was provided by the award-winning Reymond Langton Design. This ship stands out for its modern look that is balanced by a warm and inviting décor. Generous use of windows provides excellent natural lighting throughout the ship.

Hybrid Technology


What really separates this yacht from other units is its hybrid energy system. Amels Yachts has set the industry standard for hybrid superyachts with the Amels 188. There are various benefits to this system. Firstly, guests can be confident that they have made an environmentally friendly choice when chartering this yacht. As well, operating costs are far lower than most ships of the same size.

The ship uses a holistic approach to its hybrid energy system. The ship stores energy in a variety of ways, including a heat recovery system that is used to heat the ship’s pool and improve its HVAC efficiency.

The Amels 188 is the ideal yacht for anyone who is looking for the highest standard of comfort and style but does not want to damage the environment. Incredibly, this ship manages to be luxurious, efficient, and cost-effective all at once.

Accommodations and Comfort


Of course, one of the primary concerns when considering a superyacht for charter or purchase is its accommodations. Guests need not worry about discomfort or a lack of space aboard the Amels 188, however. There are six available cabins on the ship. This includes the incredible Owner’s Suite on the main deck, the expansive VIP Suite on the bridge deck, and four large Guest Cabins located on the lower deck. Each of these are stylish and comfortable. The ship accommodates up to 12 guests, and also includes quarters for 12 crew members.

The most impressive cabin on the ship is naturally the Owner’s Suite. Located on the main deck, this cabin spans the full beam of the ship. In addition to its comfortable bed and gorgeous style, the suite offers a variety of features. This includes a private lounge, a private office, and its own folding balcony. Its en suite bathroom is decked out in stunning white onyx marble. The VIP Suite also covers the full beam, and conveniently connects to the ship’s bridge deck lounge. Each Guest Cabin is spacious and tastefully designed.

For lounging and relaxing, the ship offers plenty of seating throughout. Most notably, the Main Saloon is incredibly spacious. It discretely connects to the ship’s Beach Club and gym. As well, it contains a dining area that can accommodate up to 12 guests for formal meals. The saloon features generous use of large windows in order to maximize openness and natural lighting.

In addition, there is a fantastic lounge area on the sundeck. This includes both shaded and outdoor lounging areas. The sundeck also features its own bar and conveniently has a touch-and-go helipad. Perhaps most attractive of all, the sundeck contains a large jacuzzi tub. There is a central staircase and elevator that offer a convenient way to access each deck.

Only the highest quality materials are used throughout the ship. This includes light colored onyx marble in the bathrooms, leather, and sycamore wood. These materials create a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. As well, the layout of the yacht is specifically designed to maximize space and openness. The Amels 188 balances its modern styling with a warm and inviting interior.



To make the most out of a cruise aboard the Amels 188, there are a wide range of entertainment options available. In today’s world, being unable to access the Internet will leave a person disconnected and unable to access many sites for streaming videos or music. For this reason, the ship comes equipped with wireless Internet access.

Further, it offers an impressive assortment of video and audio features. This includes satellite TV, DVD, and on-demand options in every cabin and the main saloon. In addition, the bridge deck lounge contains an amazing 105-inch TV that is subtly hidden behind wall panels.

Passengers on the Amels 188 will enjoy the entertainment features just as much as the luxurious accommodations. Whether throwing a party, watching movies, listening to music, or simply browsing the Internet, the yacht can do it all.



For more high-octane fun, the yacht includes several outstanding recreational features as well. This means that guests can lounge inside or play outside, allowing them to make the most out of the sunshine and water.

Perhaps most exciting of all are the two included Wave Runners on the ship. As well, guests will enjoy the built-in swimming platform for easy access to the water. Further, the ship comes with its own diving gear for exploring beneath the surface.

There are also two tenders included. There is one 7-meter tender, and one 6.2-meter tender.



However, the fun aboard the Amels 188 does not end with its recreational features. Instead, it is equipped with several luxurious leisure facilities that guests will love. These provide passengers with the pampering and care that set this yacht apart from others in the same size range.

For passengers looking to keep fit, there is a large gym included. As well, there is a sauna and Turkish shower. These are included in the yachts amazing 30 square meter beach club. It is difficult to find this type of luxury on other cruises, but the Amels 188 manages to include these services without sacrificing its spacious accommodations and recreational features.



The Amels 188 is truly a ship like no other. Not only does it provide spacious accommodations for up to 12 guests, it also has quarters for a 12-person crew, ensuring that every detail is well attended to. As well, it offers an impressive array of entertainment and recreation features. These are complemented by the ship’s large Beach Club and gym.

However, what truly sets this superyacht apart from all others is its hybrid technology. Not only will guests love the comfort, style, and fun of the ship, they will appreciate its lower operating costs and environmentally friendly technology. It is truly an incredible and thoughtfully designed ship.

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