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20 Different Types of Scarves You Can Wear


Scarves have long been a popular fashion accessory. The various uses have changed over the decades. They served as head coverings for women who used old-fashioned curlers in their hair in the '50s and '60s. They're also used to accent wardrobe ensembles adding splashes of color and texture. Men, women, and children wear scarves. Scarves come in all different styles, sizes, and types, and keep us warm in the winter and looking stylish all year round. Here are twenty different types of scarves you can wear, to give you an idea of what's currently trending in the scarf industry.

20. Winter Scarves

Thread Curve explains that winter scarves cover a variety of different fabrics and styles. They all have one thing in common. They're intended to help protect you from the cold and keep you warmer. The most common materials used to make winter scarves are wool, alpaca, felt, fleece, and polyester. They're meant to be worn in colder weather to keep you warm, but they're often fashionable accessories that serve the dual purpose of keeping you warm and providing a splash of color or sophistication for your wardrobe ensemble.

19. Beach Scarves

Beach Scarves are larger than most other types. They are made large enough to wear around your waist after a swimming session. They're seen most often during the summer months. They're a part of casual beachwear that can also be worn when going for a walk to throw off a chilly breeze, or as a fashion accessory with typical summer wear outfits. Large beach scarves also help to cover swimming suit areas which makes them good to have on hand when going straight from the swimming pool to a sit-down lunch or dinner at a restaurant in the resort setting.

18. Headscarves

Scarves are made for almost every part of the body. Headscarves are made to be worn specifically on the head. They help to protect your hair from dust and sunlight or to keep your locks under control on a windy day. Headscarves are also worn by some women as a religious symbol of chastity and purity. They also hide a hairdo that is unruly on bad hair days. Headscarves are common throughout the world and serve many purposes such as protection and as a fashion accessory. they come in various fabrics and sizes.

17. Satin Scarves

Satin Scarves are made of satin material that es made from either silk or polyester. These are glossy and luxurious scarves that offer a lovely accessory for casual and dressy wardrobe choices. Satin scarves can jazz up a dull outfit making it suitable for parties. Satin scarves are most commonly worn around the neck as a fashion accessory but the material may also be worn around the head. Satin is known for its health benefits for skin and hair because it helps to prevent moisture loss. Some people sleep with a satin scarf over their heads at night. Satin has a luxurious feeling against the skin that makes you feel pampered and comfortable.

16. Alpaca Scarves

Alpaca scarves are made from Alpaca fibers. Alpaca wool is known to be lighter than sheep would and it's also warmer. Scarves made of this material provide exceptional insulation from cold weather. The fibers are resistant to water and other types of stains, making them a durable fabric that some prefer. Scarves made of Alpaca are usually a little more expensive than traditional wool scarves but the quality is higher because of the lightness, resistance to stains, and added warmth. People who have wool allergies use alpaca as an alternative fabric because it is hypoallergenic. Alpaca has become one of the most popular choices for winter scarves.

15. Cotton Scarves

Treasurie explains that cotton scarves provide an ideal alternative when you're looking for a fashion accessory that is light and made of thin, natural fibers. Cotton is the old standard for scarves. It comes in hundreds of colors, textures, and design patterns. It's one of the most versatile fabrics and it's easy to find cotton scarves online and at brick and mortar retailers. They're in plenteous supply and the choices allow you to find scarves that complement any outfit from streetwear to formal wear. Cotton material is easy to work with to achieve unique design effects. You can even add pleats by pressing cotton scarves to have a unique addition to your wardrobe. Cotton scarves are among the most popular choices as accessories for warmer months or hot climates.

14. Chiffon Scarves

Chiffon scarves are made of Chiffon material. They're distinct from other scarves because the fabric is drapey and thin. It's more manageable and reduces the effect of bulk. Chiffon scarves come in various styles. They may be embellished with various types of lace or embroidery to make them more attractive as fashion accessories. They are also lovely when worn in solid colors to add a splash of color to any fashion garment. You can find them in nearly any color or pattern. They offer a feminine and delicate accent to any outfit and can be worn for casual or dressy attire. There are a few drawbacks associated with Chiffon scarves though. The material is slick and slippery and they tend to slip off. You cannot pin chiffon fabric into place because it will damage the material. It's still a popular choice, particularly for elegant gowns and blouses.

13. Net Scarves

Net scarves are a less traditional type of scarves that are becoming more popular for wear with streetwear and gothic attire. They come in a range of fabrics and are often trimmed with lace, sequins, or chains to the edges, to add an extra exciting fashion element. Net scarves are most commonly worn around the neck to make the associated patterns stand out.

12. Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere scarves are luxury fashion accessories made of expensive materials. Cashmere scarves come in various sizes and can be worn around the neck, on the head, or over the shoulders as shawls. It's essential to be on your guard when purchasing a Cashmere scarf because it's a material that is often duplicated and sold as authentic by scammers. Cashmere is not cheap and if you find a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is. Cashmere is one of the most popular types of scarves because of its luxurious feel and comfort. The fabric is delicate and requires a little extra care, but it's well worth the trouble.

11. Velvet Scarves

Velvet scarves are made of thick material that has a velvety sheen. The fabric has a thick pile and is most often worn with luxurious attire because of the richness of its appearance. Depending on the thickness, most velvet scarves are exceptionally drapey and lend themselves to various positions and styling. Most of these elegant scarves are shorter varieties because they can become heavy. They're warm and snuggly, but not often worn for extended periods because of the weight. The fabric has also been known to irritate sensitive skin, but it's hard to beat the luxurious aesthetics of velvet scarves.

10. Wool Scarves

Sew Guide explains that wool scarves are almost exclusively worn during cold winter months to keep you warm. Wool scarves are available in a variety of thicknesses. They're most often blended with other fabric fibers to make them more lightweight. They're available in a variety of colors and patterns. Wool scarves also come in small and large sizes to be worn on the head, around the neck, or draped over the shoulders.

9. Bandana Scarves

Bandana scarves are popular in western culture, but they're also worn with other types of streetwear. The bandana scarf is a piece of printed cotton material that is shaped in a square. They're most commonly worn around the neck, but they can be worn in various positions to change the look of an ensemble. You can wear bandana scarves around the neck or on the head as a "do-rag," to protect the head from the sun or secure your hair in place. They're also popular with bikers.

8. Crinkled Crepe Scarves

Crinkled crepe scarves are crafted of fabric that has a crushed or crimped appearance. The result is a textured appearance that can add a lot of life to an otherwise dull outfit. The fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some crinkled crepe scarves also come with fringe around the edges for additional texture.

7. Tasseled Scarves

Tasseled scarves are any scarf type that has tassels or pompoms around the edges. This type of scarf can come in any color or pattern, but they're usually large enough to be worn like a shawl around the shoulders. The tassels add an element of texturing and novelty.

6. Fleeced Scarves

Fleeced scarves are fleece fabric. They're warm scarves made for use in the winter months. Fleece is an inexpensive fabric that comes in various colors and patterns. Fleeced scarves are worn around the neck or over the head. It's one of the most common winter scarf types available at retailers today.

5. Regular Scarves

Inspire Uplift explains that regular scarves are also called "old scarves." It's the old traditional type. It spawned a modern collection of scarf styles, including modern versions of infinity, snoods, and cowls. Regular scarves are rectangular pieces of fabric that can wrap around the neck twice. Some come with fringes and lace at the corners.

4. Cowl Scarves

A cowl scarf is a type worn around the neck. It's a type of winter scarf that has a deep drape. Cowl scarves come in various fabrics such as jerseys, wool, pashmina, or other warm materials. Cowl scarves look great with dressy outfits as a fashion accessory. They're placed over the top of the head and rest around the neck.

3. Infinity Scarves

The infinity scarf is similar to the cowl scarf, it forms a double circle which is the sign of infinity, hence the name. Infinity scarves have less drape than cowls but surround the neck twice for a unique appearance. They're warm scarves made for use in cold weather to throw off the chill. The most common fabrics used for infinity scarves are leather or animal skin.

2. Snood

A snood scarf is similar to a cowl scarf, but it comes with an extra feature that a cowl does not have. Snoods get their novel name because they are a combination of a scarf and a hood, hence the name snood. The snood is good for wintertime because it covers your head and your neck at the same time. It's a trendy style in the fashion world and is commonly used as a dual-purpose accessory to add a hint of luxury to any outfit while keeping you snuggly and warm during the cold months.

1. Triangle Scarves

The triangle scarf is one of the oldest styles known. It's a piece of fabric worn for accessorizing your fashion wardrobe instead of keeping you warm. Triangle scarves have the shape of a triangle. You can find them in a variety of sizes. They can be worn as a shawl across the shoulders or a head covering. You can also wear them around the neck. Most triangle scarves are usually cotton, but you can also find them in pashmina with cross-stitching. They also come in other attractive fabric types. Triangle scarves allow you to experiment with them to discover different fashions that suit your unique personality. You can configure them in a variety of ways. Triangle scarves are accessories that both men and women enjoy wearing. They're unisex and can be worn over the shirt or as a dickie underneath the shirt. Triangle scarves are versatile fashion accessories that you can fashion into dozens of configurations.

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