The Five Finest Blohm + Voss Yachts Of All-Time


German based Blohm + Voss is one of the most iconic luxury shipbuilders in the world, specializing in the construction of technically complex mega-yachts and naval vessels from high-tech facilities in Hamburg. Since it introduced its very first luxury mega-yacht in 1931, Blohm + Voss has been motivated to set new standards in premium yacht construction. The shipyard is dedicated to producing practical and versatile super-yachts with greater efficiency, longer ranges, unlimited communication technologies, and the most luxurious provisions of style, comfort, and furnishings.

During its time in business, Blohm + Voss has managed to produce some of the most recognizable luxury yachts in the world. The shipyard is famous for its innovative marine technologies. When it comes to maintenance, repair, and modification of super-yachts, whether it’s altering the hull & superstructure, upgrading the accommodations, or overhauling the propulsion, technical, or mechanical systems, Bloohm + Voss experts offer innovative solutions to enhance a yacht’s beauty while boosting its technical excellence and class to maintain its value. The facilities in Hamburg are fully equipped to deliver the best for every yacht owner, including round-the-clock flying squad with specialists for any emergencies.

Here are our picks for the five finest Blohm + Voss yachts of all time.

Motor Yacht A


(Estimated value: $300 Million)

Completed in 2008, Motor Yacht A is regarded as one of the finest yachts on water to date. The 119-meter super-yacht was designed by Philippe Starck and is truly a spectacle of grandeur, featuring unique exterior aesthetics and an upside down hull. The luxury yacht comes with a wide range of brilliant features, from her 3 swimming pools to her innovative design and engineering. The boat is also equipped with two special 11-meter tenders: the Limo and the Open models, also designed by Philippe Starck. The interior is a contemporary and masterfully crafted environment, utilizing wood furnishings and several other details like a glass roof overlooking one of the swimming pools.

Superyacht A can reach a top speed of 23 knots at 4250nm, thanks to its 6035 twin MAN RK 280 diesel engines. The boat comes with all the latest entertainment and navigation equipment, specifically designed for the owner’s needs. She offers unmatched handling and comfort with bow thrusters and advanced stabilizers. It can easily accommodate fourteen people in the 6 guest suites and one owner’s suite, and up to thirty seven crew members.



(Currently not available for Charter)

Formerly known as ECO and then Katana, the Yacht Enigma is one of the largest private yachts in the world. She is currently in the possession of Aidan Barclay, next of kin to the British media mogul David Barclay. Enigma measures a little more than 75 meters. When it was first launched in 1991, the boat was named ECO by its then owner, Mexican tycoon Emilio Azcarraga, former CEO and founder of Televisa. The luxury yacht is famous for its Martin Francis design, featuring convex windows surrounded by a pyramidal superstructure and a vigorous design that allows her to attain a top speed of 28 to 30 knots. Enigma is fitted with nine luxurious suites.

Lady Moura


(Estimated value: $210 million)

When measured by volume, Lady Moura is one of the world’s largest super-yachts. With her length extending to 105 meters, Lady Moura is currently owned by the Saudi billionaire Dr. Nasser Al-Rashid. It was completed in 1990, with both the superstructure and hull being made of steel, and is powered by a pair of Deutz diesel engines with 6,868 hp each. This, combined with her agile pitch propellers, enable her to reach a top speed of 22 knots. Most of her equipment are hidden by hydraulically-operated doors.

What’s more, both the escutcheon and name engraved on the yacht are carved in 24-carat gold. Her chief tender is a 92-foot Mangusta named Little Saf after the owner’s wife: Safia el Marqui. The super-yacht is considered one of the most expensive on the planet, and is said to have cost more than $200 million (US). Lady Moura is used extensively, and can be spotted in the South of France during summer, as she frequently travels between Monaco, Palma de Mallorca, and Antibes.

MV Savarona


(Estimated value today: $57 million)

The luxury ocean-going super-yacht, Savarona, was designed by the best American naval architect during his time – William Francis Gibbs – and then completed in 1931. The boat was initially built for Mrs. Emily Roebling Cadwalader for a breathtaking amount of $4 million. Today, MV Savarona is a presidential yacht reserved for the President of the Republic of Turkey. During its debut, it was the largest yacht in the world at 136 meters length, and is still one of the world’s longest by modern standards.

Although it belongs to the government of Turkey, Savarona had been leased out to Turkish billionaire Kahraman Sadıkoğlu for a brief period, before the lease was terminated by the government and the boat reverted to the Turkish state. The super-yacht features a Turkish bath, a swimming pool, a movie theater, a 86-meter gold-trimmed grand staircase (from her original construction), as well as a library suite designed for Atatürk (that is adorned with several of his personal artifacts).



(Estimated value today: $200 million)

When it was launched in 2010, the 96-meter motor yacht Palladium was referred to as Project Orca. It is one of the finest Blohm and Voss yachts in recent years, mostly praised for its offbeat superstructure design. She doesn’t have any hard lines, but rather soft curves that lead the observer from the bow to the stern, and water level to sun-deck. The design was done by Michael Leach, including the unique interiors that, as you can imagine, benefit significantly from the gigantic windows.

Palladium was awarded first prize in 2011’s ShowBoats Design Awards, owing to her Bespoke Furniture Item, Tender Design, Exterior Design & Styling, and Interior Design. Built for Russian billionaire entrepreneur Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov, the boat can accommodate twenty four guests in twelve cabins, as well as a crew of thirty three. She is made of steel with an aluminum superstructure. Her amenities include a private cinema, jacuzzi jetpool, a large swimming pool on the aft deck, and custom built tenders. She can achieve a max speed of 19 knots.

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