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Sirena's New Fully Customizable 78-Foot Yacht

Sirena's New Fully Customizable 78-Foot Yacht

The Turkish boatyard Sirena is officially introducing its new yacht at the Cannes Yacht Festival in September 2022. However, they could not wait until then to show off their new vessel and have been giving sneak previews of the yacht, and the company is describing it as the yacht that can do it all. It certainly offers potential yacht buyers plenty of options. Here is what we know about the Sirena 78 so far.

An Overview of the Sirena 78

At 78 feet, the Sirena 78 falls into the middle of Sirena's range of yachts in terms of its size. It combines a compact design that the boat yard describes as a class-leading volume, yet it also boasts an array of luxurious and customizable features that make it stand out from the competition. The purpose of the vessel is for long-range voyages. There are propulsion options for this yacht so that it can achieve different speeds depending on which you choose. If you opt for the standard twin MAN-V 12 engine, it can achieve a top speed of 23.7 knots, a cruise speed of 16 knots, and an economy cruising mode speed of 10 knots. The vessel weighs 87 tonnes and sits at 6.9 meters above the water without the equipment on top.

The Exterior of the Sirena 78

Frers Naval Architecture and Engineering designed the yacht's exterior. Two of the foci of the boat's design were creating ample entertaining space and ensuring there were customizable elements, both of which were achieved using innovative design solutions. White is the primary color used for the yacht's external color scheme. One of the adaptable features of the yacht is the flybridge. It is designed to allow the seafarer to choose the level of protection they require. So, you can have the flybridge fully open, semi-enclosed, or fully enclosed. Therefore, you can spend time outside sunbathing or taking in the sea breeze or opt to cover the flybridge to create a shaded area or protect yourself from the elements. The design of the main deck aims to make more space for socializing, as the helm station has been removed to leave room for entertaining guests. Similarly, there is a massive sun pad that is a versatile space featuring L-shaped settees and tables. There is the option to use the space for alfresco dining, sunbathing, relaxing with friends and family, or simply admiring the views.

The Yacht's Luxurious Interior

Cor D. Rover designed the yacht's interior, which is just as customizable as the exterior, and there are several interior design options. For example, there is the option to add a second saloon to the interior if the buyer prefers more indoor entertaining space for when they take guests aboard their yacht. Another customizable element is the furniture. While many yachts have furniture that is fixed in place, the Sirena 78's furniture is loose. It means the yacht owner can rearrange items such as ottomans and settees as often as they want. Therefore, the interior can have a whole new look each day, says Robb Report. On the main deck, there is a large galley that is the central point of the yacht's primary living and entertaining spaces. It contains a spacious living area with seating for multiple people surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows so passengers can admire the seascapes and coastal views as they sail. The main deck also houses an eat-in kitchen, which boasts generous counter space which extends to an informal eating area when indoor dining is preferred. There are high-end appliances and hardwood finishes that match the interior design elsewhere in the yacht. Just like the main living area, the kitchen has floor-to-ceiling windows and doors so the owner and their guests can enjoy panoramic ocean views. On the lower deck, there is an owner's cabin. The luxurious and spacious room boasts full beams, a private bathroom, and a separate dressing area. With so much space available, it is unlikely that potential owners will experience the cabin fever that yacht owners sometimes feel in the claustrophobic conditions of their cabins. There is also plenty of room for guests on the yacht, as the lower deck also houses a VIP room with an ensuite, two further guest cabins, and one crew cabin. All the bedrooms share the same sleek and contemporary style of the yacht, although the interior design differs depending on the chosen style.

The Three Interior Style Options

The Sirena 78 has three interior design options, so there are options to suit different tastes. Although each of the three designs has a distinct style, they all contribute to the luxurious and modern appearance of the yachts. Regardless of which option is chosen, they are equally impressive and visually appealing. One option is Serenity, which boasts light, honey-colored wood throughout the yacht. The combination of the wood choice and the light-colored gloss surfaces creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additional warmth is added with the use of cognac leather on various surfaces. The second interior design option is Inspiration, which aims to create an outdoor-indoor environment. It means the external and interiors of the yacht are seamlessly connected. A further aim of the design is to create a Zen-like feeling of calmness through the pale gray and other light color choices used throughout. On the one hand, the Inspiration theme makes you feel relaxed indoors. On the other hand, it invites passengers to head outdoors. Finally, potential yacht buyers can opt for the Elegance interior design option. It is the most masculine design theme of the three interior options, yet it also has an energetic vibe. The dark wood is the main difference between this theme and the other two options. Contrast is created using white leather and light fabrics to counteract the darkness of the wood. The colors harmonize with the yacht's exterior.

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