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What is Homies Wonderland and Why is it so Popular?


New York City is one of the most amazing places on the planet to live. It is filled with wonderfully diverse groups of people and there is a retailer available to suit practically every fashion taste. Homies Wonderland is one such store. The unique homie style is one that is embraced by throngs of young people and those who are approaching middle age as well. This famous New York City specialty shop caters to the fashion needs of people who prefer this style and it is a big hit with the locals and beyond. We're going to take a closer look at Homies Wonderland so those of you who may not heard of it can possibly find a new shopping venue to suit your personal tastes and preferences in clothing and accessories.

What is Homies Wonderland exactly?

It is a well known fashion niche store in the heart of New York City that offers styles that cater to the current micro trends in the fashion industry. It fits well in the city because there is a constant stream of customers who are appreciative of a store that offers a large variety of clothing and accessories in a style that not every retailer carries. What makes Homies Wonderland so popular and so very unique is its philosophy and approach to business. People who prefer the Homie style are not judged but rather are treated with respect and appreciation for their business. The store is also known as HSWLD and it is one of the few places that offers a place for artists, designers and musicians who are up and coming to simply come and just hang out. They're open for day and night time hours and it's rare to find a retailer that offers a combination clothing retail establishment and venue for the more creative minded customers.

Who are the founders?

An unlikely pair are the co-founders of Homies Wonderland. Frantisek (Frank) and Michal Kunert, a pair of OG New York City skaters came up with the idea for a store that would distribute screen print T shirts featuring cult labels. They started the operation in 2009 out of their living room. It was a big hit and the two realized that they were achieving success and needed a bigger space. Soon, they moved the operation to the Lower East Side of the city in their new space.

Success of Homies Wonderland

Their success led these two brothers to open a second retail locations. The second in Krakow, which is the place of their birth. Although the brand is beginning to gain more circulation it is still not well known in all circles of the city. It made it big in the underground and has now surfaced to reach a larger segment of the populations. The dual purpose of the store is the main focus of the brothers. The extent of their success depends upon how it is measured. They have met with a high measure of success in the underground circles which embrace the homie culture. This includes those who enjoy smoking an occasional reefer for recreational use and getting down to the business of sharing their art, music and philosophies with others who have come to hang out and jam or share in some other way.

Cultural expression

From our observations the sales aspect keeps the business afloat and their doing pretty well selling the dope street wear but it is much more than that. Perhaps the most important aspect of HSWLD is that it promotes the culture of the people who have become loyal patrons and frequently show up to exchange ideas and artistic expressions. One thing is for certain, it is one of a kind and it offers a place for some of the most talented and unique people in the city to connect and grow in their chosen vocations. It serves as a meeting place for like minded individuals.

Impression of outsiders

If you're not one of the regulars you probably had no idea of what HSWLD actually is. At first glance it comes across as a place to pick up some cool clothes but the talented artists who are regulars at the establishment know that it is so much more. It offers a safe place for them to gather. Derek Drummond is a brand ambassador and he sees the value in the shop's ability to promote the culture of today's youth in a positive way. Their community is experiencing a steady growth pattern.

Future of HSWLD

For the time being, the brothers seem content that they have reached their intended populations. Although the larger segment of the population has no idea who they are, the ones who would be most likely to purchase their wares and enjoy the safe non judgmental environment they offer for hanging out have spread the word to their buddies. It has already reached a measure of great success in the niche market of Homie or dope street wear as it is called in the vernacular. Will they expand beyond the second outlet? It's hard to tell. As of now, they're not talking about any plans for expanding to new cities but they're keeping things running smoothly in their two popular venues.

Final thoughts

Homies Wonderland is referred to as a famous store that caters to those preferring the dope street wear look but we've discovered that it is that and much more. We highly recommend this venue for anyone who prefers this style of clothing for certain, but if you happen to be into this niche culture and would like to meet people with the same interests, it's a good place to make connections and hook up with other aspiring future professional artists, designers and musician. You never know who you are apt to meet when you spend a few hours hanging at HSWLD. If you're looking for a lead singer, songwriter, drummer or guitarist for your band, you might get lucky and score big. Even if your main interest is just making new friends, Homies Wonderland is a good place to start.

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