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How to Clean a Leather Purse

Leather Purse

People have been using animal hides for a very long time. There is evidence of stone tools having been used to prepare animal hides from about 400,000 years ago, which is remarkable because that would have been before the emergence of modern humans about 300,000 years ago. Unfortunately, there isn't enough evidence to tell us when people started making leather by tanning animal hides. Still, it is clear that tanning was already a well-established thing by the time that civilization established itself, seeing as how the ancient Egyptians had to build their tanneries far from residential areas because of the smell. In any case, much has changed but much remains the same. For proof, look no further than the fact that leather purses are still seeing widespread use.

How Can You Clean a Leather Purse?

The cleaning of leather purses is one of those things that should be performed on a regular basis. There are things that aren't very noticeable but are nonetheless capable of having a negative effect on the leather, so it is important to remove them. On top of that, a single cleaning session that is both laborious and time-consuming tends to become much less so when it has been split up into multiple cleaning sessions. In any case, the first step would be removing the contents of the leather purse. After which, interested individuals should unzip everything and unbutton everything before shaking the leather purse a few times while it is upside down to see if that dislodges any unwanted items that might be stuck within. If it is lined with fabric, pull out the interior lining so that a lint roller can be used to capture anything that is too small to be removed in this manner; if it isn't lined with fabric, dampen a cloth with ordinary water before using it to wipe the interior.

As for the exterior of the leather purse, that will take some more work. It is a good idea for interested individuals to spend some time looking up leather soaps before buying one that seems well-suited to their particular needs and preferences. Then, they can add some of that leather soap to warm water before using the resulting mixture to wipe the exterior of their leather purse. Be sure to use a clean, white cloth. Otherwise, there is a chance of dye running, which won't be good for the leather purse to say the least. Afterwards, use another clean, white cloth to buff the leather purse for the best results. Meanwhile, the hardware will need the use of metal polish. Use a cotton swab to put the metal polish on the hardware and then use a white cloth to wipe the metal polish on the hardware. Interested individuals will need to exercise extreme care during this process for a couple of reasons. One, they don't want to get the metal polish on the leather, which can cause the leather to discolor. Two, they don't want to exert too much force on the hardware in case its exterior starts coming off. On a final note, interested individuals might also want to look up leather conditioners for use on their leather purse. Said product can do a great deal to provide the leather with further resistance from unwanted substances while keeping it more supple than otherwise possible.

Avoid Moisture

Interested individuals should avoid getting too much moisture on their leather purse. Water can cause swelling as well as the loss of shape, both of which will have very negative consequences for the leather's value. As such, people should avoid bringing their leather purse with them when it is either raining or snowing. If their leather purse gets wet anyway, they should use towels to soak up most of the moisture. After which, let the leather purse air dry on its own. Both hair dryers and clothes dryers should be avoided because they can be damaging in their own right.

Take Care of Stains Right Away

Stains should be taken care of right away. The longer that the unwanted substances remain on the leather, the more damage that they can cause. Better still, avoid exposing leather purses to these substances altogether. There are some substances that are particularly problematic, with beauty products being excellent examples. Due to this, people should be extra-careful about keeping their leather purses away from these substances.

Don't Put Too Much Stuff in a Leather Purse

People should avoid putting too much stuff in their leather purse. That can stretch its shape. Furthermore, that means extra weight, which in turn, means extra stress on the leather purse's straps and handles. In the long run, that kind of thing can lead to the tearing of the leather.

Don't Put Leather Purses in Plastic Bags

It is a very bad idea to store leather purses in plastic bags. For starters, it is possible for the plastic to stick to the leather. Thanks to that, it isn't outknown for the plastic to pull off the outer layer of the leather, thus resulting in serious damage. On top of this, plastic bags can trap moisture, which can cause the growth of mold as well as the yellowing of the leather. Instead, if interested individuals need something to store their leather purses, they should look into cotton bags and the like that will let the leather breathe.

Don't Hang Leather Purses By Their Straps

Interested individuals might think it logical to hang their leather purses by their straps. However, that puts needless stress on the straps, which are by no means invulnerable. The best solution is to store leather purses either flat or upright, which should eliminate that particular concern. Be sure to stuff the leather purses with tissue paper while they are in storage so that they will retain their shape.

Consider Wrapping the Hardware

It can be a good idea to wrap the hardware in tissue paper as much as possible. Essentially, this is meant to prevent the metal from pressing into the leather, which is capable of creating a lasting mark over time.

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