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The Top Five Dominator Yacht Designs

Dominator 860 Motor Yacht

Dominator Yachts are some of the most lavish and impeccably designed vessels on the planet. In July 2001, Dominator launched its first yacht, and just 15 years later the company is a force to be reckoned with. Not only are Dominator Yachts filled with opulent luxuries and gorgeous guest suites, the exteriors are styled to be just as exciting. As for naval engineering, Dominator has become known for being technologically innovative and producing yachts that perform as beautifully as they look.

Here are the top five Dominator yacht designs.

1. The 40M, $18.82 million


The 40M is a yacht that measures over 131 feet long and has a profile that's regal and sophisticated. Sweeping side windows not only look incredible from the outside, but passengers aboard the boat can get amazing views from within. Few other yachts compare to the 40M when it comes to quality cruising, and it was engineered to provide the ultimate smooth ride. Its twin engines provide a cruising speed of 22 knots and a top speed of 25 knots.

The interior is spacious, modern, and excellent for entertaining. A veranda enclosed by double glass doors provides even more space for watching television or enjoying music, and a roomy Jacuzzi is nearby. Other amenities on the 40M include a sun lounge, swimming platform, and five incredible cabins that are the perfect blend of opulence and comfort. The 40M can accommodate up to 9 passengers and has four suites that include one owners suite, one VIP cabin, and two guest cabins.

2. Ilumen, $6.39 million


Dominator Yachts' Ilumen has an appearance that's truly befitting of its moniker. The yacht gets its name partly because its design incorporates so much glass that light is allowed to easily illuminate its interior. The superstructure is composed of a resin infusion to make it as lightweight as possible, and it has twin V8 engines that allow it to reach a maximum speed of 29 knots. The result is a yacht that has a distinguished exterior, high tech engineering, and superior fuel efficiency.

Ilumen is a semi-custom yacht, and owners have a wide variety of trim, paneling, and finish choices that include exotic woods, marble, and backlit onyx. The interior of the Ilumen yacht perfectly matches its exterior's aesthetic and is full of clean lines, bright whites, and modern furniture with flowing shapes. Some of the lavish features onboard include a Jacuzzi, bar, sun lounging area, and custom designed furniture throughout. This 85 foot yacht has five cabins with windows that allow a stunning view of both the sea and the sky. The master cabin has a sliding sunroof to allow in even more sunlight and fresh air.

3. 29M AvantGarde, $9.21 million


The 29M AvantGarde from Dominator Yachts comes in at 29.10 meters long and has a very sleek, refined profile. Its exterior alone makes a bold statement, and this is one yacht that is easily set apart from others in its class in terms of aesthetics. Incredible amenities, expert craftsmanship, and high tech materials come together to create a stunning vessel that's the very definition of refinement and sophistication. It has a number of impressive customization choices available, including the option to add a motorcycle tender.

On the flydeck is a glass partition that reveals a spacious Jacuzzi equipped with a waterfall jet. The yacht not only has a lounge with luxurious plush seating but a full gourmet kitchen, dining area for eight guests, day lobby, and an array of other entertainment features. It has four deluxe suites that accommodate up to eight guests. The 29M AvantGarde's suites include an expansive master cabin with a king size bed and large wardrobe.

4. Dominator 800, $3 million

Dominator 800

The Dominator 800 is an 80 foot yacht that features a mix of minimalist design and high tech engineering. Its hull is constructed of sandwiched fiberglass and laminate forged with technologically advanced vacuum infusion. As a result the yacht is built to be strong, but is also as lightweight as possible. The Fortjes 4000 propulsion system in this yacht provides stable maneuvering due to distributing power to two separate propellers. Because of its cutting edge system, the Dominator 800 uses significantly less power than other yachts in its class, making it efficient while still maintaining maximum comfort. It has a top speed of 35 knots and can travel at its cruise speed of 25 knots for 390 nautical miles.

Inside the Dominator 800 is a soothing neutral color palette, high end custom furniture, and a minimalist look and feel. Though the decor is kept very clean and simple, this yacht isn't short on amenities. In addition to a full bar, lounge, and sunbathing area, the vessel contains a large television, entertainment center, and outdoor patio. For the sailing gourmet there's a fully equipped kitchen, breakfast bar, and dining space with enough seating for six. The Dominator 800 also has two crew cabins and four guest cabins that can host up to 16 passengers.

5. The 680, $1.32 million

Dominator 800

Dominator Yachts' 680 is the epitome of cool luxury. The 21.3 meter vessel is often used for charters as it's chic and packs a big dose of style and comfort. It has a V12 MAN inboard diesel engine that produces a total power of 2,720 hp along with a cruising speed of 24 knots. A bowthruster makes this yacht even more maneuverable and it also has 220 volt sockets, underwater lights, and an inverter.

The interior of the 680 has a huge number of plush amenities and everything one would need to feel at home including a dishwasher, washing machine, full air conditioner, cinema, DVD player, CD player and audio system, and a saloon with plush seating. Because the 680 has such a well planned layout that maximizes space without cutting any luxuries, it's a great yacht for entertaining small groups or hosting intimate gatherings at sea.

Adventurers will find an array of water toys aboard the 680 just ripe for ocean excursions. A wave runner, jet ski, assorted fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, tubes, and swimming ladder are just the beginning. There's enough room onboard to host up to six guests and a crew of two, and the 680 has three opulent guest cabins.


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