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Is The $1,000 Hermes Avalon Pillow Worth the Price?

Hermes Avalon Pillow

True Hermes enthusiasts insist on ownership of every Hermes accessories possible. It's not just because of the ascribed status that the brand delivers in highly trendy fashion circles.

There is a lot more that goes into the desire-building process for Hermes and similar quality luxury brands. Once you become accustomed to the look, feel or smell of a product line it becomes familiar and comforting to the five main senses.

There is an entire gestalt that goes with certain brands when it comes to the experience they create. Hermes happens to be one of those brands.

The Avalon pillow is just one of the many desirable accessories offered for the home. The average price that customers pay is around $1,000, but some are asking, is the Hermes Avalon pillow worth the price?

What is the Hermes Avalon pillow?

The Hermes Avalon pillow is a style of throw pillow that has been made popular by the Paris-based high-end luxury brand Hermes. The company is known for producing only the finest luxury goods crafted of premium materials.

Is owning a Hermes Avalon pillow a situation of status? You bet it is, but it does go beyond that. Before we get into the worth of the pillow, let's first examine exactly what it is and what it is used for.

The Hermes Avalon pillow is constructed of premium materials which include a blend of 90 percent Merino Wool and 10 percent Cashmere Wool. They're both expensive materials.

The Avalon is handcrafted at Hermes workshops, most commonly in the United Kingdom for this particular product. They're made with contemporary styling with a measurement of 20 inches in height and 20 inches in width to form a square shape.

An outstanding characteristic of the Avalon pillow is the use of the Hermes signature H logo that is woven into the fabric at the four corners. This is a telltale sign that the pillow comes from an expensive luxury designer brand.

Each pillow is handcrafted by skilled artisans with a unique stitching pattern on the four sides of the pillow that are all equally spaced and flawless to highlight the superior quality in construction.

Time and energy go into the production of each piece which does augment its value when combined with a brand name that is currently in high demand.

Is the Hermes Avalon Pillow Worth $1,000?

When assessing the overall value of the highly desirable Avalon pillow we must first look at its current average pricing, availability, rareness, and value as a collectible piece. Is this pillow worth $1,000?

This depends on who you ask. For some, it is worth more and for others, it's not a good value for the cost. For example, The Real Real offers an authentic Hermes Avalon pillow in a charcoal and white version for a price of $1,045. this is higher than the average retail selling price.

The same vendor known for its broad collection of verified authentic luxury designer accessories offers an orange and creme-colored version of the Avalon pillow for $500, in a luxe styling that measures 19 x 19 inches in height and width at a discount.

The original retail selling price of this version is $600. Here we see the dilemma of assuming that a Hermes Avalon pillow has a value of $1,000. Some of them have never reached this value.

The price range for Hermes Avalon Pillows

We checked with the official Hermes website and discovered that the prices for Avalon pillows do vary with the size. The large size Avalon pillow in orange and creme measures 27.6 inches squared.

The retail selling price from Hermes is $910. This falls short of $1,000, but the kicker is that it's out of stock, therefore unavailable. Those who own used but in excellent or mint condition versions are selling them at higher prices because there is still a high demand but they are unavailable from the manufacturer.

Whether or not it's a price you are willing to pay there are Hermes fans who are willing to spring with the extra amount for the privilege of ownership.

The small model of the same pillow retails at Hermes for $600. However, when you reach the website you learn that this item is no longer available either. This makes the Hermes Avalon pillow an accessory that is becoming hard to find on the retail market.

Does a Hermes Avalon pillow qualify as a collectible?

When an item is hard to find, it gains points as a rarity, even if there were thousands of them manufactured. What counts when assessing this score is the demand for an item along with its current availability.

The value of something that is highly desired and hard to obtain tends to rise to the value of whatever a collector is willing to pay for it.

Therefore, if there are Hermes fans desperate to own the Avalon pillow, its value could easily rise above the original manufacturer's selling price of $600, or $910, for at least $1,000 or more. From all appearances, the Hermes Avalon is an item that is worth $500 to some but over $1,200 to others.

Final thoughts

The Hermes Avalon pillow is getting harder to find and it's becoming quite a collectible on the used retail market. Although the original selling price was between $600 and $910 from its manufacturer, it looks like the Avalon is becoming more valuable as it is becoming a scarce commodity on the market today.

We must therefore conclude that at least in some circles, the piece represents an investment that has a collectible value, and because some are willing to pay the price, it is worth $1,000. There is also the likelihood that the item will yet increase more in its value as a collectible should Hermes discontinue production of the piece altogether.

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