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The 10 Most Expensive Cowboy Hats in the World

Cowboy Hat

Currently, there are a number of different cowboy hat brands on the market. In fact, the cowboy hat was initially designed to protect ranch laborers from the hot sun and provide the needed shade as they rode on their horses. In addition to its functional purpose, having a good cowboy hat makes an iconic statement to your western attire. Various famous artists such as Lil Nas X and Solange are known to express their personal dress style using cowboy hats. According to Stylecheer, there are different types of cowboy hat brands: American Hat Company, Stetson, Queue Essentials, Ariat, Resistol, JW Brooks, and Justin. Here, we will take a closer look at the 10 most expensive Cowboy Hats in the world.

10. Ariat (Price: $45.99)

Since its establishment in 1993, Ariat has been the leading brand in producing high-quality equestrian footwear and a line of clothing and cowboy hats. Due to their world-class craftsmanship, Ariat products boast of superior functionality and appealing styles. Ariat cowboy hats are made from felt and Straw, making them ideal for the everyday working Cowboy.

9. Queue Essentials (Price: $50.00)

Queue Essentials are well-known for their cowboy hats that are both functional and blend perfectly with the Western lifestyle. Most of their hats are made from high-quality felt and straws, which are durable, well-circulated, and make a fashion statement. Moreover, Queue Essentials provide stylish cowboy hats at very affordable prices. Whether you plan to go out for a night of dancing or at a rodeo, the Queue Essential cowboy hats got you covered.

8. Justin (Price: $69.99)

Justin is well known for producing high-quality cowboy hats and western footwear. Since its establishment in 1879, the brand has created some of the finest modern hats to meet the needs of cowboys on duty. Justin cowboy hats come in Straw and felt options featuring the classic Western lifestyle. Moreover, professionals in the rodeo and cowboy industry, Justin hats are trusted by professionals.

7. Resistol (Price: $135.00)

First one on our top ten list is the Resistol cowboy hat brand, which has been producing cowboy hats since 1927. The brand consists of a passionate and hardworking team of hatters who only focus on creating the best cowboy hats. Resistol cowboy hats are specifically designed for the western lifestyle, from fashion to horse riding needs. In addition to their vast array of felt and straw cowboy hats that come in various exciting colors, the Resistol cowboy hats offer a unique line of helmet hats that provide head protection as you enjoy your horse ride while rocking the classic cowboy hat look. As the epitome of classic western attire, the Resistol cowboy hats are very popular among country celebrities such as Jason Aldean and George Strait. One notable feature about Resistol cowboy hats is the fact that they include a felt hatband, which is 100% beaver belly fur and comes with a gorgeous buckle. The buckle comprises four genuine pieces of sterling silver that are punctiliously carved. If you take a closer look at the inside of the hat, you will see a beautiful roan leather sweatband, which helps provide additional comfort when wearing the hat.

6. JW Brooks (Price: $799.99)

JW Brooks is among the leading brands in the production of cowboy hats that are perfectly tailored to your modern lifestyle. Since they are custom-made, you are guaranteed to get the right cowboy hat that fits you perfectly. With more than 30 years of making cowboy hats, JW Brooks offers cowboy hats that are impressively very durable and come in various color options for you to choose from. Furthermore, JW Brooks cowboy hats allow you to include a custom brim embroidery to help add a spectacular flair of elegance.

5. American Hats 500X Pecan (Price: $1,259.99)

Well known for its top-quality craftsmanship, the American Hats 500X Pecan is certainly every Cowboy's dream hat. This hat is made from premium 500X felt that includes a high-quality blend of fur from mink, beaver, and rabbit. Each American 500X Pecan hat is strategically customized to meet every individual’s needs. Moreover, this hat comes with a stunning felt hatband and a gorgeous buckle that is well-crafted.

4. Stetson El Amo (Price: $1,620)

The Stetson El Amo cowboy hat nearly takes two days to be fully designed and perfected, with many critical steps to ensure the most durable quality. This cowboy hat is made from high-quality 500X fur felt and features a cattleman crown, which offers a unique fashion style. The Stetson El Amo hat comes with a dyed self-felt hatband, which has a three-piece buckle set made of premium 10-karat gold and silver. The inside of the hat features a satin lining and a leather sweatband. Each Stetson El Amo hat is handmade in Garland, Texas, carrying a case.

3. 1000x Larry Mahan Imperial Hat (Price: $2,499.99)

The 1000x Larry Mahan Imperial cowboy hat is made from premium black felt, making it perfect for wearing to rodeos and even formal wear. Just as the name suggests, the hat uses the very best 1000x quality mink for superior durability and style. The hat also comes with a matching hatband with a gorgeous three-piece buckle set decorated in sterling gold and silver with dashing diamonds. The inside of the hat is a woven lining and a well-tooled leather sweatband. Moreover, every Larry Mahan Imperial cowboy hat comes with a beautifully handcrafted carrying case.

2. American Hats Silver Belly 1000X (Price: $2,569.99).

The American Silver Belly Cowboy Hat 1000X comes with a distinctive matching hatband that perfectly sits on the hat with a stunning three-piece buckle. The buckle is set with genuine diamonds and gold for high-end luxury. Inside the hat, there is a dazzling leather sweatband perfectly crafted by American skilled hat makers.

1. Stetson Diamante Premier Cowboy Hat (Price: $5,500)

According to Quora, the Stetson Diamante Premier Cowboy Hat is usually the most expensive hat that undergoes a two-day process to design this masterpiece fully. The hat is made from high-quality 1000X felt in the world that comes from premium beaver and chinchilla. In addition to the stunning silver belly color that adds quality and elegance, the Stetson Diamante Cowboy Hat comes with a state-of-the-art 14K gold buckle decorated with 26 premium diamonds. Inside the hat, there is a gorgeous satin lining and a premium sheepskin leather sweatband.

Final Words

The best Cowboy Hat brands include; American Hat Company, Justin, Queue Essentials, Resistol Ariat, JW Brooks, and Stetson. According to Stetson, these brands produce premium Cowboy Hats that are made from Straw, as they are easy to maintain and are primarily lightweight. There are other Cowboy hats made from fur felt, leather, and wool.

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