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Why are Telfar Bags So Expensive?

Telfar Bag

When it comes to shopping bags, some people couldn't care less what they use and others want only the highest quality designer bag available. It's true that some people absolutely won't carry something that isn't the latest trend in Beverly Hills while others will go to their local Walmart and buy whatever is on clearance for less than $10. Furthermore, they will be perfectly happy with it. For most people, the ideal bag is somewhere in between these two extremes. If you happen to be one of those individuals, you might consider trying a Telfar bag. They're not cheap, but they're also not as expensive as Birkin and some other designer brands. More importantly, they are as functional and practical as the day is long, plus they're made to last.

About the Company

Telfar is unique in that it was launched by the company's namesake, Telfar Clemens, back in the mid-2000s. In 2014, the bags were launched but it took some time for them to gain popularity. Last year, the company finally found its stride after a number of celebrities started carrying those shopping bags with the prominent logo on the side. The thing that really sealed the deal for Telfar was when Oprah Winfrey basically gave the company the green light by referring to the bag as one of her favorite things. From that point forward, people simply couldn't get enough of them. They became almost impossible to find anywhere. The company even started putting their bags on Amazon, something that they had never done in the past. Those bags sold out in a matter of minutes. Ever since then, it's been almost impossible for anyone to get their hands on one because the bags sold out faster than the company was capable of making them. In fact, they have sold so many of them that they are even in the process of launching their own television channel which will be the main avenue for selling bags. Anyone who wants one would do well for themselves to stream the channel and jump on any and every chance they get to purchase a new bag because those chances don't last for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

The Designer Behind It All

Telfar Clemens is clearly a gifted designer. He's also one of the main reasons why so many people want these bags in the first place, aside from the fact that they're designed well and they look great. He has made it a point to design the bags so that anyone can use them, as all of them are unisex designs. He knows a thing or two about the need for inclusivity, as he is Liberian American and he identifies as queer. This is something that has caused him a great deal of adversity throughout his career and is one of the reasons why it took so many years to get this particular business off the ground. A lot of people didn't want to give him the chance he deserved because of his sexuality. As a result, he has made it a point to express the importance of including everyone, whether there are differences in nationality, skin color, sexuality or virtually anything else. That is something that genuinely resonates with a lot of consumers. It's also one of the reasons that so many people have been clamoring to get their hands on this bag. Sure, it looks great and it's capable of carrying loads of items, but there's something more important involved here. At the end of the day, it's about aligning with certain values and then using one's buying power to support those values. If more people were doing that, it would be a lot easier for individuals who aren't afraid to stick their necks out to make it in the fashion world and virtually everywhere else.

The Cost

Some people think that Telfar bags are far too expensive. The smallest bag typically sells for $150. The medium size version usually costs just over $200 and the largest bag available, which can effectively be used as an overnight bag, costs about $257. That leaves a lot of people wondering why Telfar bags are so expensive. However, if you really stop and think about it, that's still far more affordable than virtually any other designer bag out there. In fact, people don't typically think twice about paying two or even three times that much for one of the aforementioned Birkin bags, so it's a bit confusing when people start complaining about the cost of Telfar bags. Considering the fact that they are handcrafted from vegan leather and designed to last for years, they don't really seem that expensive at all. In fact, it almost seems like a bargain when you consider everything that you're getting for the price. When it's all said and done, every consumer has to decide for themselves. Perhaps Telfar bags are too expensive according to some but for others, they are a real bargain. The thing is, you have to remember that you do indeed get what you pay for. It simply isn't possible to get something that's high quality for next to nothing. If you are that person who goes to the clearance aisle in your local Walmart and buys a bag for $10 or less, then you probably already know that there is a reason that it cost you less than $10. In fact, you might feel lucky if you get to use it once before something breaks. When you look at it like this, are you really saving any money? If you have to go out and buy a new bag every month because the ones you have keep falling apart, it would probably cost you a lot less to just spend the money on a high-quality Telfar bag and be done with it.

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