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Behind the Dilbar Superyacht by Lurssen

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At 512 feet, the Dilbar Superyacht, which was recently delivered to its lucky new owners in May, definitely imparts a whole new meaning to the superyacht terminology. Dilbar's builder, Lürssen Yachts, has its shipyard in close proximity to Bremen, Germany. The launch of Dilbar on November 14, 2015, was a momentous occasion at the German Lürssen shipyard and then delivery took place in 2016. During the build process, she was called "Project Omar" at Lürssen Yachts.

About Lürssen Yachts

Lürssen is a major world-renowned designer and builder of naval ships, yachts, and specialty vessels. As one of the premiere builders worldwide of superyachts, the company designed and built recording mogul and film executive David Geffen's yacht called "Rising Sun". The well-known Geffen's estimated net worth is $6 billion, which makes him one of the entertainment industry's richest individuals. In addition, they also built Octopus for Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, as well as Azzam, which is 180m long and the biggest private yacht worldwide, for Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is President of the United Arab Emirate.

Lürssen Yachts began on June 27, 1875, in Aumund, Germany when Friedrich Lürssen, who was only 24-years old at the time, set up a workshop for building boats. His first build showed everyone that his trademark was high-quality and originality. His shipyard grew and thrived and in 1886 he built the first motorboat in the world for engine manufacturing genius, Gottlieb Daimler; and the Daimler engine took off in the world of boating, as did Lürssen’s boat designs. In 1911, the Lürssen-Daimler speedboat won the Championship of the Sea and then both the Grand Prix des Nations and the Prix de la Cote d´Azur later that year.

After Friedrich Lürssen’s death in 1916 at 65 years old, the company began developing and building remote-controlled boats for the German navy. In 1925, Lürssen launched its 10,000th vessel, as well as celebrating its 50th anniversary. In 1927, the company built the fastest commuter yacht in the world that could do 34 knots and the heaviest and longest motor yacht in the world. The company continued to grow and prosper with only a few years during the war when business slowed, and all the while descendants of Friedrich Lürssen were at the reigns. And, today the company has built some of the most innovative and massive yachts in the world.

Dilbar Superyacht 2

4th Largest Yacht in the World

After a 52-month build time, the Dilbar Superyacht is the fourth-largest motor yacht in the world when it comes to length and the absolute biggest by volume that currently exists. Dilbar’s gross tonnage beats other yachts, including Al Said at 15,850 tons and Azzam at 13,136 tons. The largest yacht in the world by length, Azzam, is nevertheless smaller than Dilbar by volume. In addition, the indoor pool onboard this massive yacht holds 50,000 gallons of water and is also the biggest swimming pool that has ever been installed on a yacht.

Classic Interior & Exterior Design

The 16,000-ton Dilbar Superyacht is propelled through the water by a diesel-electric power plant that is capable of holding a 22.5-knot constant speed. The exterior of this yacht is crafted in timely ivory and bronze shades from a classic design by Espen Øino of Monaco. The opulent interior was designed by London interior designer, Andrew Winch. Just like with many superyachts that have been built for extremely wealthy people like Usmanov, the specific details regarding the amenities and interior of Dilbar are being kept a closely guarded secret.

However, a few pics that have surfaced show a comfortable interior that revolves around neutral colors and natural fabrics that lend themselves not only to the sheer opulence of the superyacht but also to the extreme comfort of its owner and passengers. Soft creams and blues that mirror the color of the ocean grace several of the staterooms. And, the seating areas are designed for casual conversation and comfort. In addition, the use of warm wood on the soleplates, companionways, and interior trim make every area on this yacht welcoming and pleasing to the eye. Every comfort has been catered to by the designers in both the interior and exterior of Dilbar.

Dilbar Superyacht 3

Aiming for Privacy

The overall design itself provides minimal outdoor space since it's aiming more for privacy. The exterior of the yacht does offer two helipads. One of them is on the bow and the other is on the sundeck. There is also a swimming platform with a minimalistic sitting area at the stern. In the interior, living space totaling almost 41,000 square feet greets the owner and his fortunate guests. And, Dilbar’s overall length is 156 m (512 ft). Her beam is 24 m (79 ft) and her draught is 6.1 m (20 ft). Other features include an aluminum superstructure, displacement steel hull, and beautiful teak decks. Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) classification rules of society, as issued in the Cayman Islands, governed her build.

The First Dilbar

This is not the first yacht named Dilbar for Usmanov. The previous Dilbar, which is now named Ona, was launched in 2008 and was also built by Lürssen Yachts. That yacht can comfortably accommodate 47 crew members and 20 passengers. It’s a steel yacht that has an aluminum superstructure and measures 110m (361 feet). The overall design is by Tim Heywood and the interior was designed by Alberto Pinto. It was quite innovative at the time since it was the first yacht worldwide whose main engine exhausts utilized particle filters. Ona has a 21-knot max speed capability and was built using Germanischer Lloyd rules.

Dilbar Superyacht 4

Airbus H175 helicopter

And, for Dilbar’s two helipads, there is a specially designed Airbus H175 helicopter that was custom built (registration: G-DLBR). The helicopter’s interior was specially done by Pegasus Design, and it can accommodate seven passengers. This custom aircraft has a cabin layout that is quite unique and offers two distinctive seating areas. One is a forward zone with a lounge-like atmosphere. It offers facing club seating that can accommodate four passengers. Also included is sofa-style seating for accommodating three passengers comfortably at the rear plus a galley. Additional features include mood lighting, electrical footstep with three steps for easy access, and windows that dim electronically. In-flight Satcom connectivity and entertainment systems with LCD screens add to the enjoyment of the passengers. In addition, this helicopter offers images and moving maps fed by cameras on the tail skid and tail fin that can be controlled via personal devices and dedicated touchscreens. The list price of the Airbus H175 is $17,000,000.00.

Dilbar SuperYacht Specifications

  • Name: Dilbar
  • Length: 157 m (512 ft)
  • # of Guests: Approximately 40 in 20 cabins
  • Crew: An estimated 80+ in 35 cabins
  • Value: US$ 600 million
  • New Owner Info-
  • Name: Alisher Usmanov
  • Country: Russia
  • Company: Metalloinvest
  • Net Worth (May 2016): US$ 13.4 billion
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