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The Most Expensive Harley Davidson Clothing You Can Buy


Harley Davidson is an iconic American brand that is now synonymous with the biker lifestyle. Since its founding over 100 years ago, the company has worked to build its reputation for producing high quality, well designed and engineered motorcycles. Today, not only can you ride a Harley Davidson bike, you can get clothing that sports the brand's famous logo as well. Riding gear, shoes, helmets, vests, and jackets are just a few of the items Harley Davidson sells for motorcycle enthusiasts, and some of those items are quite pricey.

Here are five of the most expensive pieces of Harley Davidson clothing that you can buy.

1. FXRG Switchback Riding Jacket - $595


The FXRG Switchback Riding Jacket is a classic piece of Harley Davidson clothing that's meant for the serious rider. It has four-season features, making it ideal to wear year round and in just about any climate. In addition to its waterproof material, the FXRG jacket has switchback panels and a liner that reflects heat to ensure comfort. The jacket's comfort is also enhanced by its lightweight body armor.

This is a highly versatile jacket, and it features a removable waterproof liner, interior storm flap with a two-way zipper, extended cuffs with thumb holes, and under sleeve panels. On the side and back are two vents, plus the jacket's design incorporates a snap out, removable belt and tabs to prevent it from riding up.

Stylish touches include a rubber badge on the left chest area, leather patch attached to the back waist, and embossed graphics on the back waist and right sleeve. The jacket is available in a wide range of women's regular and plus sizes, from extra-small to 3x.

2. Erving Pocket System Leather Jacket - $495


The most expensive piece of Harley Davidson clothing for men is a riding jacket with a ton of style and practical details. The Erving Pocket System Leather Jacket is an all-black masterpiece that has the brand's logo right across the front of the chest. Its assortment of hidden pockets and smart design are meant to help motorcyclists stay organized on the road. It has two waterproof pockets perfect for holding a phone, tech, or keys along with four other pockets. All are hidden under two large exterior pockets for even more protection. Inside the jacket are interior zippered pockets and segments that can hold everything from a rider's wallet to his gloves.

The Erving Pocket System Leather Jacket is made of mid-weight leather with an attractive matte finish. The lining is comprised of mesh polyester, and the design incorporates two back exit vents and two vertical vents on the front. Body armor is included at the back, shoulders, and elbows, while several sections of the jacket have power stretch materials. The sleeves are slightly curved and have snap tabs and inner sleeve darts, which makes them less bulky.

Two pockets are on the inside that zip open to reveal hand warmers, and the exterior of the jacket has reflective material integrated into the graphics and piping. To top off the design, the jacket has raw edge leather appliques on the front and back. The Erving Pocket System Leather Jacket is available in both regular and tall sizes ranging from small to 5XL.

3. Rallyrunner 3-in-1 Leather Jacket - $475


The Rallyrunner 3-in-1 Leather Jacket is a popular item of Harley Davidson clothing because of its unique look. This is the riding jacket of choice for many ladies who want gear that's practical, but still packs a huge punch of style. The aesthetic has an old-school, vintage flair and the color is two-toned with cream colored sleeves and a matte black body. A matching black hoodie is incorporated into the design for an extra touch of cool.

This jacket could easily be worn off the road and just for its looks alone, but its features are geared towards motorcyclists. The thumb hole cuffs, light padding at the shoulder, and armor pockets are just the start of what makes this jacket such a top pick. A mix of distressed and embroidered leather look great together, and the drawstring hoodie is removable. It features an enzyme wash that adds to the vintage aesthetic of the jacket. Like most of the brand's riding jackets for women, the Rallyrunner 3-in-1 is available in regular and plus sizes up to 3W.

4. Distressed Leather Biker Jacket - $450


This awesome looking jacket is a highly sought after Harley Davidson clothing item. It has a trendy, distressed look and truly does epitomize the classic biker aesthetic. It's rugged, has vintage appeal, and is a high quality piece that can be worn for years. While it would be perfect for any rider, this jacket is a versatile wardrobe addition that can be worn just for its looks alone.

Details include metal zippers, which are off-center to give the jacket a distinctive look, and quilted stitching on the sleeves, back waist, and shoulders. Inside the jacket are two hand warmer pockets, and a snap flap is on the front for extra storage. The mid-weight leather jacket has a cotton body lining and polyester lining for the sleeves. A leather patch on the jacket's left chest area and classic badge on the back of the neck add even more handsome style to the design. The Harley Davidson Distressed Leather Biker Jacket is available in sizes up to 3XL.

5. FXRG-3 Performance Boots - $258


The most expensive Harley Davidson boots that you can buy are the FXRG-3 Performance Boots for men. These rugged shoes are designed by Wolverine and are ideal for motorcyclists. They have a waterproof, breathable lining for comfort and staying dry, plus the boots have breathable underlays and a full grained, waterproof leather upper. Shock absorbers are included for added comfort, and the footbed of the shoes are removable. To ensure that these boots are durable and capable of lasting for many years, they're welt constructed to achieve a strong bond between the sole and boot. Inside are locking zippers for a great fit.

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