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The Five Best Pairs of Harley Davidson Boots for Men

Harley Davidson Boots

You don’t have to ride a Harley in order to rock some Harley Davidson boots. However, fans of the company and brand will never be completely outfitted without one of these on their feet. In fact, many bikers agree that Harley Davidson boots are some of the best to go riding in, but they’re also just great for everyday use. The brand is committed to quality regardless of the product it is making, and Harley Davidson boots are only made out of superior materials. If you’re in the market for one, here’s a list of the 5 best pairs of Harley Davidson for men.

1. Men’s Scout Motorcycle Boot

Let’s get the list started with actual riding boots. Since your feet are exposed to strong elements when you’re out riding, it’s extremely important to have the best protection possible. The Scout Motorcycle Boot is as classic as any biker boot could get. It’s designed to complement not just your biker outfit but your epic Harley bike as well. The boot is a pull-on style with a zipper on the side for ease of use. It is made with a rubber sole for excellent grip and cushion. Speaking of cushion, the lining of this boot is cushioned from top to bottom, giving you a comfortable ride no matter how long you’re out. It also means that you can wear this pair during winter without having to worry about freezing your toes off.

Even with all that cushion, it doesn’t mean that your toes won’t be able to breathe. The lining is also designed with a breathable mesh surface to give your feet a little bit of air. As far as exterior protection goes, the boots are made with a distressed leather material that’s guaranteed to show your feet some love. The Scout Motorcyle Boot is perfect for riding, but they are a bit too heavy for walking.

2. Men’s Diversion Motorcycle Boot

There’s so much to love about the Diversion boot that it’s really hard to put this down once you’ve picked it up. The Diversion is a classic lace up boot that’s as stylish as you can imagine. It’s both rugged and rock and roll. The full-grain leather that makes the upper of the shoe will protect your feet from heat and debris. The rubber outsole also happens to be oil-resistant, giving you even better grip on and off the motorcycle. It will help prevent any falls, slips or abrasions. There are a few durability features on the Diversion boot including Goodyear welt construction and a metal shank on the side of the boots. These metal shanks will also give you added support during wear. The shaft sits at 6” above the ankles, which may not be everyone’s preference. However, they’re designed to give you as much protection as possible.

3. Men’s Watkins Motorcycle Boot

If you’re looking for a lower boot to wear on your rides, the Harley Davidson Watkins Motorcycle boots might be your best option. They are some of the brand’s lightest boots, which means they are perfect for more urban riding and even walking. These boots look and feel like a sneaker, so you’ll never feel the chunkiness or weight of other motorcycle boots. But even with such a lightweight quality, Harley Davidson still guarantees that the Watkins offer protection just like all their other boots. The Watkins boots are made with the same full-grain leather and mesh lining. The cement construction of the boots make this pair ultra versatile. They are truly the best everyday riding shoes. They also sit just at 4.75 inches along the shaft, which gives you a little bit of maneuverability. The outsoles are rubber but flat, completing the sneaker look and feel of the boots.

4. Men’s Riddick Motorcycle Boots

When it’s time to lace up for the open road, you better be lacing up your Harley Davidson Riddick Motorcycle Boots. At first glance, these shoes are your classic lace up boots. However, Harley Davidson has added so many features to this pair in order to make your rides much more enjoyable. First off, it has the usual full-grain leather on the upper. However, it also has TecTuff® overlays that protect your shoes and fit from abrasions. Next, you’ll also get a full sock lining for comfort and protection, especially during the cooler months. You’ll also get a Poron® ankle armor, a polyurethane open cell foam that serves as cushion and shield at the same time. Just along the laces, there’s also a zipper that acts as an air vent. Whenever you’ve been riding for too long and your feet are feeling just a little bit overwhelmed, opening up these air vents will allow your feet some wiggle room and a fresh breeze without having to take the laces off entirely. The Harley Davidson Riddick boots are a fashion statement with 8 inches of height along the shaft, but you don’t have to be a biker to pull it off. You just have to be a Harley fan.

5. Men’s Stealth Motorcycle Boots

Riding is a way of life. It dictates where you live, what you do, and even what you wear. If you’re in it for the long haul, the Harley Davidson Stealth boots can be in it alongside you. These boots are designed with longevity and durability in mind. The full-grain uppers combined with the TecTuff® overlays offer up protection like no other. You’ll also get the usual oil-resistant rubber outsoles with Goodyear® welt construction for even extra stability. There’s an easy access zipper on the side to make outfitting faster, but that’s all just boot formality. What sets the Stealth apart from all other Harley Davidson boot models are the design elements. The boots come with metallic accents that make give your pair some authentic Harley style. They’re also not easy to find, so make sure you grab them if ever you come across a pair.

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