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Sherakhan: One of the Finest Charter Yachts in the World

Sherakhan Yacht

One of the largest and most incredible charter yachts on the planet is Sherakhan, a 228.5 foot behemoth that is filled with enough lavish features to keep anyone busy for weeks. Its interior and exterior are beyond impressive and exude style, sophistication, and bring comfort a whole new level.  Sherakhan was first built in 1965 as a personal luxury vessel and underwent a revamp in 2005 to make it available for charter. Its was designed by KMC & KHMB Enkhuizen. Claudia Rijntjes oversaw the design of Sherakhan's interior, and shipyard Verkerk Yachting Projects was commissioned to build the yacht.

Sherakhan is one of the first crewed yachts that was built to handle large groups -- at the time that it was first commissioned, virtually no other yacht had been engineered to accommodate more than 12 guests. The hot tub aboard Sherakhan holds 18 people, which gives you an idea of just how massive the yacht itself is. The vessel was also one of the first in the world to have its own fully equipped spa, two story dining area, and the ability to literally be taken around the world.

Impeccable Engineering

Yacht SHERAKHAN - Spa Pool

For a boat this size to be safe and offer guests an incomparable yachting experience, a number of precise measures had to be taken while Sherakhan was being designed and built. It was an outstanding example of naval architecture and engineering when it first set sail, and Sherakhan still is to this day. The motor yacht can reach a maximum speed of 13 knots and has two Caterpillar diesel engines that produce 7,000 hp. A single screw propulsion helps the yacht along, and in all the boat weighs a massive 1,945 gross tons thanks to its steel superstructure and hull. The exterior of the yacht truly looks regal, which is a complement to its gorgeous interior.

Stabilizers ensure that guests aboard Sherakhan don't feel any vibrations or hear the sound of its engines. Stainless steel and glass accents line the main salon and give the boat a bright, fresh feel. The carpet on Sherakhan is handmade of cream colored wool, and all of the furnishings are specially designed and unable to be found anywhere else.

Luxury Suites

Sherakhan Yacht Suite

Sherakhan has 12 guest suites that can accommodate up to 26 passengers. These aren't your average boat cabins, but fabulous quarters that rival the world's best five star hotels. Each suite has its own unique literary theme, which brings an element of fun to staying aboard Sherakhan. There's the Ernest Hemingway master suite, Emile Zola VIP suite, and the double and twin suites include the Lev Tolstoy, Jane Austen, and Guy de Maupassant.

All beds are plush and comfortable, and each suite has its own entertainment system, flat screen TV, Wifi access, minibar, safe, iPod station, desk area, walk-in closet, and en suite bathroom. The bathrooms are also quite impressive and spacious and sport jetted tubs, marble tile flooring, two sinks, separate showers, toilets, and bidets.

Sherakhan's Crew

Sherakhan Crew

In order to keep it in top working order and ensure that all who experience Sherakhan have the best time imaginable, the yacht has its own full time crew. The talented people who work aboard the boat aren't just in charge of its maintenance and navigating it -- Sherakhan has a crew of 24 including an executive chef, sous chef, hotel staff, masseuses, and a manicurist. Those who charter Sherakhan also have the option to have a full-time physician, hairdresser, and yoga instructor onboard. Captain Sietske Vliegen has been sailing around the world since 1999, and Chief Engineer Jan Verkerk has not only worked in the maritime industry for several decades, he's also managed Sherakhan for eight years.

Onboard Amenities

Yacht SHERAKHAN - Formal Dining

Sherakhan was created for larger groups to tour the world in style, and its amenities are incredible. The 7 meter tall atrium receives an abundance of natural sunlight and includes a formal dining area that spans two levels. Film buffs can enjoy the vessel's large theater, and there are several areas on the yacht's decks to enjoy a book or listen to music. Sherakhan has a fully equipped gym, and inside of it guests will find a range of machines including a treadmill, elliptical, free weights, stationary bike, and step machine.

A spa -- named "Spa the la Sirene" -- Finnish sauna, beauty salon, and 18 person Jacuzzi provide additional ways for Sherakhan's passengers to relax and enjoy their time at sea. Those who want a massage can opt to have a sports, Balinese, Swedish, or hot stone treatment from one of Sherakhan's experienced massage therapists. For fun in the water, the yacht has a number of tenders and water toys including jet skis, an eight meter inflatable slide, wakeboards, surfboards, waverunners, and a Dutch sloep.

The Charter Experience

Charter Sherakhan

During the winter season Sherakhan can be chartered in the Caribbean, and it spends the summer season in the Mediterranean. The cost to charter it is $425,694.50 per week -- that's a big price tag, but the fee is all inclusive and includes the use of all the yacht's amenities, tenders, water toys, suites, all meals, and the service of its crew.

A number of itineraries are available for those who want to take an excursion, and those who charter Sherakhan also have the option of requesting a custom itinerary. The tour of the British Virgin Islands stops by Antigua, Virgin Gorda, and Little Dix Bax, while the Greek Isle tour takes guests from Athens to Marmaris, Turkey. Adventurers who want to travel off the beaten path can opt for the South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula tour that includes visits to historical sites, snorkeling, diving, and the chance to see amazing wildlife. Tours that cover the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Dominican Republic are also available.

One of the highlights of any trip aboard Sherakhan is the exquisite service guests receive. Gourmet food is also a major part of what makes chartering this yacht so special, as the chefs will not only tailor each menu to meet your exact specifications and preferences, but each dish is expertly prepared. Few people in the world get to have a fine dining restaurant all to themselves, but that's exactly what passengers on Sherakhan can expect. There's a master bartender onboard and chartering Sherakhan comes with the option to have 24-hour dining service.

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