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Is Louis Vuitton Luggage Worth the Price?

Louis Vuitton Luggage

Louis Vuitton is one of the foremost designer fashion brands in the world. The company has been in existence since the 1800s, crafting some of the finest luggage and fashion accessories in the world. Vuitton made luggage and storage containers for royalty in France. His craftsmanship was some of the most sought after in the world in high-end circles. It was top of the line in the mid to late 1800s and early 1900s, but is Louis Vuitton luggage worth the price today?

The value of the Louis Vuitton brand

According to Gentleman's Gazette, Louis Vuitton is one of the most recognizable and fashionable brands on the planet. There are a few reasons for its high value in the market today. Among them is the prestige of the more than a century-old brand. Louis Vuitton became established in Europe's highest circles before the first shop naming the brand opened. The artisan who founded the company produced unique and highly esteemed pieces for royals and dignitaries. The Parisian trunk maker earned his stellar reputation through hard work and the application of impeccable and flawless designs. His innovations continued to improve the quality of the luggage he created. Mr. Vuitton is credited with the development of the spring buckles design that keeps your valuables secured safely inside the luggage. This was a 1988 invention.

Reviews of Louis Vuitton Luggage

The conclusion of the reviews from the Gentleman's Gazette summarized a few key features that suggest Louis Vuitton Bandelier 55 bag may not be worth the high price that is charged. The first is the reputation and prestige associated with the brand. The second is the quality of the zippers which were tested and found to be of superior quality. Some aspects of Louis Vuitton bags are superior, however, there is a downside. Although the leather used in the product is indeed high quality, there isn't much of it used in the item. PVC vinyl coated fabric is cheap fabric. It's not as much about affordability as it is the value of the overall product vs the cost. Some cheaper bags are made of better quality materials. The bag that is priced around $2,000 isn't as valuable as some that cost in the hundreds vs the thousands of dollars.

Miami Online opinions

According to Miami Online, Louis Vuitton travel luggage features the signature look of the brand with all its prestige. The workmanship of the products is consistent and even. Yes, the luggage is a symbol of status. the LV Pegase Legere 55 is made with lightweight materials for traveling comfort and ease. The size is within the allowed limits for most airports and a dust bag is included to keep it in pristine condition when not in use. A padlock is included for additional security for the items inside. It's easy to pull with two durable spinner wheels. It's available in a choice of patterns for both men and women. A business version of the luggage has an extra compartment for storing a laptop.

The Pegase luggage by Louis Vuitton is considered a future collector's item because of the high price. The value of the luggage may easily be based upon this feature if it is maintained in pristine condition, however, any signs of use can interfere with such a piece achieving its full potential as a collectible when it reaches the vintage stage. This could take years, but overall, Louis Vuitton pieces in excellent condition tend to retain their value. Some even increase in price from one year to the next.

Is Louis Vuitton's luggage practical?

The Purse Blog forum members discuss the practicality of Louis Vuitton luggage as well as its overall value. The consensus is that this high-end luggage is most suitable for use on a private plane. In a regular airport, the pieces are likely to get dirty and sustain damage. Other luggage brands are far less expensive and hold up better than a Louis Vuitton bag. They're made for more exceptional durability. Some love Louis Vuitton for its aesthetic and prestige, but not so much for its durability. Others are not willing to pay the high price for luggage that is more easily damaged because, in their world, the cost does not offer a great enough value to compensate. The group concluded that when it comes to practicality as a value, Louis Vuitton luggage simply doesn't measure up. It's more for prestige than anything else.

More likely to be stolen

Since Louis Vuitton luggage is so expensive, it's one of the first items that thieves are likely to steal. LV pieces are flashy and most people can tell by looking that they're valuable. If you're traveling via traditional commercial flights, Louis Vuitton luggage can set you apart, but it can also make you a bigger target for becoming the victim of a theft.

Final thoughts

Is Louis Vuitton luggage worth the price? For many, the answer is no. For some others, it is definitely worth the price. Those who prefer the prestige of designer luggage ownership are willing to pay for the ascribed status. This isn't a bad thing. It is a matter of personal preference. It shows the individual's sense of style. Some more practical travelers prefer a bag that will hold up well under the rigors of airport handling in busy baggage areas. Most staff completing the loading and unloading processes are extremely busy. The luggage isn't always s handled gently. Most often, it gets thrown around, picks up dust and other debris, and can sustain significant wear and tear. Damaged designer bags do not retain their value as well as those in pristine condition. The question of value depends on the individual. This is a query that does not have a distinct yes or no answer.

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