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The 10 Best Purse Alternatives

Fanny Pack

Purses are dual-function accessories. They're used to carry personal items such as money, credit cards, and other necessary items to protect them and keep them available in a convenient place.

They're also used as fashion accessories to complement the style and colors of clothing ensembles and complete the look. Purses are not just for women. Some men find them useful for the same purposes, but there are drawbacks to carrying a purse.

Some purses are not large enough to carry everything needed, and it can become inconvenient to try to keep track of your purse when you're engaged in physical or mental activities with others in open venues. If you need storage for personal items, here are the ten best purse alternatives to consider.

10. Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves

Her Packing List has the ideal solution to the purse or handbag dilemma. When the weather is cool outside, the ideal accessory is a fashion scarf that serves a dual purpose.

This model features a hidden pocket sewn into the fabric to hold a few of your essentials. It's a solution that does away with the worry of keeping an eye on a purse when you're actively engaged in other activities.

The scarf is worn securely around your neck and can be affixed to a garment for added security of your items. These scarves are available in a choice of styles and colors to complement any outfit.

9. Phone case with card slots

When you're traveling light but you need to have a credit or debit card, consider taking a phone case with card slots. These are small items that perform double duty by protecting your phone, and making room for a card to fit securely in the slot. You can take along your photo ID or driver's license, transit card, or debit or credit card.

You can find handy phone cases in a variety of styles that can accommodate one or more cards while protecting your phone from damage. They don't take up much room and can fit inside a large pocket for greater convenience and less worry about keeping track of a bulky purse.

8. Bandolier Emma Crossbody Phone Case and Wallet

Bandolier makes a convenient phone case and wallet style that combines a protective phone case for your smartphone with the storage capacity of a wallet in one convenient product. the crossbody style provides a long thin leather strap that is detachable to keep the phone and wallet close to your body for added security. It eliminates the need for a cumbersome handbag and keeps your hands free to do other things.

7. Backpack

Threadcurve recommends ditching the traditional purse in favor of a handbag. It's one of the better alternatives for people who need to carry more items or large items that cannot be contained in a purse. The greatest benefit of the backpack is that there is more room to carry items securely.

Some models offer multiple zippered compartments of varying sizes, to secure smaller items and to keep the contents separated. Backpacks can be worn on the back with comfortable straps, and some are convertible with options for hand-carry, over-the-shoulder, or classic on-the-back styling.

Backpacks are useful for keeping your items safe and it frees your hands and takes the worry out of losing a handbag off the table. You can find backpacks in sizes from small to large.

6. Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are alternatives for purses when you need additional room to carry personal items but prefer something that you can wear across your body. They feature a large open area with a drawstring top for secure closure. You can find them in various materials and styles, from leather to colorful fabrics.

They come with straps that secure the bag to the shoulder or cross-body for hands-free carrying. It's a type of hybrid between a purse and a backpack

5. Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is an old favorite for people who need to keep their hands free and don't want to worry about losing a handbag. Fanny packs attach around the waist and come in various sizes and styles.

They can be worn with the storage pouch in front, on your side, or in the back for the ultimate carrying convenience. Some packs feature multiple zippered compartments for holding keys, money, credit cards, phones, and other small items.

4. Utility Belt

A utility belt is similar to a fanny pack, but it's a distinct style of personal storage with a hidden zippered compartment that has room to hide credit cards, ID cards, and cash on the inside of the belt. Only you know that your valuables remain hidden safely inside. It's worn around the waist in a secure location to keep your personal belongings safe.

3. Bra Stash Pouch

Buzzfeed recommends a bra stash pouch when you don't need a lot of room for carrying small items. You can find these storage garments at Amazon and other online retailers at reasonable prices. They're ideal for holding a credit card, but there's also enough room in the compartments for lipstick, cash, or other small items.

2. Card Holder

A cardholder is perfect when you don't need to carry anything but your ID and a few credit cards. It eliminates the need for a bulky purse or handbag with you. It's an alternative to a purse when you're attending a concert, game or another venue that requires ID and a source for obtaining funds like a credit or debit card or a few cash bills. Cardholders come in styles that help to protect your cards from RFID scanning thieves.

1. Keychain Pouch

A Keychain pouch is another small storage product that gives you a handy place to store cards, cash, or other small personal items in a holder you can slip into a pocket. Some keychain pouches also come with convenient snaps that attach them to the belt loop of your jeans. You can find them in various sizes and styles with one or more small zippered compartments.

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