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Are Doc Martens Even Comfortable?

Doc Martens

When shopping for footwear that screams braveness, comfort, and originality, Doc Martens is one of the boots you should consider adding to your shoe collection. You want shoes that you can wear for long hours without worrying about foot blisters or pinching sensations afterward. Because you don't want to buy shoes that will gather dust in your closet due to the uncomfortable experience, it's best to do your due diligence on your future collections. Which gets you wondering; is Doc Martens even comfortable? Read on to discover how to break it to make it comfortable.

An overview of Doc Martens

According to Thread Curve, Doc Martens are combat-design boots made from leather and have become popular since 1945. Dr. Klaus Martens designed this sturdy footwear for wearers who feel uncomfortable with raised arches. Their soles are fitted with spring, balancing all arches. Doc Martens is one of the most durable footwear, making it an excellent choice for hikers and outdoor adventurers. The lace-up boots are highly versatile in styles, complementing almost all casual outfits like dresses, denim pants, and costumes. They also boast cushion soles that are so rigid that they can withstand uneven terrains. Doc's fans can attest that new leather boots can be comfortable or uncomfortable to wear, depending on the size. When shopping for these shoes, don't rely on your foot's actual size. Go for a size bigger, instead.

How comfortable are Doc Martens?

A first-time Doc Martens wearer might need to endure a few blisters or pain afterward. It starts with finding a size bigger to avoid friction. Another hack to ensure you remain comfortable is breaking them in, even if it means walking around the house for a couple of hours for the first three days. How long before you get comfortable in these boots depends on your foot structure and the shoes. Some wearers have never complained of pain, while others say it took more than two weeks to get comfortable. The material also determines how long you need to break them. For example, the ones with fabric or suede take a few days to break in than leather.

How to break in Doc Martens

According to Bellatory, first-time Doc wearers might feel uncomfortable because they take time to be broken in. After getting a new pair of Doc Martens, the first thing to do is break them in.

Step 1: Get Doc Martens in the correct size

While Doc boots have true sizes, you're better off getting one that is one size bigger. Make sure it isn't too loose or too tight. If you're buying from a physical store, try it on. If the width feels tight, it's not your size.

Step 2: Wear thick socks

The best way to hasten the breaking in process is to wear a thick pair of socks. It's also an excellent remedy for preventing your feet from blisters due to friction. Put the shoes on and lace them up tightly.

Step 3: Walk in the shoes for 10 minutes

Due to the sturdiness of Doc's material, breaking it in might take a bit of walking around the house. Expect the soles and leather to feel tight after ten minutes. Don't walk in it for more than 10 minutes, as the pain can worsen.

Step 4: Note the areas in pain and cover them

Some people might feel pain in their heels or toe knuckles. Use your fingers to note areas in pain and cover them with moleskin. A bandage can also work, but it's a bit thicker.

Step 5: Alternate intervals for wearing your boots

After covering the foot areas in pain, wear the shoes the second time. Keep them on for one hour before removing them. If the pain becomes excruciating, you can remove them even if the one hour hasn't lapsed. But if you feel comfortable after one hour, keep them on for an extra hour.

Step 6: Repeat the steps for many weeks

The more you keep wearing your Doc Martens, the more it expands. The soles will also adjust to your arches, making you comfortable. If you don't feel any pain when wearing them, extend the time to at least three hours. You can do short walks outside your house.

Is Doc Martens even comfortable?

The boots have air cushioning in their soles to increase the wearer's comfort. However, the comfort depends on how fast your feet adjust to the shoes and feet structure. People with flat feet might need to wait a bit longer before they can feel comfortable in Doc. Another way to make the shoes adjust to your toes, heels, and toes is by breaking them in.

Now that I have wider feet, can I still wear Doc Martens?

Yes. According to Wearablyweird, Martens might look narrow, but they can still accommodate wide feet. Inside the shoes is enough room, allowing you to add a pair of thick socks regardless of the shape of your foot. All you need is to break them in, and they will adjust to the shape of your foot.

Can I wear Doc Martens over long distances?

Yes. Dr. Martens created Doc boots with an "AirWair" patented design, perfect for long distances. He designed these shoes as therapeutic wear even if you work long hours while standing. The breaking-in period might last four to six weeks when the leather molds to your feet's shape. The shoes also have sturdy soles fitted with springs for maximum comfort. The sole also offers you great support over long distances, as long the leather is broken in.


Whether you're planning to buy Martens or already have a pair and had a painful experience, knowing how to break it in is a good idea. These boots pair well with most outfits, making them perfect for all genders. Whether you need to hike long trails or bicycle around the neighborhood, you can rest assured that your money didn't go to waste. The trick is to find your size and allow the leather to mold to your feet.

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