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10 Reasons Why Grailed Should be a Go To Fashion Destination

Grailed is the latest trend in online shopping. Let's face it, we all want to look stylish wearing the best of designer fashion but that is expensive. Whether you're working or playing, you can look great without spending a fortune. Grailed is a website that offers resale of the most exclusive men's clothes and accessories. The site offers a great way to sell and purchase the best men's fashion items. Here are 10 reasons why Grailed Should be a Go To fashion destination.

1. What is Grailed

What is a "Grail"? The latest catch phrase is catching on! To be "Grailed" means to find hard to come by fashion items with a high value and low price. Grailed is a website that was created to help connect people. You can sell your high end men's fashion through Grailed and you can purchase high end items for a decent price. It works kind of like Ebay or Craigslist, but caters only to mens fashion and streetwear. The site has many perks and lower fees than other resale websites.

2. Who started Grailed?

Grailed was the dream of Arun Gupta who established the website in 2014. He realized that he and his friends were always looking online for stylish men's fashion at an affordable price. Instead of digging through tons of items on popular websites, Gupta thought of a website that catered only to men's products and only the higher end fashion lines. He also wanted to make the process of reselling online easier, more convenient and less expensive for both the buyer and the seller. The site quickly grew and is one of the most popular online communities for resale.

3. Who works for Grailed?

To kick off and run the website, Arun Gupta looked to his friends and other millennials who had the same drive and creativity as Gupta. Along with Gupta as CEO of Grailed, Julian Conner is the CTO. His focus is to manage and coach Grailed's engineer team to help tweak the online website to be as user friendly as possible. Lawrense Schlossman joined Grailed in 2015 as Brand Director. Jake Metzger is Director of Marketing. Davil Tran is the Senior Moderator who keeps a close tab on user comments and looks for rare pieces of fashion.

4. New York City Office

Grailed started out headquartered in a small New York City SoHo office. The website was an instant hit and has grown in its first four years. Soon the owners of Grailed were able to purchase a larger office across the street from the original. The current office has a wide opened space and is minimalist much like the Grailed website. It's relaxed and fun. Above the office is an open rooftop deck where the staff hosts events and parties. It's also the spot where staff can relax at the end of the work day with a beer. The Grailed workers collect high end brand men's fashion clothing and streetwear which is displayed in the office. They often invite celebrity designers to visit.

5. What does Grailed offer?

What type of items will you find on Grailed? Grailed offers exclusive high end fashion items for men. These include designs by Maison Margiela, Acne Studios, Raf Simmons, Saint Laurent Paris, Supreme, Undercover, Visvim and more. The staff at Grailed has found their own taste in fashion evolving with the times. Of course they all dress in the latest styles for work and for play. The staff evolves their own styles. When their clothing used to be heavy on black, they find they are wearing more color especially pastels, and they all are into graphic tees.

6. How It Works

If you want to sell a product on Grailed, how does it work? Sellers need to upload three photos of their product with a description. The items are tagged with the sellers username. Sellers list their product under one of four categories: High End Designer, Streetwear and Sneakers, Classic Menswear, and Lower End Products. The only downside for the buyer is that there is no real way to know the authenticity of the product until you receive it. Grailed gets a 6% commission on all items sold.

7. Bumped

One cool feature on the Grailed website for buyers is the "Bumped" feature. After 10, 20 and 30 days of listing, all products are "bumped". They are automatically moved to the top of the website page. Their price automatically comes down 10%.

8. Buyers

Buyers enjoy the website because items are easy to browse through. They can find high end men's fashion at low prices. The site has become an online community where buyers can connect with each other to trade their ideas on the latest high end fashion for men. Buyer's are protected on Grailed. The site is safe and the fees are low. Payments can easily be made through PayPal. If an item is not received or if an incorrect item is received, Grailed helps resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

9. Sellers

Unlike many other popular resale sites, Grailed is Seller friendly. The selling fees are kept as low as possible. Sellers fees include a 6% selling fee whether domestic or foreign. There is an additional 2.9% fee to sell and a PayPal fee of .30 cents. The usual reselling websites typically have an 80/20 split. The one downside to sellers is common on other sites. The seller is responsible for shipping the product.

10. Why Grailed is the Go To fashion destination

The popularity of Grailed was instant. The site is user friendly to buyers and sellers. It offers the opportunity to buy and sell higher end men's fashion without high fees. It's a great way for the online community to connect and get the most out of shopping.

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