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The Five Most Expensive Pairs of Hermes Slides

Hermes Oasis Sandal

Hermes is a name that elicits thoughts of luxury and elegance in a fine Parisian brand that is known for perfection in each product release. Premium materials and skilled artisans ensure that every accessory produced by Hermes meets exceptional quality standards. The very name of the brand is a symbol of status with its signature H hallmark that distinguishes the brand from others, but this is only one feature that draws loyal Hermes enthusiasts to the brand time and time again. With Spring in the air, our thoughts turn to warm weather accessories. If you're preparing your spring wardrobe and only the best will do, here are the five most expensive pairs of Hermes slides that money can buy

5. Hermes Candy Sandal Price: $1,150

Hermes Candy Sandal

The Hermes Candy is among the brand's most popular sandals in a slide format. It's available in a choice of white, black, red, or tan in sophisticated and classic colors to match any casual wardrobe scheme. The slides are handcrafted by skilled artisans at the Hermes workshop in the country of Italy. The heel measures 1.6 inches in height for a small lift that makes them ideal for wear with skirts, dresses, dress pants, or jeans. The upper is made of genuine calfskin leather material featuring a palladium plated buckle in silvertone that adds stylishness to the overall aesthetic of these simple, yet highly fashionable slides. The sole of the shoes is made with leather in a contrasting color to the upper. The heel is made of high-quality black leather for durability, and the insole and lining are crafted of smooth and comfortable goatskin material for all-day comfort.

4. Hermes Cute Sandal Price: $1,150

Hermes Cute Sandal

The Hermes Cute sandal is a high heel in a slide format with a heel that measures 2.8 inches in height. The thin heel is made of black leather material for exceptional durability. The upper is crafted of suede goatskin material for strength and satin for extreme comfort against the skin. These are versatile slides that can be worn with casual or dressier outfits. An iconic Kelly buckle adorns the front of the sandal made of the precious metal rose gold that adds a sense of stylishness and profound luxury. The insole and lining of the shoes are made of black goatskin material that is soft and comfortable for all-day wear. These popular designer slides have a chic aesthetic and are handcrafted by skilled artisans at the Hermes workshop in the country of Italy.

3. Hermes Amalfi Sandal Price: $1,300

Hermes Amalfi Sandal

The Hermes Amalfi sandal is exquisite in its design with five bands comprising the upper in an interesting and stylish design. The upper is delicate and feminine yet provides strength and security that keep the slides in place until you want to slip out of them. The upper is handcrafted by skilled artisans of genuine Nappa leather materials. The most notable features, for the sake of aesthetics, are the Chaine d'Ancre deign strap, a signature feature of the Hermes brand, along with palladium plated studs. The sole of the shoe is made of genuine leather in black. For all-day wear, the insole and lining are made of premium black goatskin material that feels silky soft against the skin. These attractive slides are available in a choice of three different colors which include a sophisticated black and a choice of 2 dual-tone choices featuring black and silver uppers or white and silver uppers.

2. Hermes Oran Sandal Price: $1,425

Hermes Oran Sandal

The Hermes Oran style sandal is one of the top-selling models in the slide category of footwear for the brand. It's easy to slip in and out of these casual shoes for comfort and convenience all day long. The most outstanding feature of the Oran sandal is the iconic H cutout that stands as a symbol of the Hermes brand that is known throughout the world and in fashion circles. This is an essential accessory for any woman's wardrobe featuring the iconic Hermes style for casual wear. The uppers of the Oran sandal are made of genuine ostrich leather which is flexible yet strong and durable for long life. The sole of the shoe is made of premium natural leather with the heel made of ember red leather. The insole and the lining are made of genuine goatskin material that is known for its extreme softness and comfort against the skin. The Oran sandals are thoughtfully handcrafted by professional and skilled artisans at Hermes workshops in the country of Italy. The selling price from the manufacturer is $1,425, making the Oran the second most expensive slides made by the brand.

1. Hermes Oasis Sandal Price: $1,575

Hermes Oasis Sandal

The most expensive slide sandal at Hermes is the Oasis model. These are the top of the line in the Hermes of Paris collection. This is the best-selling and the most iconic Hermes brand slide style sandal on the market today. What makes this expensive shoe so expensive? To begin, it features the iconic H cut-out design that tells the world that it is a Hermes original creation. The Oasis sandal is a symbol of status and impeccable taste in high-fashion circles. The styling is simple and sophisticated and makes a statement that the wearer understands the need for a casual fashion basic, which makes this slide an important inclusion in any casual wardrobe. The high heels measure 2 inches in height with heels made of leather material. The soles of the shoe are made of genuine leather material in an ember red color. The sole is natural leather with an ember red goatskin insole and lining for all-day comfort and softness against the skin. The Hermes Oasis is handcrafted by skilled artisans at Hermes workshops in the country of Italy. They are available in 26 color choices.

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