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The Five Most Expensive Ermenegildo Zegna Suits


Ermenegildo Zegna has created luxurious menswear for more than a century. The family owned and run Italian fashion house has maintained its reputation for finding and using the finest fabrics to create comfortable, durable, sleek and sophisticated men's clothing. The ownership of an Ermenegildo Zegna suit is a proud accomplishment to a man with impeccable taste and refinement. Ermenegildo Zegna and his son's expanded the company globally, and Zegna's grandchildren continue to manage the fashion house with the conservative yet forward-thinking style of their fathers and grandfather.

Company History

Ermenegildo Zegna learned the value of fine wool working in his father, Angelo's wool mill and loom company high in the Alps above Piedmont, Italy. In 1910, Ermenegildo founded his own company in Trivero, Italy using his father's looms and the skills and expertise that his father taught him to produce quality fabrics for suits. In 1915, Ermenegildo named his company Fratelli Zegni di Anglio.

Growth in the fabric industry

The wool mill company grew to employ 1000 workers in the 1930s. In 1938, Zegna Woolens Corporation was created in New York City. Unfortunately, the war slowed some production, but the company continued to put out some of the finest fabrics for suits. Ermenegildo's sons, Aldo and Angelo, joined the business in 1942 and the company was renamed Ermenegildo Zegna and Sons. By 1955, the company was growing and successful.

Honoring Australia's wool

The Zegna sons continued their work and increased the marketing of their fine fabric. In 1963, they introduced the Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Awards in Australia. Because Australia was the main supplier of the company's wool, the Zegnas wanted to honor them. The award originally named the finest purveyor of wools. In 2002, an award for the best wool under 13.9 microns was introduced.

Ready-to-Wear launched

When Ermenegildo died in 1974, his sons decided to launch a Ready-to-Wear line in addition to custom made suits. This developed into a knitwear and casual wear line with Angelo managing menswear and accessories, and Aldo managing the textiles. The company expanded internationally with factories in Spain and Switzerland. By the 1980s, there were flagship stores in 16 countries including boutiques in Paris and Milan. The company also stepped into the luxury automobile industry. They created the luxurious upholstery in the Lancia Trevi Volumex and in the Limited Edition Maserati Quatttroporte sedan.

A family business

Aldo and Angelo's children joined the company in the 1990s and continue to be an integral part of its reputation as one of the finest creators of custom and manufactured suits in the world. Angelo's son Gildo became Head of Apparel. His daughter Anna is head of Store Planning. Aldo's son Paolo is the company's Director of Marketing and of the Textile Division.

Today, the Zegna Group operates in several Italian manufacturing plants with other plants in Spain, Switzerland, Mexico and Turkey. The business is still run in its original Trivero location. Aldo died in 2000, and Angelo remains the company's Honorary President. Ermenegildo's namesake, Angelo's son "Gildo" is the CEO.

Ermenegildo Zegna has maintained its reputation of using the finest wool to create the finest fabrics in suits. Along with its Ready-to-Wear lines, the company continues to make the finest bespoke suits. Those custom made suits offer personalized details and design, a perfect fit, and a suit that is made with the finest and most luxurious fabrics in the world. The company has become one of the top fashion couture houses in the world and appeals to celebrities and non-celebrities who appreciate the quality and sophistication of wearing a fine suit.

Here are the most expensive suits from Ermenegildo Zegna

Bespoke - $22,000


Ermenegildo Zegna suits cost between $2500 and $22,000. Whether Ready-to Wear or Bespoke,  an Ermenegildo Zegna suit is certainly made with the finest fabrics made from the finest wool. For  those interested in a custom made or bespoke suit by Ermenegildo Zegnaa, this one that sells for  $22,000 is the most classic and sophisticated suit.

This suit is made with over 700 fabrics, each chosen for its quality and intertwined to create the  most luxurious and quality made suit. Created by the 4th generation Zegna family, this suit is not  only sophisticated and refined, but it is also durable and lightweight. The suit is exclusive with  custom design and custom details.

Bespoke - $20,000


Another custom suit by Ermenegildo Zegna sells for less but is just as timeless, sophisticated,  luxurious and exclusive. There are 700 types of fabric that make up this fine, quality suit. The best English mill cloth is used for its luxurious look that is also light and durable. Despite its  supple material, the suit is defined. Impeccable tailoring provides the best fit for the individual.

Ready to Wear, Grosgrain Collar Tuxedo - $3695

Although not custom made to order, the Grosgrain Collar Tuxedo suit is a more affordable option. The two-piece tuxedo is made with the finest wool and mulberry silk. The suit coat features a  classic shawl collar and single button front. The basted sleeves, Besom pockets and double vented  back provide comfortable fit and sophisticated style. The trousers are flat-fronted, and have an  unfinished hem, so the tuxedo can be tailored to height. Whatever the formal event, this tuxedo  suit is a quality made, fine and sophisticated ensemble for the refined man.

Ready to Wear, Milano Wool Twin Stripe - $3595

For the most sophisticated power suit a man can own, the Milano Wool Twin Stripe is the top of  the line. Made of Italian material and wool, the suit is durable and yet stunning. It features classic  notched lapels and basted sleeves for a refined look style. An simple 2 button front, front flap  pockets and a chest welt pocket continue the simple and refined style. A chest welt pocket and  double vented back provide comfort and ease of fit. The flat front trousers are simple and  elegant.

Ready to Wear, Micro-checked Wool - $3595

Eremenegildo Zegna's Micro-checked wool suit is available for just under $4000. It makes a  stunning addition to the refined man's wardrobe. The suit exhibits micro-checks throughout and  it is made of fine wool fabric. It is a timeless and sophisticated suit. The suit coat features notched lapels, a 2 button front, a left chest welt pocket and duel back vents. The trousers have a fly  closure and belt loops.

Ermenegildo Zegna has a wide variety of suits to select from. Each is made of the finest quality fabrics and each styled with sophistication and refinement. Whether custom made or ready-to-wear, Ermenegildo Zegna suits are renowned for their fit, comfort and attention to detail. These couture suits are some of the finest in the world.

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