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A Closer Look at the Jordan Sophia Slide

Nike has dominated the sneaker industry for a long time. According to Highsnobiety, Nike sells 25 pairs of sneakers every second, which translates to earnings of $700 million per week. It is clear that most buyers only purchase sneakers from Nike, but did you know the company makes other footwear besides sneakers? They also make slides, and we will focus on the Jordan Sophia slide. The Jordan Sophia slide is made specifically for women. It is unclear how the slide got its name. However, some speculate that Jordan Sophia may have been an important woman in Michael Jordan's life. These slides prioritize comfort since they have paddings, enclosed Air units, and footbeds with raised edges. There are currently two colorways for this slide: "Sesame" and "Black." With many slides in the market, you may be wondering what makes the Jordan Sophia slide unique. Here are some features of this slide below.

5. Perforations

The slide has perforations beneath its heel. For a long time, people have always considered perforations visually appealing. The perforations are usually strategically placed and form a pattern, so it is easy to see why people think they are for aesthetics. While they are suitable for aesthetics, they are good for air circulation and draining water. Air circulation within your feet is important since it gets rid of foot odor. Foot odor occurs when your feet sweat and attract bacteria that thrive in sweat and release pungent chemicals. Therefore, the air gets in through the perforations and evaporates the sweat into the atmosphere. When you accidentally step on a puddle, some water would normally get into your feet. However, with the slide's perforations, water will be drained out. Just like sweat, water from the puddle causes foot odor.

4. Rubber Outsole

The slide's rubber outsole contains treads. Like perforations, rubber treads can also be visually appealing due to their designs. However, the treads are primarily there to reduce slipping by increasing friction. When you walk on muddy or icy paths, the treads provide you with a firm grip on such paths. As a result, you can walk on such paths without worrying about slipping. Besides reducing slipping, the slide's rubber material acts as a shock absorber. According to Sage Journals, rubber's shock absorbing ability is due to its elastic and viscous properties like deflection capacity, high inherent damping, and energy storage. When you walk or run, the impact of your foot's movement gets transferred to your feet. Without the rubber treads, your feet would develop blisters, or you would experience foot fatigue. To prevent such outcomes, the treads absorb the shock from your movement and allow you to move in any way you like. Lastly, rubber makes for a more comfortable material than leather due to its sturdiness. That means you can stand for long hours with rubber without your feet feeling exhausted.

3. Air-Sole Technology in the Midsole

Air-Sole is a technology that stores pressurized air (nitrogen) in a tough and flexible bag. The bag is then placed in the midsole or the forefoot in other shoes. Nike began to use this technology in 1977 because of Frank Rudy, an aeronautical engineer. According to Nike, he wanted to test whether it was possible to provide cushioning in shoes by filling them with air. His experiment worked, and Nike has been using this technology ever since. The purpose of the technology is to make the shoe absorb shock. This technology was prioritized for athletes, considering how often they run or jump. As a result, their chances of getting injured are high. When an athlete stomps on the ground, the cushioning will limit injury of that foot by redistributing the force to the other body parts. By redistributing the force, its impact is reduced. The beauty of the technology is that it instantly springs back up after lifting your foot. So, each time you jump, you are assured of no injury from running or jumping. Additionally, the shoe becomes lighter due to infusing it with air. As a result, the wearer will use minimum effort to lift these shoes by walking, thereby reducing fatigue.

2. Pillow-like Criss-Cross Straps

When looking for footwear to keep you warm, slides are the last thing you would consider. Like flip-flops, your feet are exposed to the air the entire time. Fortunately, women can keep their feet warm by wearing this slide. The slides' criss-cross straps feel pillow-like since they are lined with plush fabric. As a result, they feel soft on your skin. The fabric covers most of the feet, so it almost feels like the woman is wearing a closed shoe. Besides keeping you warm, the fabric protects your feet from falling objects. For instance, if a rock fell on your slide, the fabric would instead suffer the impact. Its protection ability is not due to its softness but also its size. It nearly occupies your entire feet, so most of your feet get protected from any external force.

1. Footbed with Raised Edge Cradles

Most slides tend to be very flat, and many women may not want them. Some women want to appear taller, so they would generally pick up stilettos. Fortunately, these slides cater to women who may want to increase some inches due to their raised footbeds. However, the purpose of the raised footbed goes beyond increasing height. The purpose of the raised footbed is to reduce slipping. Since it is raised, it is thicker, allowing you to wade through mud without slipping.


Normally people do not think of slides as attractive footwear due to their simplicity. However, seeing the Jordan Sophia Slide will change your mind. Everything about the slide is unique, from the design of its footbed to the design of the criss-cross straps. From afar, they resemble closed sneakers which people generally consider the most attractive footwear. However, this slide is unique because of the warmth factor it provides. Amazingly, you can wear the slides during warm or cool weather. For instance, the pillow-like criss-cross straps keep you warm when it is cold. As for the hot weather, much of your feet are exposed, which means they will be cooled off.

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