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A Closer Look at the $25 Million Chopard 201 Carat Watch

Chopard 201 Carat Watch

Chopard knows glamor like Elvis knew rhinestones. We can't imagine what glittery spectral dream possessed them to create this singularly shiny timepiece, but it's like looking at the sun. The second most expensive women's wristwatch ever made is breathtakingly coated in natural colored diamonds that are beyond compare. Of course, for $25 Million, we'd expect nothing less. However, all that razzle-dazzle comes with a whole lot of weight as well. Wearing this watch requires wrist strength as well as a hefty bank account.

Similarly Stunning

In the world of diamonds, if you exclude the many crowns and tiaras, which account for a vast percentage of the world's most expensive diamond jewelry, few things are in the same class as this watch. For those seeking to look like the 201 from head to toe, we can suggest a handful of opulent options.

$500 Million Hair

Lawrence Graff made a diamond-encrusted hairstyle twice. The original in 1970, was known as Hair & Jewel. It featured about a million dollars worth of diamonds. Not to be outdone by anyone other than himself, he went on to overshadow his feat sixty years later to celebrate. His Marie Antoinette inspired diamond 'do featured some of the rarest and most exotic brooches any woman could ever wish to wear.

A Second Watch (For Your Other Wrist)

The only watch a woman can wear that costs more than this outrageous timepiece is a Graff watch known as the Hallucination. While that $55 million watch is undoubtedly more costly and just as elegant, it has only about half as many carats of diamonds, 110 to be exact. We like them both, but the 201 has the three heart-shaped diamonds that the Hallucination lacks.

Bejeweled Brooch

If you're looking for the right accessory to compliment a watch like this, then there's a brooch you'll probably adore. The $100 Million Diamond Peacock Brooch is beyond compare. The rare central deep blue diamond that makes up the body is beyond compare at 20.02-carats by itself. The whole piece has 120.81 carats of colored diamonds including white, blue, pink, orange and yellow, and measures about 10 cm high at it's tallest. It's sure to catch the eye of any billionaire with a desire for diamonds.

One Ring to Rule Them All

The most expensive and outlandish diamond ring in the world (as of today) is the Pink Star. The stone, and yes there's only one, is an Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink diamond. The 59.60 carats stone from Israel is the largest flawless diamond ever graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). This indescribable ring sold for $71.2 million to Chow Tai Fook in 2017 and was renamed the CTF Diamond.

The Diamonds

The incomparable glimmer of the diamonds on the 201 is astounding, so is the sheer quantity. We found the specifications of most of the diamonds, so you'll know exactly what you're looking at. D Color is a colorless or clear diamond of exceptional quality, and the rest are described by color name and cut as well as their carat weights. The breathtaking total is eight hundred and seventy-four individual stones.

  • • 3 Heart Shaped Diamonds- Flawless Fancy Pink (15.37 carats), VS2 Fancy Blue (12.79 carats) & Flawless D-Color (11.36 carats)
  • • 3 Pear Shaped Diamonds- Natural Fancy Intense Yellow (8.45 carats altogether)
  • • 26 Pear Shaped Diamonds- Natural Fancy Intense Yellow (17.07 carats altogether)
  • • 48 Round Cut diamonds- Natural Fancy Yellow (8.81 carats altogether)
  • • 91 Round Cut Diamonds- Flawless D color (10.29 carats altogether)
  • • 260 Pear Shaped Diamonds- Flawless D color (60.94 carats altogether)
  • • 443 Diamonds- Natural Fancy Intense Yellow (4.95 carats altogether)

The rest of the watch is made up of stunning gold. This design utilizes both yellow and white gold to help bring out the natural beauty of each stone depending on what best suits it. From the settings to the watch itself and even the band, this watch is all elegance and elite class.

Diamond Dasies

Though everything about this watch is exquisite, our favorite feature is perhaps the least obvious. When you first look at the 201, it distracts you with its luminous beauty. The strategic stone placements of the designer are lost in the bedazzling whole. In fact, it does this so well that you need to study it a while before you begin to see the individual stones and their arrangement truly. The center is always meant to draw the eye, and it does that perfectly. Doubtless, this watch is an excellent timepiece in addition to its other qualities, and whoever wears it will always be punctual with such a delicately framed watch face. However, around the band, the pear and circle cut diamonds are not arranged randomly as they first appear. Instead, as you look, diamond daisies appear out of the ocean of light. The genius in this watch is not in its utterly unusual materials, but rather in the way it tricks you, first seeming to be nothing more than a jumble of color and radiance, that, like an out of focus picture allows you to dial in on the details only after adjusting how you view it.

Stunning Surprise

You could easily mistake the 201 for a 'mere' diamond bracelet, not because of it's unearthly and timeless beauty, but because it has something extra that gives it a final touch of the outrageous. The fully 'closed position of the timepiece has a centerpiece made up of the three heart-diamonds. By itself, in that form, it would still be a dozen cuts above anything worn by most gemstone bedecked beauties. There is a spring-loaded mechanism in this watch that doesn't tell the time but rather reveals it as a theater curtain reveals the stage where the action and drama happen. When the wearer presses down on the right spot, the heart diamonds open up like flower petals in bloom to expose the otherwise unnoticed central watch face secreted within. When it comes to design execution, there's nothing like a hidden compartment to wow an audience, unless it's a hidden box made of gleaming diamonds.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dazzling diamond watches, no watch on earth matches the Chopard 201 Carat for sheer brilliance. Looking at this watch is like staring into a horologist's wildest dream. The beauty of a single diamond is enough to captivate the heart. People have been obsessed with this near-unbreakable stone since they first saw it, and anyone who sees this wristwatch will be simply mesmerized at the breathtaking glimmer.

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