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A Closer Look at Feadship's MQ2 Charter


The superyacht industry has dramatically grown over the past ten years, nearly doubling in number. It has been estimated that there are approximately 4,433 yachts actively operating with hundreds more in the construction process. Superyachts are designed and built for both, individuals for personal use as well as those used for commercial charter. They have also come a long way in design and technology. The superyachts of today are more innovated and luxurious than ever. Yacht builders have taken the industry to a new level with their level of skill and superior engineers. One superyacht that exemplifies the exceptional craftsmanship is the Feadship MQ2 megayacht.

Who is Feadship?

Feadship a world class yacht builder that is based in the Netherlands and dates back to mid-1800. Feadship prides themselves on being world leaders in the yachting industry with a fleet of world class yachts that cannot be duplicated. They hold the word perfection to its true meaning, down to the last detail. Feadship firmly believes that if a customer can dream it, they can build it. There is no limit to what the owner and Feadship, together, can build and launch.

Feadship constructs custom yachts that are uniquely designed. They work with the owner to design and construct one-of-a-kind yachts that are fit and tailored to the owner’s wants, desires and dreams. Feadship knows there is a distinct difference between customized and custom built yachts. Where customized means to simply tweak the design of a platform already in existence, custom starts from a blank slate where every detail of the yacht is the dream and perspective of the owner.

Feadship has generations of craftsman that have fine-tuned their skills to create masterpieces in every yacht that leaves their yard. Every artisan, engineer, metal worker, interior designer and other craftsman at Feadship believe in nothing less than perfection and have a passion to achieve it for every yacht owner.



Built in 1990 at the Van Lent shipyard in Holland, by Feadship yacht builders, the MQ2 is a 49m, (161 ft) Feadship megayacht that was updated and refitted in 2015 to give it a more modern and updated appeal. Feadship worked together with different designers and architects to construct the MQ2, one of the most beautiful, refitted megayachts on the water today.

Original designers:

- Naval architecture: Frits De Voogt

- Exterior Designer: Frits De Voogt

- Interior Designers: Robert Knack, Ton Luyk

The MQ2 is an extraordinary representation of Feadship design expertise and has many exterior and interior features that will fascinate and attract any yacht lover. Feadship is a highly respected and world leader in yacht building. The MQ2 charter megayacht is designed to give you a yachting experience to remember with all the luxuries and elegance you would expect from a Feadship yacht.

The MQ2 is elegantly designed to cater to 12 guests in six cabins as well as 9 crewmen. The layout of the MQ2 is a relaxing, open design to give you plenty of space for entertaining and unwinding no matter where you are on the yacht, from the open flybridge to the spacious cabins.


Layout of the MQ2

The MQ2 is a full three decks and flybridge, or sundeck. Throughout the megayacht, there are plenty of seating areas along with several al fresco eating areas. The top deck offers plenty of spacious seating and entertainment area while the main deck houses the galley and dining area with a large dining table and plenty of room for dinner and mingling with your guests while overlooking the beautiful ocean views.

When it’s time to retire, your guests will be more than comfortable in the six expansive and accommodating cabins for your guests on the lower deck. The cabin layout includes two doubles, one twin, two Pullman berths, a master suite and VIP stateroom. The large master suite boasts of space galore. In it, you will find his’ and hers’ ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets.

Relax and lounge; sun yourself by the Jacuzzi or relax your muscles in the Jacuzzi on the flydeck where the views are amazing and you can watch the beautiful, picturesque scenery go by. Try your hand at deep sea fishing off the back deck where you can also swim, snorkel or jet ski from here. All the watersports you can handle, are accessible off the extended watersports platform.

Pick a table anywhere you find one on any deck that looks cozy and relaxing to enjoy a snack, a drink, and the music playing through the top quality entertainment system, all while taking-in the gorgeous surroundings around you. The 9 crewman are there to take care of all your needs, to make sure your stay and your cruise is the best yachting experience you can have.



  • Steel hull, Aluminum superstructure and Teak decks
  • Extensive refit including interior details and exterior paint
  • Newer, more modern interior design is updated with bleached oak paneling and leather
  • She is equipped with an updated and excellent entertainment system throughout
  • Designed with 6 spacious cabins, 2 doubles, 2 twins, a VIP room and full-width master cabin
  • Designed with a stern extension and water sports cockpit deck. As an added convenience, an additional level of safety has been added for child safety
  • Large, shaded area with Jacuzzi and two L-shaped settees for lounging
  • Extendable swimming platform off back deck for convenience to water sports. Added safety installed for children which gives families with kids, added security
  • Deep sea fishing poles on board for you and your guests to use



  • 3 full decks
  • Accommodates 12 guests
  • Allows for 9 crewmen and women
  • Length – 49.13m (161.2 ft)
  • Beam – 8.2m
  • Gross Tonnage – 467.00
  • Displacement Tonnage – 402.00
  • Hull type – Full Displacement
  • New engine – 2 x Twin Detroit Diesel
  • Cruising speed 12 knots – 14 knots max
  • Water capacity - 18420.00L / 4866.05USG

The MQ2 is a pure custom, iconic charter megayacht that is ready to take you on an amazing adventure. If you're interested in the MQ2, you can inquire about it online. Although this megayacht has been refitted for a more up-to-date design and detail, you will get a full Feadship megayacht experience when you cruise the MQ2.

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