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A Closer Look at The Wally WHY200

Wally WHY200

Every yacht is unique and special, but some are a cut above the rest. The Wally WHY200 is in the latter category. It doesn't take a deep dive to see the first thing that sets this unusual and stunning yacht in a class of its own. The main deck is encased in glass for a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean from anywhere inside that deck. That's not the only exceptional feature, so let's take a closer look at the Wally WHY200.

Size Matters, but Space and Speed Are Better

Some yachts sacrifice speed for design, or vice versa, but not the Wally WHY200. The 27-meter-long yacht isn't the biggest thing floating, but it offers more than enough space for any getaway. A traditional craft this size would provide about a hundred square meters of living space, which is fine, but not outstanding. The Wally WHY200 does better. It is lauded for the incredible internal dimensions, with roughly two hundred square meters of indoor space. That is a substantial upgrade without adding more size or weight to the vessel. The design offers passengers a chance to really stretch their legs without feeling cramped, which is a problem aboard other yachts. The "200" in the title is for the two-hundred gross tons. A gross ton is equal to a thousand cubic feet, so the name of this boat essentially means, "Why twenty-thousand cubic feet?" The answer is simple; because it's possible.

The exterior decks are spacious as well. A hundred and forty-four square meters of outdoor living and lounging space makes good use of design elements. Included in that are fold-out wings and two concealed garages. After all, ports are fun to explore on foot, but you can get much more out of your trip if you take the car and see the sights. Wally is known for its innovative designs. Yet, making a compact superyacht is a new venture for the well-established company. At a mere two hundred gross tons, this surprisingly small yacht has the features and feel of a substantially larger craft. According to, you would typically need a 33-meter (110 feet) superyacht to get the same amount of living space. Not only is the compact design easier to find space for in small marinas, but it has other obvious advantages as well. For example, it takes less fuel to run a smaller vessel to lower the overhead. The fuel efficiency in displacement mode, combined with its exceptional two hundred and fifty nautical mile range, makes this an ideal way to travel in style. Equally important, the Wally WHY200 didn't give up speed for style. Sporting four Volvo Penta IPS engines, this compact yacht can plane to a rate of twenty-one knots (24.1 mph). Though it won't win a race against the top-speed champ Foners from Allisteros Bazan, which can move at a massive seventy point one knots, WHY200 is still incredibly quick in the water.

Style With Substance

Some yachts interiors offer baroque decor or busy art deco details. There's nothing wrong with that approach, but it's more of a deluxe party-boat atmosphere. By comparison, the WHY200 has a much more calming minimalist look. The attractive black-lacquer trim and simple, warm, inviting woodwork add to the overall laid-back ambiance. Naturally, the standard Wally carbon fiber hardtop is a must-have for any model, and you'll find it included on the WHY200. Fit over the flybridge; this statement piece gives an outdoor feel to an indoor space providing shelter from the rain and elements while still offering a unique, angular appeal that has been a brand signature for years. Additionally, the style choice isn't random. Using a less over-complicated decoration style contributes to the overall feeling of spaciousness. The open-air feel of inside spaces with largely glass-encased window walls and uncomplicated space gives the impression of life on an infinity pool. Notably, the windows are tinted for those with privacy concerns, offering passengers a view out, while it's difficult to see the interior during the daytime if you're not on board.

Made For Adventure

The main salon in the Wally WHY200 is 24'10. Like most of the interior dimensions, this is equal to a much larger craft. Unlike most, the 900-square-foot main suite is located in the bow of the wedge-shaped boat, and because of this design choice, the windows offer a two hundred and seventy-degree view. Additionally, there are five-passenger cabins. Owners or those who charter the WHY200 can bring twelve guests along for the ride. Naval architect Laurent Giles has put together a sleek design that is also fuel-efficient for longer trips. The ride is also smoother than you might expect. After all, the range is excellent, but if it feels like a rowboat, no one will enjoy the ride. Fortunately, according to an interview with the Robb Report, "The bow doesn't lift out of the water more than a degree when it goes on plane," says Bassani. "And you don't feel the ride like other motoryachts. We had the boat in six-foot seas, and it was very steady—no pitching or pounding." If you're not ready to invest in a private yacht, you can still enjoy a trip aboard the Wally WHY200. A week runs around two hundred thousand euros. There are numerous layout options for those who want to own a more custom ride.

Final Thoughts

Superyachts are known for their luxury and association with lavish lifestyles. However, a compact superyacht like the Wally WHY200 stands for more luxury in a smaller package. Not only does this incredible vessel offer more bang and more living space for your buck, but it's also economical to run. Packing so much into a small space would be enough, but the addition of four powerful engines so the WHY200 can still go the distance and move at a fair clip was a stroke of genius. If you want to get a glance at it in person, you'll find this unique yacht on display at the Monaco Yacht Show.

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