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A Closer Look at the $210 Million Superyacht Lady Moura

Lady Moura Superyacht

There are yachts, luxury yachts, and then there are superyachts like the Lady Moura. She's in the top 25 largest private yachts in the world, though she was once in the top ten. This beautiful (partially) gold plated ship is a wonder of the oceans to be sure. Her recognizable profile and distinctive beauty give her a special place in the hearts of aspiring billionaires and superyacht lovers.

The Man With the Golden Yacht

Her owner, Dr. Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid, is a Saudi Arabian business mogul, the chairman and founder of Rashid Engineering in Riyadh. Interestingly, his family name indicates that he may be descended from the original Rashid clan who founded Riyadh. They were later overtaken by Ibn Saud who took the city in 1902 and became king of Saudi Arabia when it was declared a nation in 1932. Despite this historical difference, he is also known as an advisor to the royal family. The highly esteemed position shows that he possesses wisdom beyond that of his single area of business acumen, or at least excellent connections. At eighty year old, he has certainly had plenty of time to gain experience. Hopefully, at his age, he's spending more time aboard the Lady Moura these days relaxing. The company Al-Rashid created is a consulting and engineering firm. For those who aren't aware, middle eastern engineers have been making incredible leaps in engineering for centuries. However, since that area of the world is better known for its oil, it may not surprise you to discover that Nasser earned his Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Texas Austin.

The Lady's Stats

Lady Moura was the most expensive yacht in the world when she was launched. With her own private nightclub and enough gold to sink a lesser ship, it's no surprise she cost so much to build. Moreover, she's been refitted at least twice that we know of. The sheer decadent and extravagant details of Lady Moura are beyond what most people will ever even see, let alone experience in their lives.

  • Launched: 1990
  • Port of Registry: Originally Nassau. Now she sails under the Bahamian flag and is mainly registered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
  • Power: Two 6,868 hp diesel engines
  • Top Speed: 20 Knots
  • Weighs: 7,700 tons
  • Capacity: 30 Guests and 61 Crew
  • Length: 344 Feet Long by 62 Feet Wide
  • Cost: $210 Million to Build, Plus Refits, Repairs, Fuel, Paid Staff, etc.
  • Built By: Blohm & Voss in collaboration with Italian architect Luigi Sturchio
  • Made From: Steel and High-Strength Aluminum
  • Refits: 2007 & 2017

Only the Finest for The Lady

In addition to being one of the best in her class, the Lady Moura is known internationally for her golden coat of arms and name on a pristine white background. The automated hydraulic gates and locks plus the mechanical modernization completed in 2007 help to keep her at the top of her game. Looking at the Lady, it's hard to imagine that she will be 30 next year. We know it's indelicate to discuss a lady's age, but that's offset when we're talking about how incredible she looks.


Though the details of the layout are kept a closed secret, we do know a bit about her. The Lady Moura has the most exceptional facilities you could wish for. In addition to the nightclub we mentioned before, she has a small spa for on-site treatments and relaxation for guests. There are a fully equipped casino, and fifteen lavishly appointed guest cabins. The master suite even has separate apartments inside for family. Should you be so fortunate as to receive an invitation to visit, you'll want for nothing. With a staff to guest ratio of more than two to one, you can be sure that you'll be served, escorted and otherwise pampered in any way you and your host see fit.

While many yachts and cruise liners have pools, they are usually outside in the sun. The Lady has an indoor swimming pool. Furthermore, she has a retractable roof in at least one area, so it's possible she has the only yacht-board indoor-outdoor pool in the world.

Perhaps the most surprising and practical inclusion is the fully equipped operating room. Even a multi-billionaire can't take it with them if they die at sea, far from any hospital. Having a helicopter around to fly you to safety and assistance is one thing. Luckily, if you're an extremely wealthy aging mega yacht owner, you can probably afford whatever you need, including your surgeon. Dancing the night away in your private club on the sea, and relaxing in your spa by day is one way to stay healthy, but it never hurts to be extra certain. Provided he is on the Lady Moura, Al-Rashid will probably enjoy a very long life in the Mediterranean sun.

Fun Facts

  • Lady Moura has her own fan page. People in the Mediterranean and beyond have fallen in love with this untouchable lady, often called, "Jewel of the Sea." She has over 120,000 hits on Google and her own Wikipedia page as well.
  • In 2008 Al-Rashid also purchased a helicopter for her. The chopper, a Sikorsky S76C+, is worth an additional $13 million. Now the helipad has its own dedicated craft.
  • An average American makes about $47,060 per year. At that rate, you would have to work more than 4,462 years to afford the Lady Moura without the helicopter, staff, fuel, or upgrades.

Final Thoughts

If we were going to work forty centuries to buy one lavish item, the Lady Moura would undoubtedly be on our short list of choices. Of course, if we lived that long, we hope that we'd have mastered enough sills to make a better wage and buy her sooner than that. Of course, she's not for sale, and you can't even charter her or take a tour for that matter. If you happen to live in Palma de Mallorca, you'll probably catch a few lust-filled glances at her over time. If not, you can check YouTube (above) if you want to see a little more of her, or you can try making friends with her elusive, brilliant owner if you have the right contacts. We'll be happy just gazing from afar.

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