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The Five Best Harley Davidson Gloves Money Can Buy

Harley Davidson Gloves

If you have been riding for a long time, you know that besides wearing a helmet, gloves should also be part of your gear. While some wear them for a touch of elegance, gloves are primarily worn to protect hands from injuries in case of an accident. Moreover, riding a motorbike produces a lot of vibration, which the gloves absorb, thus prevent tingling, especially if you are on the road for long. Knowing the importance of gloves is one thing, but getting a pair to fulfill your needs is quite another. Luckily, Harley Davidson gloves have been in the market for long and have many people vouching for them. Here are the five best you should consider next time you are looking for a pair of riding gloves.

The Admiral Under-cuff Gauntlet

When looking for gloves that will serve you regardless of the seasons, the admiral under-cuff gauntlet is what you need. When riding in the summer heat, you will not have to worry about sweaty hands because the gloves come with pinhole perforations that allow the circulation of air. Besides, although they are thick enough to keep you warm during cold weather, they are not excessively thick to make it uncomfortable in summer. Additionally, even in light rain, your hands are still protected from getting wet. Its heat-reflective lining ensures that, even in winter, your hands can retain the warmth the body is generating.

The gloves are also heavily padded to prevent the jackhammer effect, as described by Motorbike writer. They can fit all hand sizes because they come with adjustable wrist tabs and zipper for a perfect fit; they are also available in all sizes. The only downsides are that you cannot operate your touchscreen with them because they do not have touch-sensitive fingertips. Also, putting one glove may be easy, but with the second one, trying to tuck the cuffs under the jacket using your already-gloved hand can be challenging, especially if it has snap-lock buttons.

Men’s Wilder Insulated Gauntlet Gloves

As per the five-star rated review on Wisconsin Harley, the Men’s wilder insulated gauntlet gloves are ideal for cold weather and can hardly compare to ski gloves. The reviewer praised the product, saying it has the right feel for the handlebars, which could be due to the glove’s anti-slip grip feature. What also makes it perfect for riding in the cold is the insulated lining, while the gauntlet cuff will ensure that no wind or precipitation reaches your arms. Riding at night does not also have to be dangerous because the gloves have a reflective material piping to alert other motorists.

Slipping them on and off is easy since they have a zipper closure while the padding and well-stitched seams add to their comfort. The ergonomic thumb and pre-curved fingers protect your fingers from developing musculoskeletal disorders due to hand fatigue and tendonitis. It is made from goatskin leather that makes it a durable product while also making it waterproof and abrasion-resistant. Most retailers sold it at $95, but the price has since gone down to between $70 and $90.

Men’s Skull Full-Finger Mesh Gloves

If you are interested in subtly telling people that you have an affinity for danger, then this glove comes with a skull patch. It could still help to convey the message of unity and non-discrimination to your fellow bikers. Apart from the skull, the full-finger mesh glove has both an adjustable hook and loop wrist closure for the fit you find comfortable. It is available in all sizes as well. One reviewer commented that it has a perfect fit but still is flexible due to the power stretch knuckles that facilitate finger movement. The pre-curved fingers and ergonomic thumb also enhance your hand’s mobility. The glove also has reflective piping to ensure your safety during night rides, and the best thing is that all these features will be available to you for less than $40. The only con so far is that the size may feel about smaller, so maybe you might want to buy one size larger since you have the hook to make sure it does not slip off your wrists.

Peshtigo Full-Finger Leather Gloves 9823419VM

Unlike gloves made from goatskin and sheepskin, this particular product is made from cowhide leather, making it much more durable because it is thicker. Since you will be exposed to all sorts of environment, the Peshtigo full-finger leather should be your first choice due to the resistance to dirt and, to some extent, water. Moreover, it does not give you a headache with a strict cleaning routine; all you need is a soft brush, warm water, clean rag, and soap. It has a tricot lining, which makes it breathable and wicks away sweat; it also makes the glove run-resistant; hence it is durable.

If you are going for a vintage look, Peshtigo does not disappoint. Mobility is further enhanced by the 15-degree pre-curved fingers and ergonomic thumb as with most Harley Davidson gloves. The wrist is elastic, so no need to bother with hooks and zippers. Additionally, if you prefer sophistication, you will find the laser-etched logo quite agreeable with your taste. The only downside is that although the pictures displayed show the gloves are light brown, customers have complained that it is much darker.

Circuit Waterproof Gauntlet Gloves

Going by the reviews on the Harley Davidson website it seems that the $90 you spend on the gloves are worth it. They keep your hands warm during cold weather and expect a few complaints of them being a size too small, most people compliment the excellent fit. The single hand-drawn cord ensures that you do not have to struggle with closure. They are advertised as waterproof and even have a Goggle wiper for those days the snow and rain affect the view. However, the few one-star ratings are about how the gloves are not waterproof, yet other people praise its water resistance. If we go by the majority, these gloves should be part of your riding gear.

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