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A Closer Look at the Pleasures Crocs Collection


What do you think about Crocs? In general, most people seem to detest them. People resent Crocs because they consider them ugly. However, fans and critics seem to appreciate that they are different from other footwear. Crocs was probably aware that people loathed the design of their footwear. As a result, the company has teamed up with other fashion designers to make the Crocs more attractive. One of the companies it partnered with was Pleasures. Thanks to their partnership, they have released several versions of the Pleasures Crocs slippers. Without further ado, here are some of the Crocs that the two parties launched below.

4. Pleasures X Crocs Mossy Oak

Looking for Halloween costumes can be tricky, especially when it comes to footwear. Fortunately, these crocs give off that Halloween feel due to the use of orange and black colorways. These colors are popular in jack o lanterns. On the Crocs is a print of a spooky forest. The forest contains branches that run horizontally, giving these Crocs a camo appearance. Does the camo design with trees ring any bells? Mossy Oak actually did the design for Pleasures and Crocs. According to Mossy Oak, he company has been creating designs depicting the natural environment since 1986. So, if you see a camo design with a forest, the chances are high that Mossy Oak designed it. Lastly, the crocs feature Pleasures' logo on them. To match the theme of the spooky forest, the logo has a black outline. Also, the logo is designed in a swoosh form, perhaps to mimic a tree's branch.

3. Pleasures X Crocs All-Terrain Clog

If you are a science fiction enthusiast, you might like these Crocs. The Crocs utilize grey and black colorways to give them a futuristic and sci-fi feel. Black could symbolize the sky while grey the stars. These Crocs are unique due to the reflective material used on the grey colorway. As a result, the material makes the Crocs glitter. The beauty of its glittery look is that you will be able to spot it in the dark. That means you wouldn't have to switch on the lights to look for these Crocs. Also, their reflectiveness makes them easy to spot in water. So, if you accidentally dropped them in a pool, you do not need to worry about guessing where they are. Compared to other Crocs versions, these Crocs are one of the most comfortable ones. Their comfort is due to the use of super comfy foam. When you walk, you will not feel the force's impact on your soles. Without the foam, you would not only feel the impact but also develop some blisters on your soles. Besides protecting your feet from injury, they also keep your feet warm. Remember, some Crocs do not contain the foam. As a result, they end up becoming cold. There is a concern about your feet becoming too warm because they could sweat and lead to foot odor. Since Crocs contain holes, sweat evaporates due to the movement of air into your feet through the holes. So, your feet will therefore be kept warm without worrying about sweating.

2. Pleasures X Crocs Utopia Dystopia

These Crocs pay homage to the Emo subculture. It is evident from the predominant black color and the Jibbitz charms using Emo lingo like "Empty." Jibbitz charms are like emoticons, and they are exclusive to Crocs. According to Crocs, Jibbitz charms are symbols for representing your unique self to the world. Since people in the subculture tend to dress in black from head to toe, these black Crocs help complete their look. If you glance at the Crocs, you may think the Jibbitz charms are there for decoration. However, there is a message they are passing across. For instance, in one Crocs slipper, you will see the charm depicting the word "Empty." On the other slipper, you will notice a message written, "Negativity is corny." So, the latter slipper is reminding people to keep their chin up. Throughout the midsole, you will see these words, "Somewhere between utopia and dystopia." Basically, the words remind us that life has its ups and downs. As a result, you will display varied emotions depending on your current situation, hence another reason for the messages by the Jibbitz charms.

1. Pleasures X Crocs Classic Clog

The first thing you will notice with these Crocs is the skeletal design. Skeletal designs are popularly used in punk or metal outfits. So, if you want to bring out the metal in you, these Crocs will do just that. Someone else could also wear these Crocs for Halloween. A skeleton also represents death or the "Grim Reaper." Death is considered scary, and that makes these Crocs ideal for Halloween. To match the theme of the skeletal design, Pleasures' logo is below the femur. Due to its placement, it appears to be part of the femur. From the Crocs discussed so far, these were the first to introduce foam clogs. So, besides being visually unique, they are also comfortable. Like the all-terrain clog Crocs, they protect the soles of your feet from any impact as you move and also from sweating. So, if you are self-conscious about your feet's hygiene, it would be best to wear these Crocs or the all-terrain clog Crocs.


You no longer have to listen to the naysayers who claim that all Crocs slippers are ugly. Also, if it is a mindset you have, you only need to keep an open mind. Crocs has launched several slippers, so it is unlikely that they will all be ugly. Also, there are Crocs slippers you can use for every event. So, if you are attending a rock concert or celebrating Halloween, you do not need to rely on closed shoes only. Besides being attractive, Crocs slippers can be just as comfortable as regular shoes. We have already identified two Crocs slippers that contain foam for your soles. They are different from regular slippers since they lessen the impact on your soles when you walk. So, if you like any of these Crocs slippers, you can order them from popular online shops.

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