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Should You Be Wearing High Tops with Shorts?

High Tops

When it comes to fashion, what may have seemed unthinkable at the time has since been replaced by a "whatever works" attitude. Does this still apply when it comes to wearing high tops with shorts? Truth be told, why not? While some fashionistas may think this doesn't make sense, others will likely make reference to basketball players. According to SportsRec, the reason why high-tops and basketball players go so well together is due to the added support these sneakers provide. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't basketball players normally wear shorts when playing their sport? Hey, if it works for them, then why shouldn't it work for the rest of the population?

Setting Standards

The sport of basketball rose in popularity during the early 1900s and had players like Chuck Taylor run around in high-top shoes. In fact, Converse used Taylor as the company's spokesperson to promote high-top athletic shoes that would later become a standard issue during the 1936 U.S. Olympics. It was also used by American troops during World War II. In the sport of basketball, all that running and jumping needed footwear that can accommodate the player as a means to reduce the risk of injury. High-top sneakers fit the bill in this regard. As for the army, the extra support provided as they trekked through the hazards of war-torn territory, the need to have reliable footwear to keep up saw high-tops fit the bill in this regard perfectly. Mind you, the army didn't exactly wear shorts to battle, did they? For the army, the high-tops were heavier and sturdier footwear that could better handle what they were getting into than low-cut shoes.

Setting Styles

Outside the basketball court, wearing high-tops with shorts is not unusual when fans of the sport want to copy how their favorite star looks. In fact, companies like Adidas, Converse, Nike, and Reebok each relied on stars like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and many more to serve as influencers to win over the consumer market. This tactic worked well with Chuck Taylor in the 1930s and it still works well today. Now living in an era where it seems like all bets are off when it comes to defining one's own style, wearing high tops with sneakers no longer seems like a big deal. The question is, however, should you be wearing high tops with shorts? The answer depends on the situation but at the same time. If you happen to play basketball, whether it is professionally or recreationally, the answer seems to be an obvious yes. The reason is obvious if you follow the sport enough to understand why this is the footwear of choice among basketball players and why it remains a standard issue to this day.

Even among other sports such as soccer, and tennis, the appeal of wearing high tops with shorts in these sports suggests these marks as ideal reasons why shorts and high tops belong together. Both sports see a great deal of running, as well as a bit of jumping when there is a need for it. Granted, soccer normally has cleats so the player can handle the grassy ground better but there have been high-top styles brought forth to provide better support for the athlete as they run up and down the field. Today, it is trending more than ever about high-top soccer sneakers which have resulted in an eruption of shops selling what has become an increasingly popular style of shoe. As for tennis, watching even the best players in the sports fashion a pair of high tops has been going on for years. Over time, shoe brands have honed in on the need to make a niche out of making specialized footwear for many different sports that have come to appreciate the extra security high-top shoes have been known to provide.

Everyday Use vs Special Use

Aside from providing specialized support in sports, the everyday wear of high tops with shorts has reached the point where very few people bother to bat an eye about it. We live in an era now where people choose to wear whatever they want, whenever they want and care absolutely nothing about how folks around them perceive it. If a person can sport bright-colored hair, along with sleepwear worn to a public place like a shopping mall, then a person wearing high tops with shorts really shouldn't be an issue. For everyday wear, high tops with shorts should be worn if the wearer is comfortable enough to do so. If the climate is too warm for pants, why not shorts? At this point, who cares if you opt to wear high tops with those or sandals? Ideally, most people dress for comfort. If high tops and shorts is the style of choice to have that comfort, why not? Granted, a bit of fashion sense like tasteful design and color coordination would certainly go a long way to come across as respectable. Again, however, not everybody shares the same idea of what is tasteful, so this is also subject to opinion as well.

I could go as far as saying wearing high tops to a wedding may not be a great idea but this has been done and in some cases, was done very well. In the past, there was a certain dress code that seemed to dictate how everybody at a wedding should look like. Just like everything else, this has also changed. Today, themed weddings have become every bit as popular as traditional weddings. With this being said, even a bride wearing high tops with a pair of shorts could probably get away with it when done right. Going back to basketball, if the bride and groom both happen to be in love with the sport, don't be surprised to see the two of them opt to don wedding gear that looks like they could run from the aisle to the court in a heartbeat.

Although there are no pics found yet to illustrate this as of yet, it's not so far-fetched that it hasn't happened or that it will never happen. Think about it. High tops first became a thing in the 1920s, thanks to the basketball star known as Chuck Taylor. 1923 marked the year he and Converse endorsed the iconic high-top sneaker, the very same that would evolve to the point where Nike and Michael Jordan immortalized the style in 1984. Not only were these shoes made popular but the idea of wearing them with shorts as well. Again, fans of the sport and the stars are easily influenced by what they see their idols wear. For them, wearing high tops with shorts is something that could be worn, should be worn, and actually is worn. As for the rest of the consumers, the trend of wearing high tops with shorts is just as common as wearing t-shirts. It's more about what works for you and that's what matters in the long run.

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