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How Kerwin Frost Has Influenced the Fashion Industry

Kerwin Frost

Meet Kerwin Frost, a fashion icon, socialite, comedian, DJ, and talk show host for Kerwin Frost Talks and more. Born in Harlem, Frost is a famous street-style icon who uses his thrifting knowledge to connect audiences with hopeful messages of fun and excitement in the fashion industry. He got his most significant break after founding his company, Spaghetti Boys, which used to display repurposed designs in the New York City's Soho Youth streetwear scene. Here are exciting ways he's influenced the fashion industry.

1. His passion for thrifting

Born on July 26, 1995, and raised in Harlem, Frost knew he was destined to be a fashion celebrity. His humble background didn't deter his dream of becoming one of the most treasured fashion icons across the US. Instead of wallowing in pity or engaging in gangbanging vices in the streets of Harlem, he used that opportunity to escape his humble beginnings. At 12, Frost approached his father to introduce him to thrifting. According to GQ, his dad's first offer was to accompany him to Macy's to collect some clothes. Even though his dad insisted that Ralph Lauren's products were the best, all Kerwin wanted was the colorful vintage stuff.

2. His YouTube interview series in the streetwear world

Kerwin's second break was when he worked with a rapper, Kanye West and Virgil Abloh. His viral videos on his YouTube channel, "Kerwin Frost Talks," got people branding him as "king of viral outfit" and "fashion's funniest man." However, Kerwin has something unique other than his endearing personality and carefree looks. Other than his signature pencil face tattoo, which no one can miss to notice, his fashion sense is centered around self-expression and eccentricity. Anything weird can easily make you a king in today's fashion world. Kerwin's unique charisma is a personality no celebrity can ignore. It doesn't surprise that his clownish fashion style and viral outfits video at the Kardashian's Christmas parties (Kardashian-Jenner-West Christmas) became the highlights of Fashion Week. Working with the rich and famous has always been Kerwin's most significant selling point. Collaborating with the New York fashion scene in 2016 as the co-founder of Spaghetti Boys transformed him into a personal stylist for celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Sheck Wes, and Luka Sabbat. He's also landed interviews with Tyler. He likes to organize charity events on special occasions, expanding his influence in fashion.

3. VFiles transitioned his passion for fashion

When he was 16, he applied as an intern at VFiles, an online fashion Mecca, as a writer. While there, he met a photographer and designer named Kevin Amato and Heron Preston. According to THE FACE, the duo owned a company specializing in streetwear brands Virgil Abloh and Been Trill. Surprisingly, their designer brands came at almost the same time Instagram was launched. Also, it was when A$AP Rocky dissed the brands, calling them ugly. Preston knew that the shade-throwing by A$AP was a blessing in disguise. He asked Frost to print the specific lyrics' screenshot to be among his Heron Bootleg series for the $50 dis and run-off t-shirt. They took advantage of the bubble around the platform to popularize their ultra-modern designs to a broader audience. Kerwin was lucky to meet passionate friends about fashion, like Mike the Ruler (a pre-teen fashionista), Luka Sabbat, and Austin Babbitt.

It excited the quartet because Soho was also the hub for famous designers spearheading the streetwear revolution. They took advantage of that opportunity to engage them in conversations about how they became successful. Having inadequate capital, he could wait up to 3:00 am in the Supreme line and later resell at premium rates to tourists in New York. During one of those meetups with famous designers, Kerwin met many designers who got impressed by his collections and dreams for a better future. According to GQ, at 20, Kerwin joined hands with Ray Martinez, founding an NYC-based art-content collective, the Spaghetti Boys. Both co-founders were childhood friends in Harlem, where they participated in skate-spot. Currently, Spaghetti Boys is famously known for creating t-shirts, pants, footwear, and hats. They specialize in art, design, and music.

4.He is a repurposing brand ambassador

Another break that came through for Kerwin through his company, Spaghetti Boys. While they disbanded it in 2018, he always thought of it as a genius way to merge his deejaying skills with fashion. It became apparent that Kerwin was headed for the win from the brands he's repurposed. One example of a brand designed and repurposed to his name is the one of him mimicking a humanized bouncing castle. It was at the 2019 Moncler Genius Show in Milan, and the designer is Craig Green. Frost also graced The AW 2019 Dior catwalk presentation by donning a thrifted grey suit and hoodie. He was wearing Air Sinead O'Connor. Inside the suit was a t-shirt with two enormous angel wings by Luar, a New York designer. In his interview with the FACE, Frost lived with his wife, Erin Yogasundram, with who they have a daughter, Waffle. He was donning one of Ralph Lauren's rugby tops and denim pants and dramatized it with a Popeye hat from one of the largest American fast-food chains. He still hasn't rubbed off his signature pencil tattoo. He confesses that he has around 19 tattoo designs all over his body.

5. His endorsement of Adidas

Kerwin has a video of him donning a super-stuffed blue and white adult romper jumpsuit. On his feet are Adidas Forum Low sneakers which he used to trample down cars on the streets as people escaped. Chicago's legend Chief Keef's motive is to let people hang loose on Adidas' collections, including oversized t-shirts and colored sneakers throughout the campaign. Ideally, Adidas wants you to reminisce about the Run DMC and Firebird collections, bringing the 80s fashion back to life. Since that advert, Frost has become one of the most prominent collectors of Adidas clothes and sneakers, inspiring Adidas' fanatics to follow suit.


Kerwin's fashion style is eccentric, carefree, and inspired by these exciting observations. He believes that dressing weird is New York's way of life, which greatly inspired his dream. He's also well-versed with streetwear, so he created a YouTube show, Kerwin Frost Talks, to give fans an idea of the latest designs. Surprisingly, he doesn't think of himself as a comedian as people call him. His achievements in the fashion industry didn't come from sheer luck. He always worked his way up from a younger age. Queuing in a thrift store for hours into the night is not for the faint-hearted; neither is donning bizarre outfits for Instagram stunts to get people talking. Rubbing shoulders with fashion icons and other celebrities and endorsement by Adidas have earned him the title of being one of the most talented fashion influencers.

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