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Five Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Luggage Items


Handbags, purses, whatever name you prefer to call them, are fashion items every modern woman needs. They come in different styles, shapes, brands and colors. Although there are certain bags created to complement the average modern woman, most are specifically designed for high-end fashion, case in point: the Louis Vuitton items. Not only are these bags expensive, but they are also quite exquisite. Louis Vuitton is one of the best fashion houses in the world, and was founded by Louis Vuitton in 1894.

They have a label monogram LV that appears in most of their products. Their items are sold exclusively through the e-commerce section of their website, standalone boutiques and high-end department stores. From 2006 to 2012, Louis Vuitton was named the most valuable luxury brand in the world. The company currently operates in 50 countries and has about 460 stores worldwide.

So what makes Louis Vuitton bags so expensive?

Luis Vuitton has been there for a very long time and the brand has been able to withstand the test of time. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons these bags are so expensive and they stands out: Their bags are handmade. Ordinarily, it takes about one week to make one handbag. A genuine handbag lasts a lifetime and is created using the most durable and quality supplies available. The stitching on all genuine handbags is very vital and that’s why they pay close attention to the details on every stitch.

The handbags are fireproof and waterproof. PVC is accustomed for fireproofing while canvas is used to waterproof the bags. It’s impossible to find this unique quality in other bags in the market today. This alone is a reason enough for everyone to realize why these Vuitton bags are so expensive.

The bags are timeless. In case you buy one Louis Vuitton bag today, you will still be able to wear the same bag several decades down the line and still look fashionable. Their items remain stylish. Again this is as a result of the items they use while creating the bags.

The higher the price the greater the demand. Quality luxurious items come at a high price. This is the language the rich understand. Lowering the price will only mean that the quality isn’t the best and those who like buying items from expensive brands will stay away.

The high costs incurred when acquiring Louis Vuitton bags has made it possible for people to go for cheaper replicas. However, this isn’t a smart thing to do since the replica bags are not as durable as the genuine ones. They are made using inexpensive supplies and will fall apart sooner than expected. Also, it is illegal to buy fake Vuitton handbags. So if you are looking for luxury, it is advisable to go for the real thing. Just save up some money and it will be worth the effort. Some people opt to buy second hand Vuitton bags at a fraction of the initial buying price. The only challenge is to ensure that you don’t buy a replica in the process. Here are our five most expensive Louis Vuitton bags:

Kusama Pumpkin Minaudiere Jewel Bag - $133,430


This Pumpkin Minaudiere is a special edition designed by Yayoi Kusama. It is one of the most expensive handbags ever be sold in Vuitton outlets. Its unique style was born from a partnership between Louis Vuitton and a famous Japanese designer named Yayoi Kusama. The pumpkin shaped clutch bag is covered in polka dots, one of Kusama’s trademark, and looks refreshingly gorgeous. It retains the elements of style and class. One can choose to wear an evening gown with this bag for a fabulous look. However, it comes with a staggering price tag of $ 133,430.

Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag - $150,000


This is another brazen design created by Vuitton. The handbag was literally made out of trash. It is made of derelict items such as cigarette packs, bottles and chewing gum wrapper. Looking at the bag, you may be forgiven to assume that it belongs to dump. Unfortunately, you’ll have to part with $150,000 to get a piece.

Louis Vuitton Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudiere - $101,000


Although this bag is small in size, it comes at a hefty price. It’s another expensive clutch made by Louis Vuitton. It’s not very unique on the outside, but it looks very nice with a subtle LV monogramming and cream colored exterior. The bag goes for about $ 101,000. One of the things that make the piece expensive is its exclusivity - it hasn’t been mass produced. In fact, it’s very hard to find it in a regular Louis Vuitton boutique. Regardless of its plain appearance, a lot of work has been put into it. Its cream color comes from approximately 12,500 eggshell pieces that were crushed and assembled together.

Crocodile Skin City Steamer - $55,500


Louis Vuitton had been losing some of its exclusivity over the past several decades, primarily because people were rarely wearing their purses, whether the real thing or a knock off. To recapture some of its original glory, Louis Vuitton has started releasing some super pricey models. The crocodile skin city steamer handbag is one of those items. You have to part with approximately $55,500 for this bag. It comes with an engraved padlock and was reserved for fashion influencers and profile celebs. Its style is elegant and sophisticated, albeit with a typical design.

Crocodile Lady Bag PM - $54,500


This bag’s design is great although there are no LV logos on its exterior. The bag is an iteration of Lady Bag PM, but its exotic crocodile exterior makes it that costly. It goes for $ 54,500. After dropping this bag, Louis Vuitton emphasized that they had never used it before. Very few people could afford it, but, of course, the brand’s enthusiasts couldn’t wait to get their hands on one. Considering that the Crocodile Lady Bag PM wasn’t mass produced and came with a relatively high price, it remains one of the most exclusive items to ever be released by Louis Vuitton.

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