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The 10 Best Pairs of Driving Gloves Money Can Buy

Driving Gloves

Driving gloves are more than stylish, though they always elevate your fashion game on the road. A good pair of driving gloves protect your steering wheel and car from the oils in your skin. Additionally, they block the sun and keep your fingers warm. Plus, the right pair of driving gloves can reduce hand fatigue or allow you to access touchscreens, which is vital if you have a touchscreen GPS display. Best of all, driving gloves give you a better grip to make travel safer and easier. Here are the ten best pairs of driving gloves money can buy. This curated list has the best gloves for every budget, from the beloved, high-quality bargain bin specials to the unusual and even the handmade, imported luxury gloves.

10. Cost Effective: ELMA Luxury Men's Driving Gloves

ELMA Luxury Men's Driving Gloves are made of soft, supple deerskin leather. Deerskin is tougher than cowhide, so they remain durable while offering a nice texture. According to Leather Circle, deer is also abrasion-resistant. These gloves are lined with soft cashmere to keep your hands warm without adding too much bulk, so your fingers remain flexible on the wheel. A tactful topstitched detail gives visual interest without taking any flexibility or looking overly busy. Plus, they're a steal at less than thirty dollars.

9. Smart Bargain: Pratt and Hart Silverstone Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

A pair of Pratt and Hart Silverstone Traditional Driving gloves with knuckle holes offer a classic look and feel without breaking the bank. This set is unlined sheepskin for a more natural feel. The wrist strap snaps and has elastic, so it will fit your wrist snugly while remaining flexible as you drive. Plus, all the seams are reinforced with a second set of stitches to offer good durability.

8. Breathes Easy: Riparo Motorsports Men's Half Mesh Leather Driving Gloves

Riparo Motorsports unlined Men's Half Mesh Leather Driving Gloves come in nine outstanding color choices. The addition of the mesh holes along the back helps allow your hands to breathe and contribute to overall flexibility. The wist comes with a large snap closure. These reasonably priced mid-range gloves are best suited to shorter fingers.

7. Well-Known: Riparo Reverse Stitched Driving Gloves

Riparo Reverse Stitched Driving Gloves are handmade. You can choose from eleven different colors, all with the classic knuckle holes. Moreover, these gloves come in sizes from XXSmall to XXL to fit most hands. Riparo is among the most popular unlined leather gloves available, with prices that vary based on size and the difficulty of creating the colors and details.

6. Does It All: napoSPEED's Touchscreen Driving Gloves

For drivers who prefer a flexible yet reinforced knuckle on their gloves, napoSPEED's Touchscreen Driving Gloves are the ideal balance of style and comfort. These unlined gloves are made from lamb Nappa leather. Sheep leather is known for its extreme softness and flexibility. According to Mahi Leather, Nappa leathers are made using a unique chemical process to retain the original beauty and prevent creasing. Moreover, this leather is intended for use in luxury goods.

5. Midrange Perfection: Dents Silverstone Touchscreen Leather Driving Gloves

Cork tan-yellow and black Dents Silverstone Touchscreen Leather Driving Gloves offer style and classic appeal while still standing out. The gathered flexible underside of the wrist holds your gloves on firmly, and a dome stud snap on the top side gives you the cutout back that makes many driving gloves distinct. These are hairsheep leather, with knuckle holes and vents down the fingers for breathability, flexibility, and comfort.

4. Best Colorway: Men's Green Leather Napoli Driving Gloves

Drivers seeking a unique yet handsome pair of gloves need look no further than these Men's Green Leather Napoli Driving Gloves. The olive color is hard to find, and they're Nappa sheep leather for durable, crease-free luxury. The cutout back has a snap closure and knuckle holes. Meanwhile, the perfect lines of punched holes down the fingers offer a dynamic but uncomplicated visual detail and let your hands breathe.

3. Unique: Rome Men's Driving Gloves Blue & Camel Nappa Leather

A classic yet unusual driving glove is the Rome Men's Driving Gloves Blue & Camel Nappa Leather. Don't let the name fool you. These gloves are deep-toned black and a rich brown. However, the Nappa leather imported from Italy and crafted in Pécs, the European capital of glove-making, makes these driving gloves special. The gorgeous, rich-hued leather is unlined for breathability and lightness.

2. Rare Leather: Hestra Peccary Driver's Gloves

Perhaps you prefer rare leather. Hestra Peccary Driver's Gloves are peccary leather. These animals are pig-like with hooved feet. You'll find them primarily in the Caribbean and South America. The unusual leather is known for its rich texture and outstanding flexible comfort. You'll love these hand-sewn gloves, available only in classic colors such as cork, brown or black.

1. Top Tier: The Outlierman Luxury Lambskin Crochet Cobalt

Drivers who only want the absolute pinnacle of driving glove luxury need a pair of Outlierman Luxury Lambskin Crochet Cobalt. These stunning blue and creme micro-crochet topped gloves come with a custom leather carrying case. Outlierman's are handcrafted in Italy from deerskin for a durable, wear-resistant glove that offers exceptional flexibility. You won't find a better-reinterpreted timeless vintage style anywhere. Other colors are available in Nappa lambskin and peccary leather for discerning drivers.

Final Thoughts

Excellent driving gloves are essential, especially if you have an expensive interior, or you spend a long time on the road. When you're ready to upgrade your look and see what you were missing out on, grab a pair of these gloves and hit the road. Driving gloves are the key to more chic motoring, speeding in style, or a comfortable, classy cover to keep your fingers warm on your commute. Whatever your goal and budget, these are the best driving gloves in every category.

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