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10 Different Types of Leather Jackets to Choose From

Leather Jacket

Leather is a natural material that offers features and benefits not found in other materials. It's trendy, and hip, and available in various styles and types of leather. Leather jackets are one of the top fashion go-to accessories. They also have a unique smell and come in choices to suit all lifestyles and wardrobe types. If you're considering an investment in a quality leather jacket, here are ten different types to choose from, for your consideration.

10. Leather Bomber Jacket

Threadcurve explains that the Leather Bomber Jacket is a classic style that was used by aviators. The jacket is valued for its durability and warmth. It's a practical jacket with the simple styling, made of durable and strong leather. Bomber jackets are made for men and women. There are some wonderful styles with a choice of zippers, buttons, or a combination. Some leather jackets come with a choice of sherpa or leather collars. They're a fashion trend that can be worn by people of all ages. The jacket features a full-body that tapers at the waist. You can fold the material back from the collar bone for greater comfort during activities. The style originated in the 1800s and has remained a staple. You can purchase them in various types of leather like goat leather, lamb leather, or Nappa leather. Some leathers offer color choices for bomber jackets in brown, tan, white, black, navy, and red.

9. Leather Biker Jacket

The Leather Biker Jacket is also known as a moto jacket. You might remember this style from the popular sitcom "Happy Days" as Fonz's standard mode of dress. The Biker Jacket is among the most iconic leather jacket styles, and they come in various types of leather with an assortment of colors and styles. Most biker jackets are thick leather for resisting wind and rain while riding a motorcycle on the open road. The biker jacket protects from the elements while keeping motorcycles warm and comfortable. The thick leather holds up under abrasion to protect riders from road rash during crashes or falls on asphalt. Biker jackets are available in various colors and styles. The most popular color is black.

8. Leather Flight Jacket

Leather Flight Jackets are also known as aviator jackets. They're a type of Bomber jacket, but there are differences. Flight Jackets come with features that are useful for aviators. The jacket became a popular style in the United States as standard issue clothing for Army pilots in 1917. The Army distributed the jackets to pilots on active duty. After more than a century, the flight jacket is a popular choice for men and women as a fashion essential. Most flight jackets are straight with no tapering at the wrists or waist. They close with a single zipper down the front and often have large collars and lapels. Most leather flight jackets are made of sheepskin with the warm part of the material on the side that faces the body with a soft and thick cushiony insulation.

7. Distressed Leather Jacket

Angel Jackets points out that Distressed Leather Jacket styles are popular with current streetwear fashions. They come in quilted varieties or smooth leather in various styles. The leather for distressed leather jackets is dyed to give it the appearance of aged and worn leather. It's a type of texture that is usually brown leather. Distressed leather jackets have a vintage aesthetic.

6. Leather Field Jacket

The Leather Field Jacket is a military-style jacket made of lightweight leather with four pockets in the front for carrying various survival items and tools. It's a utility coat that is ideal for camping or hiking. Most leather field jackets are made of thin leather and large enough to go over multiple layers of clothing for outdoor activities. They're warm and flexible. The most popular color is brown, but they also come in different colors.

5. Leather Racer Jacket

The leather Racer jacket is a style that is popular among sports bike racers. It's ideal for motorcycle racers because of the thin leather that allows freedom of movement. It also protects from road abrasion and cuts from crashes and spills. Leather racer jackets are zippered with stab-buttoned collars. They're also called Cafe racer jackets because of the high number of cafe racer riders who wear them. The leather is dyed in various colors to complement the colors of the racing teams or their sponsors.

4. Leather Trench Coat

The Leather Trench Coat is an iconic style that offers protection from the elements with its long styling. The bottom often extends down to the knees. It's a popular style for women who wear skirts and dresses because it provides cover for the legs. Trench coats are fashionable. Most have belted closures on the waist and a front-button style closure. They're available in different styles. You may choose from single-breasted, double-breasted, tailored, and flare styles. The trench coat also has a collar-style lapel with two to three pockets on the inside and exterior pockets on the sides.

3. Leather Shearling Jacket

E Fashion ramp explains that the Leather Shearling Jacket is named for its inner lining of shearling fur. It's a comfortable style of leather jacket that is made for cold weather wear. Most leather shearling jackets are made of lambskin with the wool still attached. They're soft and cozy and among the most expensive. They come in various styles and colors.

2. Leather Blazer

The Leather Blazer is a classic dressy type of leather jacket that comes in business casual and sporty styles. They're warm jackets made in your choice of single or double button closures. Some leather blazers are long and others are medium or long lengths. They feature large traditional lapels like the classic blazers made of wool and other materials. They're suitable for casual and formal wear and come in a variety of colors.

1. Leather Trucker Jacket

Leather Trucker jackets are usually made for menswear collections. They're made of strong and durable leather with front button closures and shirt-style collars. They also have two pockets on the inside of the jacket and two on the outside. They're casual jackets that go well with jeans and sports attire. They're available in various types of leather and colors.

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