The Five Best Pairs of Chopard Sunglasses Out Today

Chopard Sunglasses

Chopard is a designer brand of sunglasses created for the fashion-conscious who expect nothing but the best in looks and performance. The company was established in 1860 by Louis Ulysse Chopard, as a jewelry and watchmaking business. It became a well-known brand throughout Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. The brand has expanded to provide a variety of fashion accessories. It is known for featuring the most unique styles and designs, and for maintaining high-quality craftsmanship and the use of expensive premium materials. Chopard is a brand that was first launched in Switzerland, and has since moved its operations to Italy. The majority of products sold by Chopard are made in Italy and exported to the United States for retail sale. If you’re looking for the most fashionable quality sunglasses, Chopard is a name that has earned international approval. Here are the five best pair of Chopard sunglasses that money can buy.

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5. Chopard SCHC86M084459 Sunglasses

This is a popular model of Chopard sunglasses that can be ordered to accept prescription lenses. They’re versatile for use as eye protection from the sun or as reading or eyeglasses that can be worn to improve vision. If you choose to go with the prescription lens version of the sunglasses, you may be eligible to use your vision insurance to cover a portion of the cost. The SCHC86M are women’s fashion accessories crafted in Pilot styling. They are available in a choice of three assorted colors, including Gold 300P, Turquoise, 0844. The material used to make the frames are premium stainless steel for strength and durability. A sizing guide is provided before placing your order to get the perfect fit every time.

4. Chopard Ladies Black Round Sunglasses SCH258G700P56

Chopard’s Ladies Black Round sunglasses feature a larger design in a more round shape for the ultimate in stylishness and fashion. The frames are made of strong and durable plastic materials with outstanding craftsmanship. The frames are available in your choice of black or grey colors. The rim style is full-rim. The width of the lens for this model is 56 mm with a lens bridge of 19 mm and an arm length of 135 mm. The regular retail price of these glasses is $740, however, Jomashop offered them at a discount of 78 percent for their New Years’ promotional sale. The glasses are guaranteed to be authentic and in brand new condition. The accompanying certificate of authenticity is provided with every sale.

3. Chopard SCH261M

Chopard’s SCH261M ladies’ sunglasses are available in regular unmagnified sunglasses or with your individual prescription lenses. The purchase of these glasses as a prescription lens item makes them eligible for insurance coverage. Chopard sunglasses are made in the country of Italy and exported to the United States for retail sale. This model features a plastic construction made of materials that are comfortable against the skin yet strong and durable to hold up under everyday use. Chopard eyewear is made with great attention to detail to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and materials. This luxury model features precious materials along with polarized lenses. This model comes in your choice of three fashionable colors, including Black, Blonde Marble, or Tortoise. We love the large square shape of the frames and their sturdy construction. When you purchase these sunglasses from an authorized vendor you receive 1 pair of Chopard Sunglasses, a Chopard Genuine Case, a Chopard Branded Cloth for cleaning the lenses, and a certificate of authenticity.

2. Chopard SCHC40 Sunglasses

Chopard’s SCHC40 sunglasses are a women’s fashion design that is also available in a prescription lens designation. When purchased with prescription lenses, these sunglasses are eligible for insurance coverage. These high-quality premium sunglasses are available in your choice of colors including black or gold with white trim. The benefit of going with Chopard sunglasses or prescription lenses is the premium metal construction that makes them both strong and durable. When you order new from an authorized Chopard dealer you receive a certificate of authenticity to verify that they are genuine Chopard products. The Chopard sunglasses are included with a Chopard Genuine Case, and a Chopard Branded cloth for cleaning the lenses,

If you opt for the prescription lenses through this seller, you receive lenses that are provided from an assortment of leading manufacturers including Younger Optics, Seiko, and Essilor. The lenses are customized and treated with special antiglare coatings and a choice of plastic, polycarbonate, trivex, and other high-index lens materials. All lenses are treated with a coating of scratch-resistant material to enhance the lifespan of the glasses.

1. Chopard SCHD43S Sunglasses

Chopard’s SCHD43S Sunglasses are stylish and versatile as one of the more popular unisex models within the brand. Although the butterfly shape makes them more popular with women they’re not gender-specific. The frame is made of high-quality metal material that is strong and durable. The lenses are made of durable nylon material that is scratch and shatter-resistant. This model is not available in prescription lenses through It comes in a size 65/16/140.

Final thoughts

When purchasing designer brands, such as Chopard, it’s essential to insist on proof or verification of authenticity. There are many counterfeiters out there. While some reputable vendors do offer discounted prices, it’s wise to only purchase from those that offer certificates of authentication along with your purchase. Always check the reputation of the vendor you’re dealing with in advance.

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