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The 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses Ever Sold

When it comes to your sunglasses, people love theirs so much that they've even made it into songs and pop culture. Ray Bans 1998 commercial ( with its famously snarky vampires may have created the best-known sunglasses ever. Ray Bans certainly aren't cheap, but the best of the best, the most elite and elegant shades on earth are on a whole different level. We've collected them together for you to peruse when you need to protect yourself from UV and still be at the top of the fashion game.

10. Bentley Platinum Sunglasses: $45,000

Bentley is the elegant elite of cars, and motorists with true flair are often willing to purchase appropriate accessories to go with their high-end automobiles. For those who want to save a little cash for gas, you can also pick up lesser versions of the Bentley Platinums in white and rose gold for as low as $11,000. When style means more to you than what it costs to be so fashion forward, these are definitely for you. Of course, true Bentley fans may also want a pair to round out their collection of ultra-posh Bentley gear.

9. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Glasses: $55,000

For the optometrist who offers everything, these gold and wood frames are a must-have in the shop. The name "253 Diamond Glasses," may not be too creative, but it says all you need to know. Of the two hundred and fifty-three diamonds, twenty-two of them are princess cut for some extra sizzling sparkle.

8. Bulgari Flora Sunglasses: $59,000

These unique black and gold cat-eye sunglasses are a great way to show off the starlet inside, or outside if you happen to be a big name in Hollywood. The floral gemstone detail in the sides is what gives them their unique name. The white gold and aquamarines are what gives them their price point. If you want the 'budget version' pictured here, you can get them for around $25,000 since they have less gold and gems than the upgraded model.

7. Maybach The Diplomat 1: $60,000

These glorious gold framed Maybachs will set you back sixty grand. They come with 147 diamonds embedded in the frame. Of course, you have to find them first. After you locate a pair, you will then have to convince the original owner to part with them. Seeing as only 50 pair exist in the world it's possible we've underestimated the value here seriously, but the original price is all we had to go on.

6. Luxuriator, Style 23, Canary Diamond Glasses: $65,000

The Luxuriator collection is all breathtaking, but style 23 uses the largest diamonds and comes with a price tag that reflects it like the stones reflect light. You can get yours in hand-carved enamels, 18K white, yellow, rose or gunmetal gold variations. Every pave or micro pave VSGF diamond is hand set in the frames.

5. CliC Gold 18k Gold Sports Sunglasses: $75,000

Seekers of the genuinely unique who collect the very most exquisite couture need the right sunglasses to go with them. The CliC Gold sunglasses are a collaboration between Hugh Power and Ray Lando. Mr. Power is known internationally as a jeweler of great renown, and Mr. Lando founded CliC gold and has been in eyewear for over three decades. The result of their efforts are these inspired front-closure sports sunglasses. Only 100 pair were ever made, and each one took over 40 hours to complete.

4. Cartier Panthere Glasses: $159,000

These glasses may or may not belong on this list. They certainly look like a posh item with what may be diamond panthers on the arms of the glasses. However, we couldn't confirm this. Alternatively, we did find an eBay listing that is offering them for sale for $120. Is this the deal of the century? Are they knockoffs? We just don't know, and we haven't heard back about the inquiry we sent to Cartier at this time. We'll tentatively leave them here for now. At least until we can confirm otherwise, they might be among the most luxe sunglasses on earth.

3. Shiels Emerald Sunglasses: $200,000

Emperor Niro of Rome was known for his eccentricities. One of the strangest things he did was watch gladiator fights through green gems. While we can't explain why we can tell you that you have the opportunity to find out for yourself. Shiels has created a singular pair of sunglasses with emerald lenses. The company says it took them a long time to find gems to cut the lenses from, so this is obviously a passion project. The jewel-studded gold frame of these shades is the least exciting part, and it does not lack character there either. Whether you have your own Colosseum or you plan to watch Celebrity Deathmatch on a three-hundred and seventy inch Titan TV, you'll undoubtedly feel like Niro, and you'll look like him too. Fortunately, if you can afford to do so, people will probably just call it a 'charming eccentricity,' since no one wants to be on the wrong side of a person who emulates the most arguably insane and destructive of all the Roman Emperors.

2. Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B Sunglasses: $383,000

If you're going to buy brand name sunglasses, you probably want people to know who made them. These diamond studded spectacular sunnies use the gemstones to enliven the logo with glitz and glam. Dolce and Gabbana first premiered their fashions in 1985, and they've been a huge success ever since. Favored by celebrities who are name brands on their own, D&G are known worldwide for their fashion sense.

1. Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglasses: $408,000

You can't have luxury sunglasses made out of plain jane, cheap materials. Chopard, who are known for their glasses and accessories made from gold that has been ethically sourced, partnered with De Rigo, who are known for their exceptional eyewear to create the worlds most deluxe sunglasses. The Chopard De Rigo glasses command their fee because their makers are known worldwide for their stunning taste. The glasses themselves are made with sixty grams of 24k gold and fifty-one individual cut four-carat River diamonds. More than two-hundred carats of diamonds make for a lot of glitter to go with all the gold.

Honorable Mention: Priceless Prehistoric Artifacts

The first sunglasses ever used came from the Inuits. They used a flattened and carved walrus ivory with thin slits instead of lenses to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun on snow. The exact origin of sunglasses may be lost to time, but a few examples of these early ancestors sunglasses still exist in museums. It's strange to consider the idea that we learned to wear shades before we created writing. All the surviving prehistoric sunglasses are in museums or private artifact collections, making them effectively priceless.

Final Thoughts

We're pretty sure that your Ray Bans and SPF ten-thousand still won't keep you from dying by the light of the morning sun if you're among the undead. However, those Chopard and De Rigos might do the trick. Or perhaps the Shiels emerald lenses are necessary to protect against spontaneous combustion. Sadly, we're not experts on magic, just money, which can function the same if you spend wisely. Regardless, you'll look amazing and see clearly in any of these opulent sunglasses, whether they have magical life-extending sun shield properties or not.

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