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Five of the Finest Oceanco Yachts in the World

Oceanco 90m “Moonstone”2

Oceanco was founded in 1990 and since then, the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of the finest yachts in the world. Based in the Netherlands, the principle behind Oceanco is to maintain the highest standards in yacht production using its extraordinary Dutch engineering, quality controls, craftsmen, and specifications.

The main focus of the shipyard, which is located in Alblasserdam near Rotterdam, is to build ultra-luxury superyachts between 40 and 95 meters. The shipyard is complete with a climate-controlled shed and a private harbor for building and refitting yachts up to 130 meters. They operate on a personalized level, limiting themselves to a small number of yachts at a time to concentrate on quality instead of quantity.

Oceanco thrives on undertaking unusual and innovative projects that bring exterior engineering and interior craftsmanship to a whole new level. All their yachts are unique, since each project is designed with the vision of the owner in mind. The shipbuilder boasts its own in-house design team, although sometimes they collaborate with some of the most notable names in super-yacht design from across the world.

With that in mind, here are the five finest Oceanco yachts in the world as of 2016.

Oceanco 90m “Moonstone”

Oceanco 90m “Moonstone”

Oceanco Moonstone is the definition of large, stretching to about 90 meters (about 300 feet) in length and accommodating an impressive 5 decks above the waterline. One fascinating feature of this yacht is the integrated technology, especially when it comes to lighting. As the moniker “Moonstone” suggests, you can see a prism-like effect from the hull created by about 300 lit triangles (on either side) whose illumination can be varied according to hues, colors, and intensities to paint a seemingly limitless glowing canvas.

Although the vessel is still in its early stages of production, cost is predicted to be in the 8 figures when you account for the large dimensions, luxurious interior, and the solar panels that will be installed to collect energy for the illuminating display. “Moonstone” also comes with an infinity pool equipped with a hot tub, dimmable lights, a helipad, and theatre.

Oceanco Yacht Nirvana

Oceanco Yacht Nirvana

Completed in 2012, “Nirvana” boasts 88.5m/290.35ft length, a tad smaller than the majestic Moonstone. Both the interior and exterior were designed by Sam Sorgiovanni. The exterior consists of an aluminum superstructure and a steel hull, bearing a swooping edge and a slightly flared bow. There is a lot of space for sunbathing and entertainment, as well as a 7.5m counter flow swimming pool complete with the accompanying sun pads that form the centerpiece of its aft deck.

With the main focus being convenience, the superyacht offers access to all its six decks through a central elevator adorned with carved silver bands. Both the private and public interior spaces are hugely voluminous, featuring neutral tones and contemporary furnishings to put guests at ease immediately after stepping on board. Sleeping up to twelve guests distributed across six well-appointed staterooms, Nirvana’s accommodation consists of four double cabins, one full-beam VIP suite, and one master suite covering 150 sq. meters.

The ship can also carry up to twenty seven crew members for a relaxing luxury charter experience. During the day, you can enjoy the extensive space on the sundeck with loungers and enough
space for the whole party to have a good time and eat meals together. After spending the day on the water, you can head inside to the lower deck cinema where there are 3D movies, a popcorn machine, and a bar.

The interior of the superyacht was inspired by a tropical island rainforest and features two vivariums and an aquarium. Also, you don’t have to worry about storage, as there is a large integrated tender garage.

Amenities include a massage room, dance floor, steam room, sauna, elevator, air conditioning, swimming platform, and of course, a helicopter landing pad! As for performance, the yacht boasts an ultra-modern stabilization system that minimizes roll motion effect to ensure a smooth and more enjoyable cruising experience. Billionaires are battling for the ship at $306 million.

3. Oceanco “Stiletto” 107m

Oceanco “Stiletto” 107m

Stiletto, which was once a design project for Ken Freivokh, represents the integration of numerous creative concepts. The idea was to steer away from the drab stereotype layout of minimum external space, heavy accommodations, and multiple salons. The result included a vast double height salon complete with a mezzanine offering both external views, in addition to cavernous onboard space.

The superyacht has been constructed to offer a smooth, all-encompassing experience. The combination of the indoor/outdoor integration, long sightlines, the continuity of line, and the exterior styling ensures a one-on-one experience with your surroundings. The owner of Stiletto, Mr. Mohammed Al Barwani, was captivated by Ken Freivokh’s previous designs and decided he was the man he needed for the job.

These included large syper-yacht concepts such as Dream, Ghost, and Fortissimo, in which he collaborated with Fincantieri. The contract was to base the 107-meter long yacht on a newly developed engineering platform from Oceano. As a whole, the yacht can accommodate up to thirty crew members and eighteen guests. It operates through 4 engines: 2 MTU 16V2000 M72/1,440kW /each 1931hp, combined with 2 (500 kw/2250 rpm) electric motors.

Oceanco “Alfa Nero”

Oceanco “Alfa Nero”

With a jolt, at the International Exposition in Monaco, the world of yachting was treated to a new, stunning billionaire’s delight: the Oceano Alfa Nero! The yacht possesses 4,000 plus square feet of living space, equipped with a glass-enclosed elevator, leather-stepped staircase, 3 distinct dining areas, and suite accommodations for 28 crew members, 2 VIPs, and 12 guests. Furthermore, there is a master suite veranda, beauty salon, gym, dance floor, theater lounge, and a grand piano, in addition to Edelman leather stair treads, wenge & Makassar woods, furnished stainless steel flooring, sycamore, goat skin wall panels, and exotic Italian marbles.

But the star feature of her king-worthy innovation definitely goes to the aft deck. Instead of the standard cockpit and usual lounges, her smooth, flattened transom opens up to a fresh/salt water swimming pool. All these and a 3-tender garage add up to a thrilling $120 million (US).

Oceanco Infinity

Oceanco Infinity

Built under the code name “Y710,” Oceanco Infinity brags an exceptional interior and a commanding exterior design. The interior of this magnificent yacht was done by David Kleinberg Design Associates and Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, while the exterior was designed by Espen Øino. Living up to her name, the the waters, combined with elegance, comfort, and safety to take you anywhere you want.

Infinity uses twin 4,828hp / 3,600kW MTU engines that can reach up to 20 knots cruising speed. She has a large master suite for accommodating her owners, which comes with a private Jacuzzi and exterior deck, as well as six guest suites that can contain up to ten guests and two VIP cabins. Most notable amenities include a circular 5-meter diameter swimming pool on the main aft deck, and an outdoor swimming area/beach at the lower aft deck.

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