The Five Best Pieces of Harley Davidson Luggage Money Can Buy

Harley Davidson Luggage

Traveling in style is Harley Davidson’s game, and the established brand has been manufacturing the best motorcycles for that cause since the beginning of the 20thcentury. To complement its bikes, Harley Davidson also manufactures a line of luggage products that can withstand the open road. However, all Harley luggage could really be used for any type of travel—be it on the motorcycle or not. If you’re looking for luggage to go with the rest of your Harley gear, here are the five best Harley Davidson luggage pieces that your money can buy.

1. Tour-Pak Luggage – Leather Heritage Softail Classic Styling

Designed with a cross-country capacity, the Tour-Pak luggage is best for longer travel time. With a total luggage capacity of 2,500 cubic inches, you can bring at least a week’s worth of clothing without having to worry where you can stow away your belongings. This luggage utilizes Harley Davidson’s Leather Heritage Softail styling, and it exudes all the characteristic of H-D products. The interior is also big enough to fit two half helmets or one full-face helmet if you desire to utilize it this way. Although it doesn’t lock on its own, you can definitely secure the buckles with separate locks if needed. Otherwise, the buckles themselves are enough to secure your belongings while you ride. The luggage comes with a backrest pad, a rubber mat for the interior, and the accompanying hardware to install. However, you’ll have to purchase the racks and docking kits separately in order to install this properly on your motorcycle. While the price may seem steep at $700 apiece, the quality of this luggage is well worth it.

2. Tour-Pak Luggage – Heritage Style

This luggage is the perfect and most versatile travel luggage for your Harley Davidson bike. You can utilize this luggage as your daily pack, or you can utilize it for your travels. This Tour-Pak has enough room to store even all your camping necessities. Regardless of how you intend to use it, you’ll appreciate its best feature: ease of use. The Heritage Style Tour-Pak is easy to strap on and take off. It utilizes the Holdfast Mounting Rack for easy removability, which also comes in handy on days when you don’t need to use a luggage. This luggage has a rigid and hard shell body to better protect your belongings from the elements. It has a large luggage capacity of 2,580 cubic inches, and the lid also comes with its own locking mechanism. This means you won’t have to purchase additional locks separately. The Tour-Pak Heritage Style is strong and secure—much like Harley bikes are.

3. Harley Davidson Onyx Premium Collection Tour-Pak Rack Bag

For the serious traveler, the Onyx Premium is the best luggage option. This rack bag is made to withstand all types of weather conditions with its denier, UV-stable polyester material. Even the zippers on this luggage are waterproof, which means that all your belongings inside will stay dry even in the heaviest of rain. The interior of the bag is made out of material that’s colored with the famous Harley Davidson orange. This allows you to see everything inside even in the dimmest light. The bag has a luggage capacity of 2,600 cubic inches, so you can pack all your gear with ease and comfort that they will all stay safe. There are also a few organizational compartments to separate your smaller belongings as needed. The main compartment also has mesh pockets for further organization. This bag is designed to fit Tour-Pak luggage racks.

4. Harley Davidson Onyx Premium Luggage Collection Day Bag

If you only need luggage for the day, there really is no need to bring a big compartment. Having a day bag luggage option is handy to carry just what you need for a short period of time. Even though the Harley Davidson Onyx Premium Day Bag is designed for day travel, you still get 1,000 cubic inches of storage. That’s more than enough to carry your clothing and other essentials even for a couple days’ worth of travel. This luggage is made with durable materials that will last as long as your bike would. The cylindrical design of the bag provides even more space, and the various compartments inside and outside of the bag allows much organization as necessary. This bag has a rigid form, which means that it will maintain its cylindrical shape regardless of how much you stuff it. The Onyx Day Bag is one of the more unique luggage pieces from Harley Davidson, and it will add much personality to your gear should you choose to put it on your rack.

5. Harley Davidson Onyx Premium Luggage Touring Bag

As one of Harley Davidson’s largest luggage, the Onyx Premium Touring Bag offers 3,500 cubic inches of storage capacity. It’s the perfect luggage for long travel. This bag offers the brand’s best when it comes to durability and longevity. Made out of premium 1680 denier, UV-stable polyester material, this Onyx bag will be hard to beat up—even on the toughest open road. The bag has one large main compartment, and it has several exterior compartments for extra storage and organization. All handles are made out of rubber for extra sturdiness. All the buckles and zippers are glove-friendly, so you can access your belongings quickly as needed. This bag also has an orange interior, which allows you to see inside even in darker areas. The rain cover will protect your bag not just from the rain but also from just highway speeds. When the bag is not on your luggage rack, you can attach the removable strap for easy transport. This versatile feature allows you to even use this luggage even when you’re not riding. It’s the kind of bag you will use over and over again for various purposes.

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