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The Five Most Expensive Hermes Scarves Money Can Buy

Hermes Pegase au Bloc embroidered scarf 140

Hermes is a high-end designer fashion brand that makes some of the most unique fashion accessories on the market today. They're desired in part because of the premium materials that go into their creation.

What sets Hermes scarves apart from the rest is the fact that the manufacturing is not accomplished through digital technology for mass production. Each scarf is made through a silk-screening technique that relies on traditional processes performed by professional artisans.

They're available in a choice of 30 colors in interpretive designs. Some of these unique high-end scarves feature enhanced aesthetics with hand embroidering and other features. For your consideration, here are the 5 most expensive Hermes scarves that money can buy.

5. Hermes Giant Scarf/Grand Foulard Marcelina Rare Price: $1,372.26

Hermes Giant Scarf Grand Foulard Marcelina Rare

this Hermes Giant Scarf is the Marcelina de Nathalie Rich edition designed by Nathalie Rich-Fernandez in 2011. It is a one-off design that is extremely rare and in brand new, never used condition.

This is the only example that was ever made by the artist and it is a one-of-a-kind authentic Hermes rarity. The scarf measures 140 cm x 140 cm. It is handmade out of premium silk and Soie materials.

This is a grade 3B scarf per the Arfon dictionary of art scarves. This mesmerizing piece of silk art is orange, yellow, red, black, and brown with a unique design and hand-crafted quality with a velvety softness to the touch.

4. Hermes Silk cashmere twill scarf Les Proverbs Sont La Sagesse Des Nations Price: $2,471.98

Hermes Silk cashmere twill scarf Les Proverbs Sont La Sagesse Des Nations

While most Hermes scarves range in the $300 to $800 price range, this is an extremely rare version that is more than 75 years old. This silk-cashmere twill scarf is a Hugo Grygkar design from 1945.

This vintage Hermes scarf from the 1940s era is a rare collectible that has been kept in beautiful condition except for a small worn area. This example is proof that Hermes products hold their value over time.

Some of them even increase in value if they are protected from the effects of wear and fading from sunlight. It's unique and in superb condition as a part of the collection of Hermes rare scarves. This example measures 30 x 28.5 inches and is available for sale with an assessed value of $2,471.98.

3. Hermes Zebra Pegasus embroidered giant triangle Price: $5,200

Hermes Zebra Pegasus embroidered giant triangle

The Zebra Pegasus embroidered giant triangle is the design genius of Alice Shirley. The exquisite scarf is handcrafted by professional artisans in the country of India. This scarf is rectangular in dimensions and measures 37 inches x 74 inches in width and length.

The giant triangle is hand-rolled. The pattern of the scarf features the mythical and iconic Pegasus. The winged horse is delivered in a Zebra print theme that combines the best of both in a highly fashionable design. This scarf is handcrafted of 100 percent silk material and enhanced with fine faceted beads and glass rods.

2. Hermes Suite et Poursuite embroidered giant scarf Price: $6,750

Hermes Suite et Poursuite embroidered giant scarf

The Hermes Suite et Poursuite embroidered giant scarf is one of the five most expensive Hermes scarves that money can buy. This lovely piece is made to be reversible with a mesmerizing pattern on both sides of the accessory.

It is handcrafted with the finest premium silk, twill, and cashmere materials. Details of the pattern are embroidered with silk fibers. The scarf also features hand-rolled edges. This double-sided scarf is dazzling in beauty with its vibrant colors and motifs.

The most eye-catching feature is the Ex-Libris design with hand-embroidered sequins. This lovely piece measures 55 x 55 inches in length and width. It is the design of Cyrille Diatkine and is handmade in the country of India.

1. Hermes Pegase au Bloc embroidered scarf 140 Price: $7,800

Hermes Pegase au Bloc embroidered scarf 140

The Hermes Pegae au Bloc embroidered scarf 140 is one of the more expensive pieces offered by Hermes. This example is giant in size. It is made of the finest premium silk and twill materials. This exquisite example features lovely embroidered details with thread made of 100% silk fibers and multicolor beads underlining the curves of the design.

The designer of this example is Christian Renonciat. The scarf measures 55 x 55 inches. It was hand-made for Hermes in India. Pegasus, the iconic winged horse is the theme of the design.

Additional wooden stamps and Indian motifs add to the majesty of this piece. Specialgnwing ink printing techniques were used in the creation of this simply breathtaking and valuable scarf.

It follows the Hermes tradition with only the finest premium materials and workmanship applied. The value of this fantasy-themed accessory is assessed at $7,800. It is available for purchase through the official Hermes retail site.

Final thoughts

These are the five most expensive Hermes scarves that money can buy. Of course, you can find other Hermes scarves at more affordable prices. Occasionally, vintage Hermes scarves become available in online auctions but it's essential to verify the authenticity of the item before you purchase. Watch out for fake versions that are offered by sale on the internet.

If you find a Hermes scarf that is under $299, beware and insist on proof of authenticity. Hermes is a valuable brand name and numerous counterfeiters attempt to copy the lovely designs offered by Hermes.

It's unusual to find a seller that is willing to part with a Hermes scarf in mint condition that is much below the retail price. These scarves represent an investment in goods that retain their value and sometimes increase in their worth over time.

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