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The Five Most Expensive Michael Kors Designer Handbags

Michael Kors has dethroned Coach to become the new face of luxury designer handbags. Describe as the quintessence of perfection, these designer bags do not compromise on anything from material to style and convenience. As you may imagine, they are also very expensive, which makes them even more desirable not only for quality and convenience but also for show. Currently, Michael Kors has elegant designer handbags starting from $3000.

Here is a review of the five most expensive Michael Kors designer handbags.

5. Julie Crocodile Mini Crossbody Michael Kors Handbag


Do not let the size of this mini designer handbag fool you, as it packs a lot of style, convenience, and quality. Made out of 100% Nile crocodile hide, this bag is durable and worth every penny. The material is also a unique complement to its feminine and sexy style and is a good symbol of independence and authority for the modern woman. In spite of its seemingly small size, the Julie Crocodile Mini Crossbody designer handbag provides a lot of space.

There are small pockets designed for holding everyday accessories such as phones and make-up, and its design makes the spaces easy and quick to access. Shinny and luxurious, this bag is suitable for both daytime and evening outfits. It is currently selling for about $3000.

4. Joni Python Fringe Large Tote Michael Kors Handbag


More than its sheer beauty, this contemporary handbag’s body is 100% python, crafted by some of the best designers in the industry. The Joni Python Fringe Large Tote is designed to be a more casual version of its predecessor, the Joni Python Fringe Clutch. It not only has a striking appeal from its unique style and design, but it also has an air of confidence and luxury, which is exactly what Michael Kors designer handbags are meant for.

There is something about this designer handbag that gives it that boho-chic look that is most women’s desire. It is also very spacious and comes with assorted pockets to cater for all your needs. What’s more, it blends in well with both official and casual wear, and would be ideal for use both during the day and night. For it to truly stand out, the Joni Python Fringe Large Tote handbag has a big price tag ideal for designer bags in its class - $3,500.

3. Miranda Crocodile Medium Tote


For those who are looking to make a statement with style, then this is the go-to handbag. The Miranda Crocodile Medium Tote Michael Kors designer handbag exhibits class, luxury, style, and exotic living. Made out of 100% Nile crocodile hide, this bag is adorned with a variety of sleek and stylish hardware that complements the exotic material. Quality is guaranteed in both the material and hardware as they are durable and resistant to scratch - leaving your handbag looking new and shiny all the time.

But there is more to this bag than meets the eye. It features a range of pockets designed to not only house all your accessories, but also keep the bag organized. Pockets, where everyday accessories such as phones and make-up are kept, are easy and quick to access for convenience. This bag’s price tag is the ideal definition of luxurious designer handbags. It goes for an incredible $7,000, which is compensated in its quality, prestige, and extensive features.

2. Miranda Crocodile Large Tote


This is the larger, better, and more expensive version of the Miranda Crocodile Tote designer handbags. Like the Mini Tote, it features everything you may need in a handbag and more. It is larger and more spacious, making it suitable for all your light traveling needs. The material is 100% Nile crocodile hide, and the hardware is shiny, scratch-resistant, and stylish. In spite of its large size, the Miranda Crocodile Large Tote Michael Kors handbag is easy to carry around and can come in handy during any event.

Its elegant look allows it to blend in well with both professional and casual wear, but its size limits its use to the daytime. Durability is guaranteed with this crocodile hide material, and the bag’s unique style will be just as appealing years to come. This is a classic case of ‘a bigger package for a higher price.’ The extra space on this model raises its price to $8,000, $1,000 more than the Miranda Crocodile Medium Tote.

1. Julie Nile Crocodile Large Bag


The epitome of style, quality, and luxury, the Julie Nile Crocodile large bag is made of exotic Nile crocodile hide. This designer handbag features a unique style that sets it apart from the rest. It combines modern features with tradition, with the exotic crocodile material complementing the bag’s hardware to produce a vintage appearance. The interior is very spacious, and the pockets are reinforced with a lining of silk.

The pockets are positioned to make them easy to reach, with each pocket serving its own purpose. This in turn helps to keep the Julie Nile Crocodile Large Bag neat and organized. The double-ring hardware complementing the crocodile skin gives the designer handbag a touch of opulence and luxury, and its unique style makes it ideal for all occasions. Whether worn with professional or casual wear, this handbag will fit perfectly in any event both during the daytime and at night.

This handbag’s price tag inspires just as much owe as the bag itself. The Julie Nile Crocodile Large Michael Kors designer handbag goes for $13,000, which is attributed to the style, design, and material that goes into it.

Final Thoughts

Michael Kors is quickly becoming the luxurious designer handbag of choice for many. Besides its quality materials and stylish designs, this brand will continue to lead thanks to the incredible price tags on its high-end models. If you are looking to make a fashion and financial statement with your handbag, then these five Michael Kors designer handbags are your best bet.

It is not a luxurious designer handbag if it is not expensive, as illustrated by these five models’ quality and styles. Besides, these bags are made using genuine crocodile and python leather, so you are guaranteed durability.

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