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The Five Most Expensive Nail Polishes in The World

Nail Polish

Nail polish has been in existence since 3000 BC when in ancient China, it marked rank and dynasty. The colors chosen were important; anyone who wore colors reserved for royalty was put to death in certain regimes. Luckily, wearing nail polish is no longer a mark of class nor are specific colors meant for dynasties. Now, all you have to worry about is whether you can afford one, as the cost of getting a manicure depends on many factors, one of them being the cost of the nail polish. So, let’s take a look at the five most expensive nail polishes in the world.

5. Iced Manicure by Cherish Angula - $51,000 Per Manicure

Sometimes customers want to look good but cannot afford to take the entire bottle home. So, manicurists came up with a better option, price per manicure. On her LinkedIn Profile, Cherish Angula discloses that she began her business at 22, and specialized in selling virgin hair extensions and lace wigs. She then opened an art studio and came up with Iced Manicure to epitomize opulence. There was no better way other than to incorporate diamonds in the manicure. Iced Manicure entails embellishing your nails with 10 carats of diamonds, and Angula offers an after-care service if you want the diamonds removed.

4. I Do by Ellie Cosmetics - $55,000 Per Bottle

In 2005, Ellie Cosmetics, Platinum Guild International, Johnson Matthey, and Essie Cosmetics came together to launch “I Do,” the most expensive nail polish Ellie Cosmetics had ever sold. The nail lacquer is comprised of platinum powder hence the involvement of giant platinum companies. Johnson Matthey has been in business since 1817 and is a reputable firm known for refining expensive metals, such as platinum, gold, and silver. Platinum Guild International also prides itself as the resource for anything platinum you need for jewelry. Essie Cosmetics brought on board its experience and combined it with that of Ellie Cosmetics to make the nail polish. While the platinum powder makes the nail lacquer expensive, “ I Do” also has an exorbitant price tag due to the platinum bottle it comes in, plus it was a limited edition.

3. Gold Rush by Model’s Own - $130,000 Per Bottle

For $130,000, Gold Rush entered the market and took it by storm when it was hailed as the most expensive nail polish in the world. When it was launched, Gold Rush made it strictly to order. The nail polish features 1,118 diamonds on the yellow gold bottle cap, and it appears like a gold leaf when applied to nails. It sparkles and glimmers, although the nail polish does not contain diamonds. It was flaunted as long-lasting and easy to apply, but unlike Azature Black Diamond where the value of the nail polish is in the polish, Gold Rush costs an arm and a leg only because of the bottle. Still, as one beauty salon manager explained to Pursuitist, the richness of the color and its dimension on the nails makes Gold Rush unique.

4. Azature Black Diamond - $250,000 Per Bottle

When Azature Pogosian debuted the Black Diamond Nail Polish, it became the world’s most expensive nail polish. According to Fashion Lady, the owner of the nail polish wanted to showcase the finest jewel in the nail polish. As a result, the innovator came up with a nail polish that would exude the same elegance and quality as other jewelry. The cost of this nail polish went up due to the inclusion of 267 carats of black diamonds, and the handmade cap also contains 60 more black diamonds. It made its debut in 2012, and only one bottle was made, which could also explain the eye-popping price tag. The brand was considerate enough for customers who still wanted to have a black diamond in their nail polish. Therefore, instead of forking out $250,000 for the 267 carats, Azature also launched a budget 0.5ml version containing only a single black diamond, and it cost $25. Azature Pogosian prides himself as the Black Diamond King due to using black diamonds in his jewelry. Pogosian never planned on being a jeweler, although he comes from a family that has been in the industry for over 80 years. Still, he had an eye for fashion and upon joining UCLA, founded a student group to promote all fashion aspects. After graduating from UCLA with a double major in sociology and business economics, Pogosian attended Parsons School of Design. He discovered the black diamond during research, leading him to launch his collection, Azature.

1. Azature White Diamond Nail Polish -$1,000,000 Per Bottle

Azature always knows how to keep his clients happy. Even Kelly Osbourne could not wait to show off her $250,000 Black Diamond nail polish manicure at the Emmys in 2012. She apologized for the tweet when the public did not take the pricey manicure kindly. In 2013, Osbourne was at it again, with a more costly manicure. According to Daily Edge, Osbourne got a white diamond manicure for the Azature Black Diamond Affair in Los Angeles. She said she was excited to have been the only girl in the world to test the million-dollar white diamond nail polish. The flaunting was for a good cause because Osbourne hoped to have the nail polish sold and the money donated to Race to Erase MS and the Sharon Osbourne colon cancer foundation. Other sources cited that Toni Braxton wore the nail polish in a Leno performance. Allegedly, the bottle also was for a charitable cause and had been made to raise funds for Lupus LA, honoring Braxton’s battle with the disease. The nail polish contains 98 carats of white diamonds and 1,400 individually-selected diamonds encrusted in a platinum cap.

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