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10 of The Best Motorboats For Under $50,000


Motorboats were introduced in the late nineteenth century when the internal combustible engine was invented. During the early twentieth century, interest in motorboats grew. Motorboat races began as early as 1903.  As the average person's interest in boating increased, so did the demand for the motorboat.

Today, motorboats are widely popular for a variety of reasons. Some just want to enjoy boating on the water, weather coastal or inland. Some take the sport of fishing to new levels using well equipped motor boats. Others enjoy other water activities with their speedboats including rafting and water skiing.

Today, there are many models available for any type of water activity. Many of these boats powerfully perform and have many amenities including a well equipped cockpit and plenty of storage for gear and equipment. Seating is comfortable and spacious even on smaller sized boats. Many feature sun decks and swim platforms.

Here are our picks for 10 of the best motorboats for under $50,000.

Blue Wave 2000 Pure Bay - $39,900


Blue Wave's 2000 Pure Bay motorboat is a part of their award winning series of high performance and comfortable sports fishing models. The 9 foot 7 inch boat comfortably seats 7 people with a maximum weight of 1625 pounds. The high performing engine is 150 horsepower. The boat has good shallow water ability and provides a stable smooth ride in coastal and inland waters. The boat is spacious and customizable.

The Pure Bay features a fold down fishing chair and 2 molded flip seats. There is plenty of storage space for fishing gear and insulated fish boxes. This motorboat has a large rear casting deck and a wide walk area with fold down grab rails. There is LED underwater lighting and an aluminum ladder. Other standard features include anchor storage, mounted brackets, a recessed drainage system, a radio, and a boat cover. Multiple color options are available. Other optional features include a breakaway T-Top.

Four Winns H190 - $34,480 - $37,600


Four Winns' H190 is a powerful, stable and comfortable motorboat with many amenities. Four Winns delivers plenty of features at an affordable price. The H190 is 19 feet and comes with a wide range of customizable engines including 190, 220, 250, 260 horsepower. There is also an option to add a Volvo Pento engine with 200, 225, or 270 horsepower.

The H190 motorboat includes a comfortable captain's chair with multiple electronics options. Other seating includes comfort bucket seats with spring systems, flip up bolsters and swivel pedestals. Seats have wrap around backs for added comfort. This boat has a deep swim ladder and a swim platform, plenty of gear storage, custom gages, transom lounge suites, Aquafax and Silvertex vinyl, and a fiberglass cockpit floor. There is an option to add carpet to the cockpit and a canvas top.

Bayliner 215 BR - $33,600


At 20 1/2 feet, Bayliner's 215 BR bowrider is as spacious as it is powerful. Built for enjoying the water whether fishing or water skiing, the 215 BR motorboat is a high performance, stable and comfortable boat. The MerCruiser V6 engine is 260 horsepower. The adaptable boat comes in 2 forms, the Standard or the Sport with room to seat up to 12 people.

The Sport model features 2 bucket seats and a large L-shaped settee. There is a large sunbed aft, and the bow section features a convertible sunbed. 2 Standard has an extra rear-facing seat behind the passenger bucket seat. The boat is easy to handle and perfect for a variety of watersports.

Yamaha SX210 - $32,999


Yamaha is well known for delivering complete products and features in one package. The SX210 includes many amenities and is a powerful motorboat. The 21 foot boat has 2 110 horsepower engines and can reach 30 mph within 7 seconds. Cruising speed is 31.5 mph and the SX210 reaches 40 mph with easy handling.

Yamaha's SX210 features multiple amenities. These include comfortable cockpit wrap around seating with a sporty captain's chair with a flip up bolster. Other seating is comfortable, and the SX210 is the perfect boat for cruising, fishing and enjoying other water sports. One of the finest features of this motorboat is the 2-tiered swim platform. It features Hydro-Turf matting for the best traction. It is comfortable matting for sitting and kneeling. Backrests add to the comfort of the 2-tiered platform.

Bayliner 2015 195 BR - $31,888


Bayliner makes well built, safe and affordable motorboats. The 195 BR is perfect for everything from trawling to water sports. The boat is 18 1/2 feet and has a powerful engine with 220 horsepower. The fuel tank has a 32 gallon capacity. The boat is spacious, comfortable, and powerful. The Bayliner 195 is family friendly with plenty of amenities included.

The Bayliner 195 BR can comfortably accommodate 11 people with a weight capacity for 3497 pounds. Comfortable seating and stability offer a steady and safe ride. There is ample storage for gear for fishing and for watersports. This motorboat has several floor plans available and multiple colors to choose from. Optional features include stainless steel trim upgrades, a Bimini canvas top with boot and privacy curtain, a bow well and cockpit cover, cockpit carpet runners and Desert Sand interior.

Glastron GS 209 CC - $30,500


Glastron's GS 209 is ideal for watersports, trailering and even overnight trips. The fiberglass motorboat is large at 20 feet. The270 Volvo Penta V8 engine has a maximum 270 horsepower. The motorboat comfortably has room for 8 people and sleeps 2.

The compact boat uses its space wisely by providing wide access and a folding door to create space. Molded steps provide safe access to the bow. The cockpit has 2 optional layouts. The chairs fold back for lounging. There is an option to include a Bimini top. Other optional features include an anchor locker, deck hatch screen, flip up captain's seat bolster, imitation teak cockpit flooring, tilt steering, and stainless steel hardware.

Crestliner 1850 Super Hawk - $29,995


Crestliner is renowned for building top leisure and sporting motor boats. The 19 foot Super Hawk has a 200 horsepower engine and 37 gallon fuel capacity. The boat's weight capacity is 1800 pounds. The 1850 Super Hawk is powerful and adaptable. The all aluminum hull provides safe and steady boating. The motorboat is adaptable for fishing and skiing. There is ample storage room for fishing gear including room for 7 feet 6 inch rods. There is a removable accessory bracket and a 14 gallon live well for fish.

The Crestliner 1850 Super Hawk has many features available. There is a swim platform and ladder. Seating includes jump seats and a conversion stern bench. The bow has an anchor locker and can be converted for fishing or waterskiing. The 1850 Super Hawk comes in multiple colors.

Tahoe Q5i - $28,900


The Tahoe Q5i bowrider motorboat is ideal for fishing and watersports. The 19 1/2 foot boat has a MerCruiser engine with 220 horsepower. The fuel capacity is 19 gallons. The boat is built for family fun. With a powerful performance and comfortable space, the Q5i is a luxurious and versatile sports boat available at an affordable price.

Tahoe's Q5i has many valuable features for enjoying the water. There is storage for fishing gear, and the boat can be used for other water sports. There is ample and comfortable seating including the captain's chair and a second chair, a back bench and front adaptable seating.

Larson LX 850 - $25,800


Larson's LX 850 bowrider is a high performance boat that provides a comfortable experience while enjoying the water. It is perfect for fishing and watersports and is family friendly. The 18 1/2 foot boat has a MerCruiser engine with 220 horsepower. The boat is sleek and stable.

There are many great features that come with the LX 850. The seating is high, giving the best visibility. The room onboard is spacious with plenty of leg room. Passengers can enjoy a stable and safe ride even at high speeds. The boat features comfortable seating and amenities such as ample storage space and added touches like cup holders. The cockpit is molded and provides equipment to fit well.

Sea-Doo 180 Challenger - $23,400


Sea-Doo's 180 Challenger is a powerful speed boat that reaches speeds up to 46 mph yet offers a stable and comfortable ride. The 255 horsepower motorboat has a throttle that offers enhanced slow speed control. The boat is highly maneuverable and is made for enjoying the water.

Seating is ample and spacious on this family friendly boat. There is a triple wide aft bench and swiveling helm seats. The transom walkway offers plenty of space to reach the swim platform. Other features of this motorboat include digital gauges and extra data such as water temperature. The bow lounge is spacious and has added features including clips to attach the Bimini top. The 180 Challenger comes with a trailer.

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