Are Oakley Kato Sunglasses Worth The Price?


Almost everyone wears sunglasses. Some people are content to go to the bargain bin of their closest discount store and purchase whatever they can find. Others want something that will perform well under various circumstances and can take more than its fair share of punishment in the process. Sunglasses are sort of like handbags, shoes and articles of clothing. For some people, it is absolutely worth paying whatever the asking price is in order to get something that’s of high-quality. For others, it’s all about getting a bargain in the here and now. In the case of Oakley Kato sunglasses, you’re definitely not going to get a bargain if you’re expecting to go and purchase something for only a few dollars. These are some of the most well-regarded sunglasses in the world, but they also have a price to match. If you’re wondering whether or not they’re actually worth the asking price, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Oakley Kato Sunglasses- What Makes Them Different?

Even if you’ve never owned a pair of Oakley sunglasses in your life, you know that there is a lot of hype surrounding the company and the products it designs. The question is, is the product worth the hype? If you’ve never had a pair, you may be wondering whether or not they’re actually as good as the company claims them to be. After all, companies say a lot of things. That doesn’t necessarily make them true. That said, there are a lot of things about the Oakley Kato sunglasses that set them apart from virtually everything else available. For starters, the company has been developing the type of technology necessary to design these glasses for more than a decade. In fact, Oakley claims that the technology to produce them simply wasn’t available until recently. Speaking of that technology, there are a lot of things that make these sunglasses different from others, even others designed by Oakley. For starters, they have a Prizm lens that allows for a mirror finish, yet reduces glare of the sun and other lights for the person wearing them. In essence, the glasses help you see better, even if they’re not prescription. They also provide wraparound protection, making them great for sports. The glasses can be adjusted to fit the person wearing them so they’re never too tight or too loose. Even the nose piece is adjustable, as the company offers three separate nose pieces that can be used. That means that you have the opportunity to tailor the glasses to your face, at least to a certain extent. If one nose piece doesn’t work well for you, try one of the other options available. These adjustable nose pieces are designed to prevent the glasses from slipping and provide the maximum level of comfort, even when you’re wearing the sunglasses for long periods of time. Last but certainly not least, the sunglasses also feature what the company refers to as a rake mechanism. In reality, it’s a mechanism that allows you to tilt the lens in or out so that they provide either a fit that is more snug or a little bit looser, depending on your needs. There are very few companies that offer such a thing. Even for Oakley, this is considered to be quite innovative.

Are They Worth the Cost?

A pair of Oakley Kato sunglasses will run you at least $291. You might be asking yourself why the cost is so much. As it turns out, it’s not just because you’re paying for the Oakley name. In fact, it has a lot more to do with the technology involved such as the Prizm lens and the special rake mechanism than it does a lot of other things. It’s also because you can get your prescription put into the sunglasses, something that most companies just don’t offer. Anytime you start talking about prescription lenses in anything, the cost is going to go up. Oakley sunglasses are of exceptional quality. You have to pay for that quality. The fact that you can basically customize the lenses and even the fit in some cases, such as in the case with the Oakley Kato sunglasses, means that you’re naturally going to have to pay more in order to get all those features. When you consider the fact that these sunglasses are designed for outdoor sports, it’s easy to understand why they cost so much. They can take a serious amount of punishment without showing any signs of wear and tear. Try taking a pair of sunglasses that you purchased for $20 into that environment and see how long they last. Even if they don’t completely break in two, they’ll end up so scratched and warped that you won’t even be able to wear them. It comes down to the age-old adage that you get what you pay for. If you want high-quality, you’ll have to hand over some money in order to get it.

Worth the Money

All things considered, there’s no doubt that the Oakley sunglasses are indeed worth the money. Where else can you buy high-quality sunglasses that can take an enormous amount of impact without being damaged and you can put your own prescription in them to boot? When you consider all of that, coupled with the fact that they can be customized for a proper fit, there is no question about whether or not they’re worth the money. In fact, it’s easy to understand why so many people won’t wear anything but Oakley. At the end of the day, you have to weigh the facts and then decide what to do for yourself. However, it is worth asking the question of whether or not you’re actually saving any money by buying those discount sunglasses every time you turn around versus simply paying the price for a pair of high-quality sunglasses that you can wear for years and years. Chances are, you’ll probably end up spending less money by buying the Oakley’s. You’ll certainly be more satisfied with them.

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