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The Five Best Harley Davidson Backpacks Money Can Buy

Harley Davidson Backpack

For whatever reason you might need a backpack for, you always want a backpack that can provide for what you need and be stylish at the same time. For bikers, it’s important to have a backpack that’s durable. Backpacks that can’t handle the speed won’t be able to handle the elements as well. Whether you like to ride with a backpack on or you just need an everyday pack, you might be glad to know that Harley Davidson has a good number of backpacks that give bikers a few options to use on the bike, off the bike, or both. So here are the five best Harley Davidson Backpacks that your money can buy today.

1. Harley Davidson Black Deluxe Backpack - Bar & Shield

This Harley Davidson backpack is deluxe for a number of reasons. The material used on this is product is a blend of 5 different types of nylon and polyester fibers. The end result is fabric that’s as durable as the rest of your bike gear. It’s perfect for days when you have to go ride; it’s perfect for sunny days or rainy days. This backpack is also excellent as a daily backpack option because it’s incredibly lightweight even with the durable materials of its make.

With its black on black design, this Harley Davidson Deluxe can go with any of your gear style-wise. The rubber patches and the strong zippers all add to the character of this backpack. But perhaps the best features of this backpack are the 8 pockets. Organization and compartmentalization is important in backpacks, and this particular one has a total of 8. You’ll know exactly where you put your things, and you’ll get easy access to whatever you need. You won’t ever have to dig through your pack to find your keys either. This backpack has a dedicated key hook and also a media port.

2. Harley Davidson 3D Willie G Skull Classic Camo Backpack

You can take it to work, or you can take it to school. You can even take this pack on an all-day ride. It’s big enough to contain essentials without being too bulky or bothersome. This Harley Davidson 3D Willie G backpack features the Willie G Skull design on camouflage. It’s rugged and stylish, and it reflects the HD brand like no other.

This backpack is made out of a polyester and nylon blend that’s as durable as ever. The interior features a dedicated foam-lined pocket for your laptop, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about it getting damaged on your rides. There are also side pockets dedicated for drink bottles. Other features of this backpack include a media port, a key-hook, sturdy zippers, and a rubberized grip for the top handle of the backpack. This Harley Davidson backpack can handle anything on the road. It’s definitely the kind of backpack you’ll have for a long while.

3. Harley Davidson Embroidered Bar & Shield Color-Blocked Backpack

If you tend to not carry a lot of things around or if you only need space for your small gear, this backpack is the perfect option. The Harley Davidson Embroidered Bar & Shield Color Blocked Backpack is as simple as a HD backpack could get. It has one main compartment that opens up to a larger storage space and smaller compartment in the front for your little things. The sides have mesh pockets that can hold drink bottles or any other small item that will fit. The color-blocked design adds a little flair to the backpack without being overbearing. It also features the classic HD Bar & Shield logo that’s accompanied with trimming in HD’s classic orange color. Perhaps the best part of this backpack is its simplicity in both design and function. You’ll never feel like you’re carrying too much with this backpack on. It’s made essentially for the rider that only wants the essentials on.

4. Harley Davidson Graphite Honeycomb Tech Backpack

This Harley Davidson backpack is definitely not your average. It doesn’t look like a typical HD backpack, and it’s certainly got more than what you might expect in one. The biggest feature of this backpack is the fact that it’s water-resistant. The Graphite Honeycomb Tech features a honeycomb hex ripstop nylon that provides durability and protection like no other material. It combines quality and performance that riders need in a backpack. The interior compartment offers protection for your most valuable things such as your laptop and even a lined storage for your sunglasses. Easy zippers and quick access compartments also add character to this backpack. All sides of the backpack utilize premier plastic Fastex closures, which means better security and protection for all your things. You’ll also get a padded back for better comfort on and off your ride.

5. Harley Davidson Night Ops Stellar Backpack

If you need a backpack that can lug equipment around, there’s no better backpack than the Harley Davidson Night Ops Stellar Backpack. The front of the backpack alone is filled with loops and straps where you can hook whatever you need to. With the back padding and lumbar support, you can carry your equipment on you as long and as far as you need to go. This backpack is also designed with durable materials that are strong and lightweight. The straps that wrap around the packs add security for your belongings as well as style and appeal. It makes carrying so much better, especially when you've been riding for a while. If you just want a backpack for everyday use, you'll get more use out of this HD pack than ever. The number 1 skull patch adds even more character and personality to this already rugged pack. If Harley Davidson is your style, then the Night Ops Stellar Backpack is the one for you.

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