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The Five Finest Mangusta Yachts of All-Time

Mangusta Yachts

The Overmarine group is a shipyard and company that has always produced the Mangusta range of Yachts. It was founded in 1985 as a family passion and today, it is among world’s leading producers of sleek, fast and powerful yachts. Their entrepreneurial passion and love for quality plus excellence has led it to produce some of the best yachts. It produces the biggest range of Fast Maxi-Open yachts worldwide.

The company’s headquarters are located in Viareggio, Italy which is also referred to as the Maxi Yachts capital. It has sold more than 300 units in its 30 years of existence. All yachts are designed to perfectly merge speed, consumption, top performance, comfort, impressive inside volumes, Italian style and bespoke interior.

The company has 10 production facilities located in Viareggio, Massa, Pisa, and Tuscany. It has its own wharf and a landing stage that is equipped for final preparation, layover and after sales. Its mission is to give sea lovers a unique, unforgettable experience when aboard their yachts. Its values include elegance, timeless stunning design, luxury, elite and exclusive, a leader in style, power, beauty and soul.

Here are Overmarine's 5 finest Mangusta yachts

Mangusta Oceano 42

Mangusta Oceano 42

Launched on June 4th 2016, this yacht was a first for an Italian shipyard to produce a triple deck-steel displacement yacht. Progressive design concepts have been used in order to optimize deck-area and improve light exposure.  The Ocoeano 42 is expected to be delivered in 2017 to the first customers who have made an order.

The yacht was created by Alberto Mancini and has stunningly modern, elegant décor with sharp, taut lines. These are coupled with softer sections. Its Italian designer was inspired to come up with a vessel that would enable guests to experience all seas. This was done by ensuring that a limited barrier existed between owner, guests, and environment. Extensive windows have been used around its salon in order to increase perception of space.

The hull is made of steel and superstructure is made of aluminum. It has an overall length of 43 meters while its beam stretches to 8.70 meters. It has a displacement at full load of 390 T and at half load; 350 T. It has a water capacity of 12,000 liters, fuel capacity of 62,000liters and its engines can generate 1448 horsepower. Mangusta Oceano 42 can travel at 15 knots max speed at half load and 11 knots at cruising speed half load.

It has a price tag of $25 million and above.

Mangusta 165-E

Mangusta 165-E

The E stands for Evolution and its the third yacht in a series that was recently sold in an American market. Mangusta 165-E has new aesthetics and a four engine propulsion system. This was added at its shipyard in order to improve Overmarine's constant research and innovation. Its design is combined with greater attention to consumption and onboard well-being. It is fitted with a new gyroscopic stabilization system.

The propulsion system provides four M94 engines which are capable of generating 4600 horsepower. This has a potential of propelling it and allowing it to achieve a max speed half load of 33 knots. It has an overall length of 49.90 meters and a beam length of 9.2 meters. It has a displacement at full load of 310 T with a max draft of 2 meters.

The interior is lined with 10 types of marble and a dozen types of wood. On the floor, its designer has incorporated gray painted-oak while all walls are lined with white leather. It has a humidor that is concealed in its blue painted glass cupboard with two-steel and crystal wine cabinets.

The fuel tanks have a capacity of 40,000 liters and water capacity of 4,000 liters. Thanks to its engines and fuel capacity, the yacht has a range of 800 nautical miles at an economical cruising speed. It has 4 Rolls Royce/ KameWA NP water jets and 4 Seakeeper stabilizers. This results in the yachts' performance being great as well as extremely comfortable.

It has a starting price of$32 million.

Mangusta 94

Mangusta 94

This is one of the very first Maxi-Open Mangusta models and was launched a couple of years ago. It has external lines which are racy and sporty which falls in line with Overmarine's tradition. It is fitted with a sun bathing location, a larger stern swimming platform and presence of a livable sun deck. It also has a driving station on its sun deck. Its interior and exterior converse continuously through its new glazing of the salon which includes single pane glass.

It has 2600HP engines and a zero speed gyroscopic stabilizer, both at anchor and underway. This makes it possible to cruise at low speeds of 10 knots at low consumption while offering high levels of comfort. It has a new revolutionary electronics with joystick located in the wheel house. This enables easy handling and cruising on a single touch.

It has a retail price of $15 million and over.

Mangusta 132

Mangusta 132

The 132 made its debut at the 2015 Monaco yacht show. As the 4th model under Mangusta-Maxi-Open series, it falls between the 94, 110 and 165E.  It is designed to be a beautiful and powerful beast that shares Overmarine's family of sleek, aggressive profiles with an exceptionally long forefoot.

It is fitted with long side windows, a 20-foot-wide windshield with four skylights which bathe its interior with natural light. Its exterior is also exceptional. It has double sun beds, a huge cocktail bar, a hot tub which can be converted into a triple sun bed, and a huge alfresco dining-table where the owner and the guests can get to enjoy sumptuous meals prepared by the chef.

The interior can be built to its owner’s tastes. It has a snow white leather-ceiling, sand colored oak-floors, walnut-walls and stainless-steel accents. Its main-deck has a large walnut-table with steel-insets, a dining location, a relaxing location which faces a huge flat screen television and a bar-topped with Crema-Lunamarble.

It has three guest cabins, a full beam owner’s suite with a separate bed. It is powered by triple 2600 HP MU diesel engines and Kamewa NP water jets. It has a capability of cruising at 32 knots and can reach 34 knots.

It has a price tag of $20 million and over.

Mangusta Oceano 46

Mangusta Oceano 46

The hull and its super structure are made of composite material. The Mangusta Oceano 46 yacht has an overall length of 45.5 meters and a beam length of 9 meters. Its max draft is 2.35 meters with a displacement at full load of 390T and at half load of 345T. It has a fuel capacity of 70,000 liters and water capacity of 12,000 liters.

It has two MTU 12V M53R engines which can generate 1527 horsepower at 1600 rpm. This allows the Mangusta Oceano 46 to travel at 16 knots half load and a cruise speed half load of 12 knots. It has one cabin for its owner, two doubles and two twin cabins which can be used by family members and guests.

It has a price tag of $31 million and over.

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