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What Differentiates the Hermes Evelyne Bag From Other Bags?

Hermes Evelyne

A bag from the legendary Parisian brand Hermes is a very special thing, but there is one model, in particular, that is in the highest demand. The Evelyne is a crossbody style bag that everyone seems to want. We must admit that part of the attraction is in the status of owning an authentic Hermes bag, but if given the chance to choose one bag, the Evelyne bag would be the choice for the majority of Hermes fans. What differentiates the Hermes Evelyne bag from other bags? Let's take a look

Features of the Hermes Evelyne bag

The Evelyne is an expensive high-end designer bag that just happens to be one of Hermes' best sellers. It's a casual style bag but it does present with one distinguishing feature that sets it apart. According to Bagaddicts, The exterior of the bag showcases the signature Hermes H in a giant depiction. The size of the letter H which stands for Hermes and is universally recognized by Hermes enthusiasts is uniquely applied in a perforated styling. This is perhaps the most distinct feature of the bag, but it's one that has inspired fans to become owners of this exclusive bag.

The history of the Hermes Evelyne bag

The Evelyne bag has been released in 3 versions with a few variants under each of the models. These are the Evelyne I, the Evelyne II, and the Evelyn III. These represent the three generations of the line forming the unique collection of bags. Each new generation of the Evelyne has served as a replacement for its predecessor with no new bags in the previous generation produced after the arrival of the next generation. Changes or improvements have been made with each new generation to further distinguish one from another. For example, the Evelyne I generation did not offer an exterior patch pocket, but the next generation did.

Other distinguishing features of the Hermes Evelyne bag

The current version of the popular bag is the Evelyne III. This bag has evolved to include an adjustable canvas strap. Most other bags in the Hermes universe feature a clasp closure. The Evelyne line, however, does not. This bag is set apart with a fuss-free design that does not come with a clasp, but rather, a buttoned leather tab that helps to keep the contents secure. It's ideal for busy days when you're running errands because it doesn't take much effort to unbutton the tab to access the contents.

Wearing the Hermes Evelyne bag correctly

Most people wear the Evelyne bag with the giant H facing towards others. It's a novel fact, but this is actually the backside of the bag. The original intention of the manufacturer was to wear the bag with the H facing toward the body. People are so proud of their Evelyne bags that they want the world to know that it is a Hermes original.

A range of sizes and materials for the Evelyne bag

The Evelyne III bag comes in your choice of materials. It's available in Clemence or Epsom leather, which are two of the finest premium materials available. The Evelyne III was first offered in a choice of four different sizes. The Evelyne 40 is an extra-large TGM measuring 40 x 44 x 10 cm and is the largest bag available in the Evelyne line. The Evelynne III is still available in a large size called the Evelyne III 33 Large/GM measuring 33 x 31 x 8 cm, the Evelyne III 29 measuring 29 x 30 x 8 cm, and the Evelyne III 16 Mini/TPM which was discontinued in 2019, at 16 x 18 x 5 cm, according to Collecting There was quite a stir created when rumors that the Evelyne line had been discontinued. Clarification was necessary to assure fans of the model that just the smallest bag offered in the line had been discontinued. There are still some of the tiny bags available through online vendors, but it's wise to verify the authenticity of the item before purchasing it used from a previous owner.

The Evelyne Sellier

In the Fall of 2016, Hermes released the Evelyne Sellier as a new version. They made a significant change to the bag, replacing the giant perforated H with the insignia that was now embossed in the center of a unique diamond shape. This bag is made of a strong and durable Hunter cowhide material. The Evelyne Sellier is available in the Evelyne Sellier 29 version measuring 29 x 30 x 8 cm, and the Evelyne Sellier 33 at 33 x 31 x 8 cm.

Final thoughts

The Hermes Evelyne is one of the most unique bags produced by the luxury brand. Although it's a simple bag intended for use with casual attire, it has an attraction that draws people in. Perhaps it's popular because of the simplicity of the design. It's a fuss-free bag that is made with unique identifying features. It's easily recognized as Hermes thanks to the embossed H or the perforated styling that represents the name of the house of Hermes. Wearing a Hermes Evelyne is very much a thing of status. There is no getting around that fact. It feels good to be seen with an expensive bag that is held in high regard by consumers. It's also a practical and functional bag in addition to being attractive and stylish. The most significant feature that distinguishes the Evelyne bag from other Hermes bags is the large H that is worn on the wrong side purposely to let everyone know that it is a genuine Hermes with all of the static ascribed to ownership of such a fine collectible piece. Now you can be an expert and further distinguish the versions with the perforated styling of the H versus the embossed version in the Sellier.

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