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What Is An Infinity Dress?

Infinity Dress

An infinity dress or convertible dress is an outfit that can be styled in infinite ways without adding accessories or a belt, making it a perfect outfit for bridesmaids. You can wear it as a dress or skirt, depending on the style you prefer. Most women prefer it because it suits all body types and the durable materials used to make the dress. Below is an overview of this outfit and how to style it.

What is an infinity dress?

According to Pink book, an infinity dress comes from the term "infinite," meaning there are countless ways to style it and suit all body types. Women can wear this outfit to informal occasions for the same reasons. You can style it in different ways like forming a rope, cross, sliding it over, or pulling it through. Another thing differentiating the dress from other outfits is the material. Its fabric is lightweight, elastic, and smooth, with a floating skirt and two long straps that you can tie or wrap around your upper half body. It also comes in different colors. Though it is designed as a bridesmaid outfit, you can wear it to a party, prom, or cocktail event, provided you know how to style it. So, whether you're plus-size, medium-size, pregnant, or petite, this dress will flatter your body.

Why is an infinity dress perfect for bridesmaids?

The essence of bridesmaids wearing the same dress is for uniformity. An infinity dress can easily slip in any body type, encouraging versatility in styles. Unlike a wedding gown which can only be worn in one day, an infinity dress is perfect for informal events. That means your bridesmaids don't have to throw it away after your big day.

Infinity dress styles

Again, there's no such thing as a specific style for infinity dresses. Here are ways you can wear this beautiful dress:

1. One shoulder (for pear shapes)

The one-shoulder infinity dress has a single and wide strap that you can slip on your chest. The strap lies on one shoulder so you can tie it up on your waist. Wrap the strap in a ribbon, and voila! Make sure the strap isn't too tight to put too much pressure on your shoulder. Wear an invisible or strapless brazier because the other shoulder will be left out in the open. The one-shoulder design is perfect for bridesmaids with pear shapes because their upper half is smaller than the bottom. It's an elegant design for bridesmaids who want to accentuate their shoulders and remove attention from the waist downwards.

2. Strapless (lean body shapes)

A strapless infinity dress doesn't have to slip on your shoulders, so you don't need a bra with straps because it'll look ridiculous. You can pass one strap on top of your breast and do the same for the other strap to create a sweetheart neckline. This convertible dress suits leaner body shapes.

3. Wrap up (medium to plus-size)

A wrap-up infinity dress is one of the most versatile designs. It would be best to pull the straps up to your chest to achieve the wrap design. It's also possible to create sleeves for a modest look. Alternatively, bring the straps around your neck to get the halter-style design. You can play around with the designs you like. This design suits informal occasions when the style suits your body type.

4. Open back (petite to medium-sized shapes)

The open-back infinity dress will do the trick if you want to show more skin. It's in your best interest to learn that your back will be in the open, so ensure you wear an open-back bra as well. Before wearing this dress, ensure you understand your body type. People with slimmer upper bodies might find this design appropriate. You can also check the internet to draw inspiration from the various images.

5. Plunging neckline (apple shapes)

Like other infinity dress styles, the plunging neckline is also versatile. You can bring the straps over your shoulders and create an x-design on your back. Alternatively, twist a rope to leave your back open. If you want it to create sleeves, bring the strap on the right over your left shoulder while slightly extending it to your upper arm. The strap on the left should also follow the same formula on your right shoulder. This style accentuates your top half and cleavage.

Why you should include an infinity dress in your wardrobe collection

An infinity dress never runs short of versatile styles, so it's a must-have wardrobe item for every woman. Here are other advantages of having it in your wardrobe:

1. Versatile versions and colors

According to Dream It Yourself, infinity dresses come in many materials and colors. The most popular ones for bridesmaids are tulle and velvet, but you can also find some in satin. Velvet infinity dresses are the most expensive than simple and tulle. You can choose different options while maintaining the same theme for an excellent mix. Also, you will feel comfortable in this dress regardless of the style you prefer.

2. Flexibility for all body types

Whether you're pregnant or suddenly gained or lost weight, an infinity dress doesn't limit your chances. You won't need to ditch or readjust it because its flexible material can be designed differently. It goes well with all morphologies regardless of whether you're round, thin, or large.

3. Different styles of wearing it

Did you know that you could be rocking the same dress but in different styles? There's no specific style restricting how to wear it with an infinity dress. Whether you prefer the open back, wrap up, one shoulder, or plunging neckline, an infinity dress offers infinite possibilities. So, have fun with the knots.

4. The comfort and solid support

The last thing you need at an event is worrying about how your dress looks. It worsens when you have to keep running to the bathroom to adjust knots. You don't have to worry about all that with an infinity dress. The fabric is comfortable and offers good support. Also, it's suitable for women of all ages thanks to the comfort it brings.

5. It is a timeless wardrobe must-have

Have you ever fancied looking like royalty while keeping it subtle? An infinity dress is the best thing you will ever own. It's the reason most wedding planners select it for bridesmaids. The idea is to make the wearer feel powerful and more feminine. You can wear it to fancy occasions where no one will judge you.


An infinity or convertible dress is an excellent bridesmaid dress that encourages uniformity and doesn't run short of styles. You will look dazzling once you've found one flattering your body type and know how to wrap it.

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